The President’s Weekly Address – 2/7

Every week the president of the United States gives an address to “We the People”. That communication deals with issues which the president feels are of paramount significance to our nation. In Senior Current Issues we will begin watching and critiquing those addresses. Whatever classes are not assigned this blog may do it for Extra Credit. Make sure to label your post “Extra Credit.”

This weekly address has been around for a long while, however it has always been a Weekly Radio Address. If there was one thing that Candidate Obama did effectively in his presidential campaign it was to communicate his positions to young people on their terms. President Obama continues that practice as the Weekly Radio Addresses are now video podcasts. In fact you can sign up to get the podcast downloaded weekly to your own Itunes site. Just go to I-tunes and key word Obama weekly address.

President Obama’s Weekly Address is located on the website Check under “Briefing Room” for an archive of previous addresses.

Compromise – post by 7:00 PM Tuesday 2/10

Just off the top of my head…this one was better than the last. That’s for sure. But it’s only part of the story. He’s talking about the $800 billion stimulus package currently slogging its way through Congress. Zero Republicans voted for it in the House. Three out of 42 voted for it in the Senate. Obviously the Republican Party has issues with the specifics of this Weekly Address. Provide me a response to the address from the opposition’s (that means Republican for those of you like Courtney Taylor who don’t know the definition of the word opposition) point of view. Why specifically and theoretically is President Obama wrong? Answer the president specifically – from the address. You will be graded on the depth of your perceptions and on whether or not you follow Blogging Guidelines. This is a 20 point blog post and must be up by Tuesday 2/10 @ 7:00 PM.