MONDAY NIGHT Inaugural Article – Rework


OK – This was our first Blog Assignment for the Semester. Some of you did it and some did not. However, we had yet to go over the Blogging Guidelines in any of the Econ classes. With that in mind I gave a 14 of 20 to anybody who did the assignment. We’ve now gone over the blogging guidelines – You have an option. You may keep your 14/20 C or you may repost it according to the Guidelines along with name and hour here. Your score if it is higher than 14 will replace your 14. Otherwise you keep the 14. This assignment must be posted by 11:00 PM Monday night. If you did any extra credit within the previous post, you may do so here…otherwise choose the same article that you did last time.

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I’ve selected four articles that revolve around the inauguration for you to read. Your assignment will be to comment on one of the four. You may choose to comment on more than one (for extra credit). Make sure to place all article comments in the same post – but label separately. Label the post with the two word topic in parenthesis following the article title. Your discussion on the article may go in any direction you please – you can summarize, provide insights or opinion – your call. However as I read your post, I need to know you read the article and are not just yapping out of your rear end.

Inauguration News

A Long Journey Ends (Train Trip) – Washington Post / For the past couple of days the Obama’s have traveled by train to Washington D.C. They arrived at Union Station in D.C. on Saturday.

In the Beginning (The Bible)Washington Post / Church and State will be mixed when the new president swears an oath on the original Abraham Lincoln Bible on the Capitol steps on Tuesday.

Two Years of Increasing Security (Secret Service) Washington Post / The Secret Service has had challenges with protecting Senator Obama. Those will continue on Tuesday and beyond.

What I Want for You – (Letter to Kids) – Parade Magazine / What does Barack Obama want for his daughters Malia and Sasha…This is an open letter to them.

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