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Inauguration News

A Long Journey Ends (Train Trip) – Washington Post / For the past couple of days the Obama’s have traveled by train to Washington D.C. They arrived at Union Station in D.C. on Saturday.

In the Beginning (The Bible)Washington Post / Church and State will be mixed when the new president swears an oath on the original Abraham Lincoln Bible on the Capitol steps on Tuesday.

Two Years of Increasing Security (Secret Service) Washington Post / The Secret Service has had challenges with protecting Senator Obama. Those will continue on Tuesday and beyond.

What I Want for You – (Letter to Kids) – Parade Magazine / What does Barack Obama want for his daughters Malia and Sasha…This is an open letter to them.

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  1. Sophie Alviar 2nd hour econ
    Letter to Kids) – Parade Magazine

    In the past we have seen the children of the president in and out of controversial situations, but it is obviously apparent that we don’t have to worry about that with the Obama girls, for their parents have made it their goal to, to better the world in all ways that they can to provide for their children.
    Reading this reminds me of when my peers and I were in the office of Pete Hoekstra, and we asked “why is the price of higher education so expensive” he gave us he answer about how it’s our responsibility, and that’s when I interrupted to say there’s no need to raise the price for we are the present and the future. And president Obama has received the memo, for that is main goal to give his girls and all children the tools and opportunities to help them achieve not only their future but the future of America the place we call home. Obama most certainly leads by example and there is no doubt that his girls will do the same in the future.

    I feel at ease to know that all the decision he makes are truly based on values, and they will affect his children, his nation.
    “America is great not because it is perfect but because it can always be made better-and that the unfinished work of perfecting our union falls to each of us”

    WOW……this is so amazing to, when I read this I not only think of our nation but him as an individual also.

    (19 / 20 – A) Who is Sophie Alviar…I thought it was Sophelia! Nice job! Good to see you got our esteemed Congressman’s name correct.

  2. A Long Journey Ends;

    I really have become to admire Barack Obama even more so now after reading A Long Journey Ends. Not only has he told us he wants to make changes and be great, he is already taking small steps to proving it. Just something as simple as this recent train ride. Instead of getting on the train, getting business done and leaving, he makes something of it. He decides to add history to it which shows he knows what great presidents have done in the past , he has showed us he has and will be studying them. He has taken one of the most historical presidents of all time and compared himself to him. Some people might say that is dangerous because people will then expect such great things out of him. I say it is brave and couragous of him to take on the challenge of following in Abraham’s footsteps. Not to mention, he makes sure he involves his family and his wife’s birthday. This obviously proves he is also ready to take on this down-falling country but still be dad. This takes some guts, and he’s got me convinced.

    spelling -5 / (13 of 20) +6 xtra credit – total 19/20 – Nice insights. I agree I think the train ride was important to make an emotional connection with people. Make sure to spell check all the way through.

    Extra Credit:

    In the Beginning;

    I strongly agree with the idea of keeping the bible tradition alive. Although it is my own opinion and I understand not everyone thinks the same way, God is over everyone and no one should have a problem saying the words “so help me god” with their hand on a bible unless they’ve got something to hide. Even if they just do not believe in God and don’t want to swear on the bible, I believe it should always be part of it. If believing in God is so hard for a president to do, how am I suppose to believe in them? I am truly glad Obama is perfectly fine with giving his oath over the bible, because I have faith in him and his promises to us as his country. As for this man who thinks an “army” of 30 people is going to change a tradition from the beginning of time, good luck. I think this man should sit down and until he speaks for a bigger group of people than a classroom to not speak at all.

    4 pts extra. I don’t disagree with you on a lot of this. But the non one should have a problem with saying the words “so help me god” If you absolutely do not believe in a god – I think you would have a problem with it. Still good insights.

    Extra Credit:

    Two Years of Increasing Security;

    Although they do have a stong point that this president is getting a lot more attention from the public, I like how the secret service is only doing it because it needs to be done. The fact that they have (people have heard) that high tech. of a vehicle to ensure their safety is pretty awesome. These intense security increases are necessary in my own opinion, and are worth the money. Maybe there’s a possibility that we don’t have to spend quite as much as we are but I believe the majority of us want Obama to live, and we want to see what he may do. To these people causing threats; open your eyes. We have a great opportunity right now, someone who wants to step up to the plate and take responsibility for our problems. Let him take care of us, let him make us better, and let him do great things.

    spelling / 2 pts extra

  3. What I want for you ( Letter to kids )

    After reading Obama’s letter to his children, I noticed that he will do anything to get these children to have education in order for them to have a great life in their future. Also to help them get into college, getting health care for so they do not have to worry about paying so much money on many things. I feel that Obama knows what is wrong and what is right and he is able to fix them by helping our children, which he creates them as one of the key to fixing the trouble going on right now in America. When I read the article top to bottom, I knew that he wanted to have what he wants and all he cared was about himself, I know this because that is what I exactly wanted until I read this article. But as I read deeply I knew Obama could fix this country to help the children from going poor, as most people are right now who is in trouble in paying for the college, health care, and others. He lets me know that he will be the one president who will be fixing these problems, so that is why I think he would be a great president.

    (18 of 20 / +5 extra Total 23/20) I don’t know if he can fix them Ryuta. But I am sure he will sincerely try. And he certainly cannot do it without your input. So GET INVOLVED! Good job.


    Along Journey Ends (Train Trip)

    From this article, I knew that he was trying to spend his last time being a free country man with his friends, family, and all the other relatives that he knows to his train trip so that he could enjoy them before taking in his office. I also noticed that he was trying to compare that trip as from the Lincoln’s long epic journey. But with his friends and family because he didn’t wanted to be alone. When I read this, I knew that he would bring a new declaration to the people and not just to the nation, also to bringing into the beginning so that America would be back once again as it was before. That is the reason he would make a great presidency, by bringing the declaration to the people and not just the nation, to help these people out of the problem they are having. Without it, the nation may not be good because what I think is if the people is not in the good condition, then so is the nation.

    5 pts extra – I found that interesting that he brought along his friends. His life will change considerably. I think I’d bring my friends too.

  4. (Letter to kids) What i want for you:

    When i read this blog about Obama and his love for his girls, it almost seems like he would want all parents to be that way. Unfortuantly, not all parents are like that. I noticed that he not only has love for his girls, but also for the other women in his life. Obama is the kind of man that would accept any child for who they are, as long as they’re happy. I believe that he can and will change the United States by making citizens better. I think if Obama tried to make every family as strong as I believe his is, he could make this world a better place one family at a time. I support Obama not only because of change that he will bring to the United States, but also for this reason, this reason that keeps all families hoping that their children will not have to go through troubles that have been left untouched. If the majority of people were like Obama, maybe the United States would be a better place. Obama has made a statement to me that completely changed my life. He is the first African-American president that is willing all the circumstances that might happen only to make our lives better. It’s the people like Obama that makes me realize that you should not judge people, even if they are a different race, and for that reason it makes me appreciate him more not only as my president that i will stand up for, but also as a father to his girls, a husband to michelle, and a good person to anybody that is willing to appreciate him as much as his family does.

    Spelling -5 pts (19-5 = 14 of 20 C) Good point Holli – The key is one family at a time. YOU. YOUR FAMILY. THE FAMILY THAT YOU HAVE YET TO RAISE. You give that family of yours a better chance by being involved! If he truly does inspire you then get involved and do the things he’s calling for. Spelling?

  5. “What I Want For You”

    In Obama’s letter to his kids, he states “She helped me understand that America is great not because it is perfect but because it can always be made better-and that the unfinished work of perfecting our union falls to each of us. It’s a charge we pass on to our children, coming closer with each new generation to what we know America should be.” He was talking about his grandmother, and what she taught him when he grew up. What he says is so true because we have the power as young people to change this world around. The great thing is, Obama realizes that! He wants his two daughters to be able to grow up with no boundaries, no limits, and for them to be able to do whatever it is there heart desires. I’m so glad that Obama has become our president because our country really is in dire need of a change. I know that he is going to try new things, and if he succeeds, it is better for everyone in the end, but if he prevails, he will actually own up to what he has done, let everyone know that what he has tried didn’t work, pick himself back up off the ground, and start over onto something new. When I listen to him speak, I just feel like I can trust him completely. There is just something about him that makes me feel like in the end everything is going to be ok. I watched an interview he had, and they showed him walking down the street in jeans and a sweatshirt, and I didn’t just see him as our future president, but as a normal citizen of the U.S.A. Barack knows what some of us has been through, he wasn’t just born into a rich family, and someone like that will make a difference.

    (20 / 20 +5 = 25 of 20 A+) Really nice job Ariel. First off, good quote out of the article…and then some real personal insights. I’m like you…I just believe him. I’m like you…I see him as a normal guy, in some respects. He is so intelligent…but his roots are normal. He came from a broken family, was raised by grandma, needed food stamps to make it, took out college loans – all that is familiar. I don’t know however, if everything is going to be alright. And I know it won’t be if YOU don’t get involved. If you believe in him so much – then listen to his words and get involved in the process. Nice work.

    Extra Credit:

    “A Long Journey Ends”

    In this article they talk in depth about how Obama has finally been making his trip to his new home in Washington. On the way he has stopped in many places to talk to the people, and celebrate his wife Michelle’s 45th birthday on Saturday. The train ride was such a historical experience for him because he was so used to traveling around alone, without his family, but not this time. He was actually able to be with his friends and family, and it was a great experience for him since he missed being around everyone for so long. He researched a lot about Abraham Lincoln’s trip, a 12-day, 1,600-miles long, and preached to his peers about the relevance and importance of this, along with the significance of his proceedings. His daughter Malia had been snapping photo’s of the trip for him to be able to recall back on this historic event, and remember how this all will be such a great change for America.

    +5 pts good summary.

  6. (Train Trip) A Long Journey Ends

    What an honor it is to be around to witness the first black man ever in the presidential office. What I liked most about Obama as I read through this article was his classic introduction. He took a page out of old Abe’s book and rode a train from where he began (Illinois) to where his historic journey will end (Washington). The trip itself signifies not only the journey from Illinois to Washington. It also represents the two-year journey that Barack Obama spent to get where he is today. The article describes the look on Barack Obama’s face when he first gets off of the train. They say it was a look of confidence, a look that let everyone around him know that he was home. He arrives at the place that he will call home for the next four years, and possibly the next eight years. The trip itself was inspirational. It shows that you can live the American dream. It shows you that although the goals you set seem impossible to accomplish, but they are definitely within reach.

    (19/20 +13 EX = 32 of 20) Nice job! I like the lingo – old Abe. And he did take a page out of the playbook.

    (The Bible) In The Beginning EXTRA CREDIT

    This is the most important part in the beginning of Barack Obama’s new job, the part where he has to swear in. This is also the most dangerous part of Barack Obama’s new job, the part where people who want to assassinate him will be there watching him. He is giving his word to us that he will protect our country from the bad and try to promote nothing but the good. As we’ve seen in the past though, saying you’re going to do it is one thing and then actually doing it is another. After he reads out of Lincoln’s Bible it is unpredictable as to what will happen next. If you are Obama you can’t help but to feel those goose-bumps all over your body knowing that you are reading out of your idol’s historic book and you are taking over his former job. As you read out of that Bible you can’t help but to think about what lies in front of you. You think about how deep the economic hole is, and it is your job to get the nation out of that hole, and keep us out of that hole. Those are all of the things that will be going through Barack Hussein Obama’s mind as he swears in for the next four years.

    +5 extra – Interesting. I think you’re right it would be very interesting to guess what is going through his mind. And the Lincoln bible adds a twist.

    (Secret Service) Two Years of Increasing Security EXTRA CREDIT

    Security is going to have to get the big guns out for this task, which is protecting the president for the next term or two. They are going to have to be everywhere around Obama. Every single place you can imagine a security guard would hide out in, they are probably going to be there. The threats to kill the first black president are even more serious, just because of the fact of the color of skin that he has. Thousands more want to kill Obama this term around, and if given the chance, somebody will probably do it. He has to be heavily protected now because of his skin-color controversy. It is going to be quite the job for secret service, but they should be able to pull it off. With all of the transparent armor that Obama is given that should be able to prevent majority of any attack. But you can’t help but to think about the possibility of Joe Biden being our president somewhere down the road here.

    +5 pts extra – Again well done. I think you are right, they are up to the task.

    (Letter to Kids) What I Want For You EXTRA CREDIT

    When I read through this letter I think Barack wants his children to know that he is going to try the best he can to be here for them at this point and time in an attempt to make up for lost time. He can settle down in the White House now and try to spend more time with them, although it will still be difficult with the given task at hand. He wants them to get the proper education that they need as well. He wants them to know that he understands their position as. All of the traveling and all of the campaigns are big things for girls of that young age. He explains to them that growing up all he thought about was how successful he could be. Then they came into the world and into his life and he wants them to become successful. He wants them live a life with no limits and no hold-backs. Barack wants them to follow in his footsteps of succession, and to make the right choices in life.

    +3 pts extra. I like the other two better.

  7. What I Want For You (letter to kids);

    After reading President Elect Barack Obama’s letter to his children, and the children of America I felt greatly impacted. I am comforted to know that Obama wants what’s best for America with education, healthcare, making the environment a cleaner, more safe place to be, and much more. It’s clear to me that Obama knows what he got himself into and it isn’t going to be an easy task for him, his family, or America to accomplish. He makes me believe he’s going to do all he can to pursue the tasks at hand. It’s clear to me that Obama is speaking to my generation, for we are the future of America.

    Soon I will be heading off to college and it makes it a little easier to know that Obama is going to do his best to make it more affordable. Education holds this generation’s future, without an education we will not get anywhere. Not only am I relieved by lower costs for education but also healthcare. Healthcare to me is very important and Obama wants healthcare to all citizens no matter what the circumstances.

    We as citizens also have to keep in mind that it isn’t just Barak Obama changing the nation on his own; he needs our help and support. We must do the little things that will eventually make a huge impact on our journey to a better America.

    (18 of 20 A +2 extra = 20/20 A) Good job. I hope you take part in this as a participant and don’t sit on the sidelines. There’s much work to be done!



    After reading this article it made me somewhat disappointed. What disappoints me the most is that America can’t accept the fact that we have an African-American that is going to be our president. It is ridiculous how much money we are spending on security when we have much bigger issues we could be resolving. I know that this campaign was the biggest in our history and requires more security, it’s just unfortunate

    +2 XTRA dig a little deeper.

    What I want for you(letter to kids);

    When reading this letter from Obama to his children, it made me remember how much I am hoping for a change when he comes into office. Obama wants to change the economy for the better of his children and the children to come and he is just the right person to do this. He is more concerned about the future education of the youth of today to make a better future for tomorrow then on making war with other countries. For people like me he is the only hope that we can see for the future. I hope that he doesn’t get the bad reputation for the mistakes that Bush has made since he has been in office. It will take a little while for this country to start to heal and it will be hard but he is willing to put in the time and effort that it takes. He not only speaks what is on his mind but he includes everyone in his thoughts. He speaks of everyone one only one religion but them all. This is so different compared to what the past presidents have included in their speeches. He has shown potential, commitment,and equality to actually make a difference in this world for the better. I am looking forward to see how he handles the changes and changes the country for the better.

    (20/20 A)- So am I Amanda. He is talking differently than past presidents…in his international inclusion. I think that is extremely important. You say for people like me he is my only hope, I would say that for people like him YOU are his only hope. The key here is YOU, not President Obama. Seize the day dear. Seize the day!

  9. What I want for you (letter to kids).

    Repost Assignment

    After reading President Obama’s letter to his kids, I really saw what his goal is to taking office. I like how he is a man that is goal oriented, and looking to fix the future for Americas’ adolescence and is not fixated on trying to repair what has already happened. The past is the past and we need to move on. Since I was younger I always heard the saying “Kids are the future.” but never really grasped the concept of why we are so important.
    While I was reading Obama’s letter to every child in America, I felt sudden inspiration to do my best in what I try to accomplish. Obama wishes for his children, and all the young adults of America, that we will be able to reach our biggest dreams and succeed in anything we desire. To get the education we deserve and fulfill our childhood career dreams. To earn benefits from that such as health care, which so many families today live without, and labor hours that suit us for our own families. To be able to retire as Obama said “…with dignity”.
    Another part of this article that opened my eyes was what Obama was saying on what his mother taught him when he was young. “She helped me understand that America is great not because it is perfect but because it can always be made better-and that the unfinished work of perfecting our union falls to each of us.” This really showed me how our government runs. Sure we have a leader but it falls on all of our shoulders to making this country better. And as I had said before that Obama is looking to change the future, not the past.

    Also, prior to what I said, “Kids are the future”. His mother spoke “It’s a charge we pass on to our children, coming closer with each new generation to what we know America should be.” That is why I am so important. It’s why all of us are so important. If we don’t get on the right path today, tomorrow is going to be an even bumpier ride.

    As I over read this article again and again, I feel a duty, or as Obama had put it an obligation, to conquer what Obama has planned to fight for this better tomorrow.
    I just wanted to add that what I think makes President Barack Obama so…fresh is that he has consistency like our past presidents, but with his consistency comes originality. A new plan, if you will. What I mean by this is he is hoping to eliminate segregation of course, but his reasoning and his inspiration to do so is his own kids. That is where I think the innovation comes from.

    (20 of 20 A) Really good insights. With his consistency comes originality – well put. The part about realizing that kids are the future. Until kids realize that – it truly is just words. So, what then do you do about it? Seize the day!

  10. (Letter to kids)

    President Obama is an amazing person. In this letter to his kids he spoke of his long journey and why it was so important to him. He said that every child should have a chance to go to college and that he wants to make it affordable to all children and families. To me, this brings up my family. I have 4 siblings, my mom and dad, and me all in one household. I know that we are depending on all of the scholarships that I can get because we do not have a lot of money. I am very happy that Obama sees it in the eyes of the children and in the eyes of myself. He sees that this generation is in trouble and that his generation is the one who screwed it up for us. In the passage he stated, “America is great not because it is perfect but because it can always be made better and that the unfinished work of perfecting our union falls to each of us.” This is true in so many ways. No one is perfect. No country is perfect. We can always make the world a better place, and we have the power to do so. If we were to open up our eyes to all of the problems in the world, then we would achieve world peace. There would be no hunger. There would be no genocides. There would be no war. If everyone had the plan that Barack Obama had for America, then everyone would be happy. He cannot do this alone. With the help of American citizens like you and I, we can help Obama make America a better place.

    (20/20 A) Your last sentence is your most significant! You not he, we not he, me not he, that is the key. God, I rhymed it. I like the fact that use your own family to explain the situation. Very well done.

  11. (Inaugural Train Ride)
    I feel that the trip that Obama is taking is kind of ironic because first of all he is a black president. Not only that but he is taking the very same trip that Abraham Lincoln did who is the one to give Obama the chance to not only run for president but to be inaugurated. To me Obama cannot be classified with Abe Lincoln because Abe gave him the chance to be the President Obama just acted on them. As well as the fact that Lincoln went to college to be a lawyer. What is also ironic is that they both served on the Illinois State Legislature. Also he beat his opponent by a land slide.

    16/20 – B Not bad. I’d like to see a little more digging. But a decent start.

  12. Two Years Of Increasing Security (Secret Service):

    I’m surprised that they don’t have him in a full suit of armor. They do.

    Everyone knows that this inauguration will set a historical landmark. This should be a time for celebration, but to some extremist groups this is a time for deadly action. I can’t believe that these kinds of things are happening, like with the swastika crosshairs on Obama’s face, that is the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard of.

    I hope that all this money that the Secret Service is spending on Obama’s protection pays off, not just for his sake, but also for his families sake, and for the sake of this nation. It sounds like the White House is just about the safest place on earth for Obama, with all the new security features and reinforced walls, it seems like it can stand up to anything. There’s more then just the house, what about the car, The Beast? Reinforced steel and airtight doors with Kevlar plates, bulletproof wheels and tank armor. Wow. I would hate to be in a fender bender with that thing, because I would lose.

    Tomorrow I pray that people can keep their heads and stay sane in order to have Obama sworn in. Hopefully he will be able to serve two terms. In my opinion he’s the best thing that has happened to America in a long time.

    Our country needs a hero, and God knows we need one now.

    20/20 – A / Good humor Zack. A fender bender with the Beast could be a problem. My mom thinks you ought to be on the nightly news – and your Oakridge father is very proud of you. Nice job on the post.

  13. Secret Service (Two Years of Increasing Security)

    The Secret Service ordered five tons of bullet proof glass for Obama’s inaugaration. In the past two years security has been increasing, because of Obama running for president. The Secret Service is having a hard time keeping up, because there are a higher number of threats. The service has spent more than $110 million on the 2008 election. The Secret Service also scanned 4.3 million people with metal detectors at campaign events. There were larger crowds at these campaign events than they have ever seen before. This has been the biggest and most expensive campaign so far.

    16/20 B – This isn’t a campagin it is an inauguration. There is a difference here. This is the president of the US…the cost will basically be “whatever it takes.” Maybe a little more of your thoughts.

  14. (Letter to kids) What I Want For You;

    After reading what Obama had wrote about schooling, jobs, healthcare, and making the enviorment a cleaner and safer place to call home. Schooling has impacted me the most because I am a senior in High School and about to go off to college. It makes me feel better about going off to college now that we our going to have a president who cares about wheather or not each and every kid makes it to college wheather they are wealthy or not. Getting a good job means a lot to me also because there arn’t many jobs that I can say I would enjoy going to everyday. A well paying job and a job that interests me is the kind of job that I would like to work for until I choose to retire. Barack Obama is right about the article and how kids need to go to school because our generation is the one who is going to have to fix the country. This is why I am glad that Obama is going to be our president because there is a lot that needs fixed to help our economy and I think that he is up for the challenge.

    (-10 pts. spelling 8 of 20) +5 = 13/20 Jordan. Good job. Good points. Nice insight. Now take the time to spellcheck or do the thing in Firefox. But the blogging guidelines are solid / 5pts per spelling mistake.

    Extra Credit Articles
    Secret Service Two Years of Increasing Security

    After reading this article about Barack Obama it worries me alot because how people are not excepting an african american president. Former Secret Service and U.S. intelligence officials interviewed for this article confirmed that Obama’s ascent has led to spikes in threatening “chatter” on white supremacist Web sites led to intensive investigation. This is what scares me the most. I can not believe that this would still be a problem this day an age.

    5 pts Extra – good job.

  15. Letter to Kids
    What I Want for You

    Barack Obama also has a dream. He hopes that his children will grow up knowing that they have no limits on their dreams. Obama wrote this letter to his two daughters to tell them why he took this journey in life, and says that it was because of what he wants them and all the children in the nation to have. The first thing he wants is for all children to go to school, in hope that they will be inspired and challenged. He wants colleges to be affordable so not just the fortunate can go to college, but everyone. Obama wants to make sure that we have good reasoning for going to war if going to war is even necessary in the first place. The most important things that Barack Obama wishes for is to inforce equality, and make America a better place to be.

    I think that Obama has big dreams for the United State’s children, and I just hope that he will do his best to pursue those dreams.

    -5pts spelling (12 of 20 +5 pts extra = 17/20 B+) Good overview. You sum up his position pretty well. And I think the message is hopeful. Make sure to spell check.

    Secret Service
    Two Years of Increasing Security

    There was five tons of bulletproof glass ordered for the inauguration of Barack Obama. The Secret Service has had to ask Congress for more funding, because they had spent nearly 110 million dollars on this years election. There are a high number of threats towards Obama, that I believe just shouldn’t be happening. What ever happened to equality? Apparently some still don’t believe in it. This excess money spent on Secret Service is coming out of America’s pocket, and it’s all because of people making threats towards Obama. I just think that maybe it IS time for a change, and people need to realize that the black man is just as equal as the white.

    There has already been atleast five white men arrested for the plotting of killing Barack Obama. Secret Service budgets have increased by 60 percent since 2001. Tomorrow Obama will be surrounded by 23,000 police and National Guard troops, along with the ‘bulletproof curtain’.

    5 pts extra nice job.

  16. (Train Trip)- A Long Journey Ends
    For Obama to follow in the foot steps of his political idol is inspiring. Obama has taken the same train route that Abraham Lincoln took before he became the president. This shows the respect that Obama has for the 16th president of America. I think that it was great that he brought his family along for the ride after being lonely and with out his family for the campaign. Obama giving speeches out in the freezing cold also shows how much he really cares. Not many people would want to get out in the cold just to deliver a speech. Also celebrating Michelle Obama’s 45th birthday in a decorated train car with friends and family on the way to Washington is something very special and remarkable. I believe that Barack Obama is a very special person and this train trip and the different things that happened on their way to Washington D.C. shows the kid of person Obama is. To me it shows that he is not just going to be a lackadaisical president and he is going to get out there and do things. He is going to put in the effort and is going to try to do all that he can to get the most out of his term or possibly terms in office.

    (17 of 20 +11 xtra = 28/20) Good job. His life and his relationship with his friends will change A LOT. That is an interesting insight.


    (The Bible)- In the Beginning
    It takes about 30 seconds and 39 words plus the president elects name to change America. The bible is held by the first lady while the oath is being said by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and repeated be the future president. This article tells about different incidents that have happened with the bible and the oath being said on it. For example when John Adams was going to say the oath someone forgot the bible and the found a quick replacement but something was still missing. It was his wife. She still had not returned from Virginia. People recite the 39 words differently. Some repeat it dramatic, some softly, and some even add hand motions to accent every word. I do believe that saying the oath is very important. Some may say that the future president should not say “so help me god”, but there entitled to there opinion and it is tradition.

    +5 XTRA – Good summary

    (Secret Services)-Two years of Increasing Security
    The increasing security for Obama and his family is a very good thing. There is so much hatred in America and even though racism is decreasing it will still always be a part of life. Maybe since they are going to need more security more jobs could be created. The secret service has spent about 50% more money to protect the 2008 election then they did to protect the 2004 elections. Stepping up the intelligence work by the Local and State Police and working with the FBI could do nothing but help America. People have already planned assassinations and it is not just going to stop there.

    +2 Xtra

    (Letter to Kids)- What I want for you.
    This letter to his daughters and the children of America is very impacting and compassionate. He tells about everything he wants for not just his daughters but for all the children. Good schools and more expanded and better technology to make out world a better and safer place. For there to be jobs with health care benefits so when we have our own families and retire we can retire with dignity. All this is true. All children, teens, and adults deserve these things, not just themselves but for all the future children of America. I enjoyed this article and it really inspires me to get out there and help these things happen. So when I do have a family we can live a great life together. It all starts now.

    +4 xtra So. So. So? What are you going to do about it??????????

  17. (Secret Service) Two years of Increasing Security

    The Secret Service has had to spend a lot of time and money for protecting Barack Obama In the 2008 election. In fact, the Secret Service spent 110 million dollars on the 2008 election. This is a lot of money, but it is a necessary use of the money. This historic election has resulted in threats toward Barack Obama. In our nation’s past, there has been quite a bit of racism and prejudice. There have been white supremacist groups and extremist groups, like the KKK, some of which are still around today. They may attempt to assassinate Barack Obama, or harm his family, so these groups have to be monitored. Also, the huge crowds that have showed up at places where Obama has made appearances have to be watched closely to stop any threat towards our newly-elected president, so the Secret Service will have its hands full in protecting our nation’s first African American president. They will use things like heavily-armored vehicles in the motorcade, and bullet-proof glass for the Inauguration. Over a million people packed into the National Mall, and the Secret Service had to monitor all of them to stop any possible attacks on the president.

    19 /20 A – Very good summary.

  18. What I Want For You; (Letter to Kids),

    REPOST: I like how Obama cares so much about the future life’s of not only his children but also the lives of all of the kids here in America. I also like how Obama says ” I want you to grow up in a world with no limits on your dreams and no achievements beyond your reach”. His thoughts, dreams and hopes of change are just remarkable. He proves to me that he is striving to make a change in this world not only for his self and his family, but for everyone. Obama seems to me that he is very committed to making the world a better place and setting things right. Obama just seems to understand the way that America is suffering, not only in Michigan but all over America, and he wants to change how things are going. I hope that Obama succeeds in helping America by providing more jobs that pay good, making peace, providing affordable health care, making it easier for the people who want to attend college but just can’t afford it and by providing safety to the U.S.A. Obama speaks strong words of wisdom that are heard strongly by the American people. He will make a difference in the world, I have HOPE and I believe in him.
    OBAMA equals CHANGE in the world.

    19/20 A – You voted THAT’S COOL! OK you mentioned about eighty things that he will change. Do you think he can actually do that without YOUR help. It’s a start to vote. Now continue to participate in your government!

  19. A Long Journey (Train Trip)

    While I was reading this article, images of Martin Luther King Jr. standing at the Lincoln Memorial giving the famous “I Have a Dream” speech, kept running through my mind. A historical moment is upon us 46 years after Dr. King stood up on that memorial in 1963 and gave the speech that will forever be engraved in the marble stone of those very steps.

    There has been many times when our vote has changed history. On November 6th, 1860, we elected Abraham Lincoln as our 16th president, who issued the Emancipation Proclamation that freed slaves. Hopefully, by Obama using Lincoln as a guide, it will not only allow him to follow in Lincoln’s footsteps but to leave his own behind as well. I believe that Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and Barack Obama are similar in the fact that they obtain the drive to reach beyond what is, and change it into what they believe it should be.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is going to do just that. I would hope that those 7,000 people in Wilmington, 40,000 people in Baltimore, and all those that voted for him on November 4th, 2008 will hold him accountable for all the hope that he has instilled in our minds throughout his campaign. He won us over by talking to the middle class average citizens, and we welcomed him into our hearts. You can almost feel the hope and respect when you hear that thousands of people gathered all along the route of Obama’s train, as it made its way to union station.

    However, this is just the calm before the storm.

    19/20 +3 xtra = 22/20 A+ OK…so what is storm. I have my thoughts. what are yours. The linking of the three – interesting. It will be interesting to see how these next four years unfold. Do we the people sit on the sidelines or do we the people hold our government accountable. We’ll see.

    Extra Credit:
    In The Beginning (The Bible)

    In America, I believe we sometimes lose touch with what should be done based on our Constitution, and instead do what the majority of the citizens believe is right.

    We lived in an America where people OWNED other people. However, used in many political documents, the Declaration of Independence was the first to clearly state that “All men are created equal”. In the same aspect, according to our Constitution, the political playing field is forbidden grounds for religion. Yet, here we are debating whether or not “So help me God” and the Bible are to be removed from the presidential oath tradition. Now, these two topics are not comparable on the save level, but I’m sure you understand where I am going with this.

    It is one of the fundamental rights as a citizen. Politics and Religion are not meant to clash. I’m sure there was a reason why the Freedom of Religion was mentioned in the first amendment of the Constitution. Yes, we get that it is important, but an inauguration or anything related to politics is not the place for this.

    Corey makes a good argument when he implies that the “majority Christian population” would absolutely have a cow if it was another religion, other than Christianity, that was being incorporated into our government.

    There’s a point when the rights within the Constitution over rule the majority.

    3 pts xtra – This is roaming all over the place. And in the end…I’m not sure where you are going with this. The Constitution…actually the Bill of Rights, James Madison said, protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority. Because something is in favor…does not mean it is right!

  20. In the Beginning (the Bible):
    First of all, I find it very disturbing that someone still feels it is necessary to bother the government over different things that say “God” in them when there are so many problems in the world they could be worried about. The president saying “so help me God” has not hurt anyone or forced them to believe in him, and what is wrong with believing in him anyway? Our country and the world needs hope in these difficult times. We should focus more on the president and changes that may actually do some good than trying to change harmless traditions that over 80% of the country are against changing anyway. We should also focus on the historical significance of this election and how far our country has come in the civil rights movement instead of bickering over petty arguments.

    (16/20 +5 = 21/20) I’m not sure if this article bickers. It brings up a point. It explores that point. But in the end, it is more of a story than an editorial. For some – the issue of god – every aspect of it is significant. It extremely so for the Founding Fathers who had so much on their plate at the time of the writing of the Constitution. Yet in that document the word God is not mentioned. Your comments are consistent…and I agree we have more on our plate to worry about. But our plate is a big one and different folks eat different things.

    Extra Credit Article:
    A Long Journey Ends (Train Trip):
    I think Obama made a good decision by taking the train to Washington D.C. because it allowed him to see and interact with more people along the way. I went to D.C. by train with my family, and I thought it was enjoyable and that the scenery was amazing, so he probably enjoyed the ride and had time to relax before the stressful problems facing the current presidency fall upon him, hopefully allowing him to think clearly and make sound decisions. I also think that it was nice that he took the time to celebrate his wife’s birthday and spent time with his family, showing that he still cares for what is important.

    5 pts Extra – I agree. The family thing and friends thing probably had a relaxing effect. And he probably won’t have a lot those in the next four years. Good job.

  21. “A Long Journey Ends”
    This article is quite interesting in the fact that Obama is Democrat and his idol is Lincoln, which he is republican. Although Lincoln is a great person to admire, it is very rare for someone to go out of the box and idol a person from another party. However, I feel that it is good to like someone from a different political party because it is always Democrat vs. Republican instead of real issues and real platforms. The Republican party has changed enormously since the days of Lincoln. He was the first Republican president. That was a long time ago.

    In this article Obama wants to create history by taking the same route Lincoln did before he stepped into Office. Obama traveled from Illinois on train making stops and giving speeches. Many fans were suffering the extreme temperatures just to get that 10 minute historic speech that Obama gave. It was a 137 mile train ride, but he enjoyed every minute of it because he was with his family for once. I think that it is good how supportive his family is for him because when he campaigned for 20 months without his family, which had to be hard on them.

    Finally Obama will finally officially move into his new house with his family. He has made it clear that we can not give up on the spirit of those of us whom have made the world better. Which is very true because we too forget about important people today such as martin Luther king, who sacrificed so much and had so much ambition, but yet we can not recognize him with the dignity he deserves at our school because our school is too ignorant to have at least a simple assembly showing what he put on the line to make the world a better place. We cannot let go of the spirit! And we cannot give up on Obama he will do his part on upholding his promises as he enters presidency as 44th president of the United States of America.

    In conclusion this is a great article and he has done very well to touch people’s lives and go that extra mile to get points across to people, whether it is in person, on stage, or even on the caboose rail on the train. Whichever it may be Obama is taking the Inauguration seriously and he will make a difference!

    19/20 A Nice job Bratney. The MLK thing does need to change at OHS. You’re right there. You note the Demo Repub thing – it’s been a long long run for both parties. The Republicans of Lincoln were the party of abolition of slavery. Today they gain about 7 percent of the black vote. A lot has changed in 150 years.

  22. REPOST

    A Long Journey‘s End (Train Trip)

    I believe that Obama is headed down the right trail by wanting to finish what the early presidents have started. The 137-mile train ride and the stops in Philadelphia, Wilmington, Del., and Baltimore show that he really cares about “The People”. The quotes that he had about prior presidents gives me a strong feeling that there is going to be a positive outcome of electing our 44th President into office.
    “We are here today not simply to pay tribute to our first patriots but to take up the work that they began,” Obama said. “What is required is the same perseverance and idealism that our founders displayed,” Obama told a crowd of 300 invited guests in Philadelphia. He has confidence in not only himself, but that America can finish the unfinished projects started by our early presidents. Several presidents started great things and those things have either been changed or have been wiped out. A quick example would be The New Deal and The Square Deal. The New Deal created by Franklin Roosevelt created a countless number of jobs for Americans. I have a feeling that Obama will find a good piece of unfinished business from the last few years and put our country back on solid ground.
    After the crowd in Wilmington quieted from applauding, Obama said to them, “We have been touched by your grace, and we will fight for you every single day that we are in Washington.” The theme “Change”, that Obama used, is pointed to us in the fact that he will fight to change our country into a successful place economically. Today our nation is very unstable economically. This causes many hardships in lives throughout the nation mentally and emotionally. If you can’t afford to pay bills, buy necessary goods, or a gift for someone you feel like nothing. Many families are feeling this as our economy worsens each day.

    The secret service that has protected the Obama family for the past two years will have their work cut out for them. As the first African-American President, there are people out there who do not want him as the leader of their country. People are crazy and will do anything to fight against this happening. They don’t want themselves or their kids to live a life with an African-American President.

    21/20 +3xtra = 24/20 / Nice job Kari. Good use of quotes. Good use of history New Deal. Good digging.


    What I Want for You — and Every Child in America (Letter to Kids)

    The amount of love and caring that Barack shows toward his wife and two girls shows the great character in him. He has realized that his time has been short with his family during the past two years and hopes that during the next few years they will go back to the old ways. Barack wants a bright future for his girls and also for the children of American. He believes in giving every child the equal right to go to college even if their parents are not rich, and to get jobs that give benefits and pay enough to support a family.

    Coming from a mother who understood the importance of the words of the Declaration of Independence, helped him to like and recognized what life is about, the happiness in others. Leading our country with the concept of happiness in others will help him to help us. If we become happy then he will be just as satisfied as we are. After reading this letter I feel relaxed and I also have confidence that he will help myself and my younger siblings to live happy lives and have less worries. Lowering college costs, creating more jobs, and providing health care to citizens will help the future generations in his family and mine. Obama has brought his girls on this trip to help them to become informed, have unlimited dreams, and to have reachable goals.

    3 pts extra. Not as well organized. Happy lives and less worries. I’m not sure if that’s the goal. It might be the final outcome. But I think he will provide challenges for you an your siblings.

  23. REPOST:

    What the article “A Long Journey Ends” talks about is the way Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and their two daughters rode the Inaugural Train all the way to Washington D.C. to go to the White House. They left from Philadelphia and arrived to the Union Station The same as when President Lincoln was on his way to the White House. They got together along the highway overpasses, icy lakes little league baseball fields, cow pastures and neighborhoods and looked at all the things that Lincoln was seeing on his way to the White House. Firefighters stud on their trucks to take pictures, school children and teachers waved as they rode by. Obama also stopped in the same cities as Lincoln and the Founding Fathers did and gave speeches. Thousands of people waited outside for hours in temperatures that dipped into the teens. they climbed into trees, flagpoles and walls to get a clear view of the stage. Obama donated gloves before he spoke in downtown Baltimore. Secret Service agents monitored the train surrounding waterways and the air above, paying special attention to bridges and chemical plants along the route. Obamas wife and their daughters gathered with friends in the train car that was decorated for Michelle birthday party. Michelle danced with her daughters and six other little girls as they were on their way home to the White House.

    -5 spelling (14/20 +4 = 18/20) Great summary. Check it once more on the spelling.

    Extra Credit Article:

    What “In The Beginning” talks about is how Barack Obama is going to say his oath to the country to become president of the United States Of America. He is using the same Bible as former president Lincoln did. There are 39 words plus his name recited then repeated. It is held by the first lady, sworn on by the president, presided over by the Chief Of Justice of the Supreme Court. Earlier this month, Dan Porthey walked up to John Roberts home in Maryland and , through the front window, locked eyes with the Chief Justice. Roberts came to the field against him. So as this thinking goes, Roberts should not say “so help me God”. If he does Obama Should object. It would be a great moment of constitutional farce. It will not happen.

    The Supreme Court has upheld the invocation of religion government. Before the 20th Century some of the first ladies attended and some did not.

    A black man will swear on the Bible of the president who’s credited with unshackling slaves, swearing to preserve a document that he alters by the end of the oath. and this will be either a touchy exercise of his religion freedom or a theatrical nod to wise forefathers. His wife will hold the Bible as a sign of her evolving and her indefinites role. Everyone will stand still in that moment of history.

    +3 pts extra – what is constitutional farce? Use your own words. Way too many words from the article not yours

    Extra Credit Article:
    What the article “Two years of the Increasing Security” talks about is the service requested about 5 tons of “transparent armor,” laminated with four layers of virtually unbreakable plastic to resist chemicals, flames and multiple gunshots. When Obama is sworn in as the nation’s 44th president Tuesday, the shield will proved a final layer of safety in a massive exercise in presidential security. On May 18, an Obama event expected to draw 20,000 people. On August 28, Obama accepted his party’s nomination at Invesco Field at Mile High, a 76,000-seat outdoor stadium, instead of the 20,000-seat indoor arena where Democrats held their convention. The Secret Service was given about two months to prepare for the shift. The FBI and Justice and Homeland Security departments will be there. Just days before Obama’s Auguse 28 stadium speech in Denver, local authorities arrested three men on drug and gun charges in a feared assassination plot that was later discredited. The fact that President-elect Obama is African American we’re aware of the historical significance of it, and I can tell you that every man and woman in this organization is committed to ensuring the safety of him and his family.

    I anecdotally copied Jarimee Whites on anecdote sorry.

    1 pt extra I’m not sure what you are talking about above. Spelling prob in last post. Courtney, make sure that when you do these posts they are in your own words.

  24. REPOST

    Inauguration Is Climax to Two Years of Increasing Security Around Obama. (Secret Service)

    This article described high security measures that will be taken for Obama on Inauguration Day. When I read some of the things that will be done on Jan. 20 to keep our future president from harm, I thought “Wow”. I cannot believe how much money and time that the Secret Service has to put into
    any event for Obama, let alone the Inauguration. $110 million spent on the 2008 election? Where do we even get the money for that? I understand that we need to protect Obama because he is at high risk but our government is already trillions of dollars in debt. People should realize that their greediness is only costing us more money. If racists and white supremacists would get over their selfish beliefs, it would save our country money and time. It would also make a safer place for us to live.

    At the same level it’s good to know that we have a safe enough country to protect Obama. I am really glad that we have such dedicated people to the job of protecting him but at the same time it’s ridiculous that they have to do so much. “He will be behind a bulletproof curtain and will be surrounded by more than 23,000 police and National Guard troops. The protective cocoon of downtown Washington will see road, rail, river and air traffic shut down for miles in all directions, and military fighter jets will circle overhead.” Obama’s presidential vehicle is supposed to be “The Cadillac” of all Cadillac’s. It is said to be the safest car in America.

    I think some people are in denial and don’t want to face the fact that a black man is going to take over our country and lead it A LOT better than the white man who’s been in office for the last 8 years. I’m not racist and I don’t know any white supremacists; I believe in Obama and he is one step closer for America to settling racism.

    20 / 20 A – You took on two issues and addressed each thoroughly. Also used quotes. well done. Now come to school!!!!!!!

  25. What I Want For You (Letter to Kids)

    I found the letter Barack Obama wrote to his little girls to be very honest and heartfelt. I enjoyed how he was writing to his little girls but still managed to incorporate his goals as president such as creating a cleaner planet and dealing with wars in a different way than they are currently being dealt with. I also liked how he mentioned sitting with his grandmother and listening to her read the Declaration of Independence. It seemed as if he was really trying to inspire his daughters to become successful young women who have a place in society where they can help others.

    My favorite part of the letter was when he told his daughters that only when they commit to something larger than themselves will they reach their full potential in life. It is such an honest statement that its almost scary. When you think about it, that’s the only thing that matters; you have done nothing until you have stepped outside the boundaries of your own skin to do something completely selfless, then can you say that you have made a difference and truly fulfilled something great in your life. This positive attitude is something the new president will need to have a positive impact on this country and it is something Barack Obama has an abundance of. I believe that in this letter he is inspiring his little girls just as he is inspiring many Americans who had lost confidence in the system that has consumed us for so long.

    20/20 A I think he’s trying to inspire YOU. Has he? If he doesn’t and you continue the Doritos and the drooling and TV remote he will lose the battle for his children. Nice job.

  26. In the Beginning (The Bible)

    The Bible was very important in each inauguration. From the first president to the now 44th president, all of them had to swear an oath on a Bible. The Bible is not only the important aspect in an inauguration; the first lady has grown to become another very important aspect of the inauguration. She is the one that holds the Bible while her husband is inaugurated.

    I am glad that Barrack is using the Bible used for Lincoln’s inauguration. Since Lincoln was not only the president who freed the slaves, but was a great leader to this country.

    15/20 C+ Good start. Now dig in deeper. Lets hear more opinion from you.

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