The President’s Weekly Address – 2/7

Every week the president of the United States gives an address to “We the People”. That communication deals with issues which the president feels are of paramount significance to our nation. In Senior Current Issues we will begin watching and critiquing those addresses. Whatever classes are not assigned this blog may do it for Extra Credit. Make sure to label your post “Extra Credit.”

This weekly address has been around for a long while, however it has always been a Weekly Radio Address. If there was one thing that Candidate Obama did effectively in his presidential campaign it was to communicate his positions to young people on their terms. President Obama continues that practice as the Weekly Radio Addresses are now video podcasts. In fact you can sign up to get the podcast downloaded weekly to your own Itunes site. Just go to I-tunes and key word Obama weekly address.

President Obama’s Weekly Address is located on the website Check under “Briefing Room” for an archive of previous addresses.

Compromise – post by 7:00 PM Tuesday 2/10

Just off the top of my head…this one was better than the last. That’s for sure. But it’s only part of the story. He’s talking about the $800 billion stimulus package currently slogging its way through Congress. Zero Republicans voted for it in the House. Three out of 42 voted for it in the Senate. Obviously the Republican Party has issues with the specifics of this Weekly Address. Provide me a response to the address from the opposition’s (that means Republican for those of you like Courtney Taylor who don’t know the definition of the word opposition) point of view. Why specifically and theoretically is President Obama wrong? Answer the president specifically – from the address. You will be graded on the depth of your perceptions and on whether or not you follow Blogging Guidelines. This is a 20 point blog post and must be up by Tuesday 2/10 @ 7:00 PM.

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  1. In this weeks weekly address President Obama still talked about our economic down fall. How this recession had lead to over 3.6 million jobs lost. Then He states that the Democratic and Republican parties are trying to find a solution to this urgent problem. If zero Republicans voted for the bill in congress, and only two Republican in the Senate voted for this bill obviously there is something wrong with it. Everyone isn’t going to benefit from this bill in the first place I really feel that there isn’t going to be a compromise there can’t be a compromise because that would mean that our government would have to work together, and I don’t see that happening. Being in the tailspin we are in it seems like the process is taking way too much time I know it sounds like I am being impatient, but I am! We can’t sit around and let 600,000 people lose jobs. In one month 600,000 Americans lost jobs which means they lost their health care and most likely their home.
    If I am a Republican and I’m looking to make money but this plan is looking to give jobs and tax cuts to the middle class. You can’t give people jobs and tax cuts I know it sounds great if Obama could help out and actually do that, but I think he needs to take it one step at a time. Start off by just trying to get Americans their jobs back. Then worry about the tax cuts later. I k now he doesn’t want to give to much money back to the people that lost the money in the first place, but before he helps out main street he is going to have to help out wall-street. He has to get the votes to pass this bill. I don’t know what its going to take but it needs to happen. He doesn’t want millions more of Americans to lose their jobs, but if something doesn’t happen then millions of Americans will lose jobs until we actually do fall into a depression.
    President Obama isn’t wrong for trying to help the middle class or trying to get the two major parties together, but with the time its taking I think its wrong.

    -5 spelling. (15-5=10/20) This is kindof done right and kindof done wrong. Second half covers the Republican response sortof. Kind of choppy.

  2. The Republicans are having a hard time accepting the bill because they think it is doing too much wasteful spending. While it is true that something has to happen fast, most of the Republicans feel that this bill is going to end up spending too much money. As I understand it the bill wants to give jobs but at the same time cut taxes. Now that sounds good and all but you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. In other words you can’t pay someone to do a job with money you don’t have. I know that times are tough and changes need to be made and the sooner the better. It’s kind of funny, because no one can afford for the changes to happen quickly but at the same time can’t afford for them to take too long. There is either not enough time or not enough money. So maybe just try creating jobs and not raising taxes. Some changes would need to be made to the bill if it is to gain any Republican support. This whole thing sounds stupid to me because no one is ever willing to make sacrifices especially when they need to be made.

    15/20 – C This does not answer the specific question…however, you have some extremely valid insights. We don’t have the money to stimulate the economy but we can’t sit around do nothing. We will do what we do best…go deeper into debt. And you are correct we do not make the sacrifices.

  3. America is indeed in a horrible finical downfall, and we do need to repair it. I don’t believe that the answer to this problem is an economic stimulus package of $800 billion. America has nearly doubled their finical debt in the last 8 years, 3.6 Million jobs were lost since the recession began, and over 600,000 jobs were lost in the month of January alone. Where does he propose to come up with all this money? If we’re in debt, how can we just come up with over $800 billion? I understand that this bill could be a economic savior for this country. It could provide more than 3 million jobs over the next 2 years, and give the middle class tax relief. This all sounds wonderful, but at what price are American’s going to have to pay for this package? This package may or may not help us out, it could very possibly put us into even larger debt. Many republicans argue that it may not even produce immediate jobs which is the main reason for this entire package. The packages purpose is to stimulate the economy and stop this downfall trend that we are suffering, not to pitch in a couple million for broadband internet in rural areas. Why don’t we create a way to pitch all those useless costs and make the bill more effective and cheap. It could be a difficult task, but I believe that if we got ourselves into this mess then we need to get out of it somehow. Putting America into more debt isn’t exactly the best way to help stimulate the economy.

    -5 spelling 21-5= 16/20 B Way to go Brittany Winters. Nice job. Followed directions and took on the bill.

  4. As a republican I feel that this bailout is going to hurt America in the long run. One can’t just look at what it is going to do for us right now they have to understand that it could have unforeseen consequences. It will overall slow the economic growth of the United States by putting us further into debt. Instead of trying to gain more debt to get us out of debt we should be looking at our policies with taxes and programs. We would be making the same mistake that we did in the late 1920’s where we began creating giant programs like the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge to save the economy and it did not work. We need to allow some of these businesses to fail and let the others survive which is the main basis of capitalism.

    I got much of my information from a video interview with CNN and a governor from South Carolina.

    20/20 A Very well done Tyler. Consistent with the assignment. Good insights. You do realize that pot is calling the kettle black.

  5. Extra Credit-
    President Obama began his speech with bad news, that is, the economy is still suffering. 600,000 jobs were lost in January. That is the most in 34 years.
    He talked about how the last eight years got us into a tailspin, and he thinks that one bill is going to fix all of that. Even if this bill creates over 3 million jobs, that doesn’t mean that those 3 millions jobs would be able to be filled by the Americans who have lost their jobs. That would mean they would have to move to a new state, when they don’t have any money.
    The bill is suppose to give immediate tax relief to middle class Americans. This isn’t a nescessity. He should be more worried about getting jobs back. Getting the Democrat and Republicans to agree isn’t going to come easy. President Obama should start thinking of what he could do to change the bill so they can get some agreements and get changes going.

    3 PTS EXTRA – You haven’t exactly stuck to the question on the blog. Good info. Good start. Be a little more specific to the question next time.

  6. In this weekly address I feel that Obama is just taking it too lightly, it’s not just losing jobs, losing health care, homes, and feeding families. When you can say that truly it is the worst it has been in 30 years then why haven’t we tried to get the plan across faster or find away to fix it for right now then have the new polices lead us into the better future. We can wait for two years for this new plan, but we need something now. I know it can not happen over night but really what is it that we are waiting for? I do like that he put some of the responsibility into our hands and not just the government. I realize that we are going to have to change a lot because the policies that President Bush had leading his administration. It’s the future not that past we need to look at, I understand he is trying to get a point across but I think we realize it, after all we are the ones who are living through these tough times but we are not looking back we are looking forward that’s why we wanted him in office because he said he was going make the change we wanted and look into the future.

    If I was a Republican listening to this I would think he is taking it too fast, he needs to slow down and breathe, I understand that the middle class is the worst but we do not want it to get worse than it already is and if we try to make this plan and not do something mean time the unemployment rate is going to keep sky rocketing. Why would a republican believe this is going to work? He needs to build up there trust slowly. I understand we do not have a lot of time but working with the other party is the only way anything is going to work and any bills are going to get passed and put in action.

    Of course his plan is the answer to our problems, but that is only in our future I said it once I am going to say it again what about right now. It is great that he wants to help so much but there is a time where getting things done even if they are not what the Republicans wanted you just have to do it and it will pay off someday and if it’s better for America. So when does it count as a crisis, is it when half of the middle class has no houses or when families are starving. President Obama has to start now not later there has to be a now plan not only the later plan. I am wondering if President Obama is going to realize that he has to come up with something now.

    -5 pts spelling. 15-5 = 10/20 I’m not really sure what you are saying here. It’s kind of rolling around in circles. What exactly do the Republicans think? You didn’t ask your dad??????????

  7. I agree with you, Mr. Wood, in that the quality of this weekly address was much better than the last one. He focused almost exclusively, not on a broad and insubstantial assessment of the economy, but with a focused and steady assault on job statistics and our gargantuan stimulus package.

    I was struck by a thought, though, while listening to this podcast. I heard President Obama mentioning across-the-isle talks on the stimulus package but only managed to hear his exhasperation at the partisanship that dominates Congress right now and I can understand this frustration… unfortunately, you cannot wish the situation into being better… it requires some real first steps that are not being made.

    Firstly, Obama is almost too appraising of the Republican minority… refusing to force the hand of congress by wielding his Democratic majority. While I can see the reasoning behind this… it has also become a kind of achilles heel for his administration… a weakness born of compassion for his political adversaries.

    Secondly, Obama is extremely liberal and despite his willingness to form alliances between Democrats and Republicans, he is greatly weakened by his lack of universal appeal… even if he is enormously popular from a pop-cultural viewpoint.

    What I can see here is that Obama is going to have to force some partisan bills through if he wants to make any progress. After he does this, the Republican minority will scream bloody-mary (and of course they will have political ground to stand on) and say that Obama broke his promise to the people, to his fellow politicians, and to himself that he would end partisanship.

    Unfortunately… they will technically be correct.

    This is just one of a multitude of problems facing obama right now…

    He may want to end partisanship…
    He may want to fix the economy…
    He may want to fix two wars…
    And he may want to solve our energy crisis…

    But his weekly addresses, though more focused, only reaffirm my belief that he is going to have excessive difficulty doing these things.

    I give this podcast a B.

    He’s getting there… but he is only creating more difficult questions with each subsequent answer.

    I’m sorry Obama… but you’re in for one hell of a rough 4-8 years… and on top of the Republicans, the media, and the people… I for one am not going to give you any slack…

    Welcome to the presidency.

    It’s nice that you answer whatever question you choose to answer. I always like to read your posts but I’m not sure what this one has to do with the posted question…why don’t you re-read it. Just a thought. And you’re right it is going to be one helluva a rough 4 to 8 years.

  8. Presidents Obama was definitely not as up beat as his other speeches. I liked that he made it apparent that things need to be done. I’m sure it probably is hard trying to get both parties to work together and try and fix not only our economic problems but to bring the democratic and republican parties to come together and try and fix this as a country not as separated equals. There were a lot of ideas as to how we need to fix things and the precautions they need to take to make most of this work. There are many ideas for jobs and things that need to be worked on to restart our economy. So hopefully these thoughts will become actions and slowly we can pull out of this depression. I like that he brought up our crappy health care and the fact we need something done because we have just delta with it for so long. This is not my favorite speech he has given but I don’t think it was awful. I would give this a c.

    10/20 – This is not the assignment.

  9. I think that this week’s address was much better. Not only did he talk about the economy and its struggles he tried to make it clear that he is trying to make things better so the other issues can be maintained. It sounds like he is trying to encourage the people that nothing can be done until a stimulus plan is made to help our country get back on its feet. We can not expect better health care or schooling or even lower price’s on anything until we heal the gushing wound of our economy.
    Right now I can imagine President Obama is having a really tough time. Not a single republican and only three congress members signed his new plan to restart the economy. It seems like certain members and parties don’t want change. They just want to keep going with the same old hard times and watch the United States of America fall down the drain. Right now a plan needs to be made before it is too late. They all need to come together and decide what needs to be done.

    10/20 – This is not the assignment.

  10. Mr. Obama,

    As a member of the Republican minority, I strongly disagree with you on a few key points.

    We are not exactly working together on anything that remotely involves this insanely over-blown stimulus package… with or without these “employment-figures” you mentioned in your address to the people. Your bill (estimated at over 800 billion dollars) is not only the largest in a long line of failed and under thought bills, but it also contains a substantial amount of pork-barrel spending that my fellow Republicans will not support.

    You mentioned that your bill was of the right size… something I found particularly shocking. The last bill passed by President Bush (a bill you lambasted) gave substantial amounts of money to vacations to the rich upper-class citizens of our great country… something many of them didn’t need while the middle class (a group who you champion) struggled to pay for everyday things. Now you plan on using even more money to help banks who squandered the last batch of money, create jobs in risky experimental green energies, and spend the rest on what?

    The American people?

    Please President Obama… platitudes and great oratory may be enough for some, but not enough for me. This bill will not pass until you eliminate the pork-barrel spending (like the government cars going green) and shorten the scope of your bill so the tax-payers are not getting short-changed.

    As long as you try to use your majority in congress in a partisan way to pass bills that do not represent us, nor the American peoples wallets, you will not achieve anything across the isle.

    Thank you,

    Peter Hoekstra

    16/20 avg with 10/20 = 13/20 too much pontificating and not enough substance. Republicans are not that bad! Even our congressman

  11. Extra Credit

    This address was much more convincing than his first I must say. He confronted specific issues that we need to face and are going to face-like jobs that modernize classrooms, provide better health care, that construct a smart electric grid- unlike his first address which was quite generalized and vague, even though it was an attempt to encourage Americans and comfort them in our state of crisis.

    I was especially moved by the statement that included “..making a down payment on the American Dream that serves our children and our children’s children for generations to come.” since we need to lay the foundation for the upcoming generations. Even though our parents weren’t able to do that for us, we need to step up to the plate and change our nation to better not only the present but the future.

    It makes me wonder what’s going on in the minds of both the Republican and Democratic parties to not fully support Obama in his efforts to restore this nation. I don’t understand what they expect to happen if they continue to disagree with the options that lie ahead of us because eventually we are going to run out of options and will come to a complete standstill economically rather than dusting ourselves off and moving forward.

    I applaud Obama for his courage in taking up what I would consider a more than extremely discouraging task for one man to take on alone. I pray to God that he succeeds and doesn’t make a complete fool of himself.

    4 pts EXTRA There’s a lot of good eval on the speech here. That is evident. The problem is that it doesn’t answer the posed question on the blog. But don’t worry half the class didn’t answer the question.

  12. As a republican, I would vote no to this Stimulus plan. We are supposed to be fixing the economic crisis not adding to it. This stimulus plan will put the people in more debt and it’s not going to go into effect quick enough. This stimulus package is going to cause every American 6,700 dollars in debt. The spending includes $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts, $335 million for educating teens about sexually transmitted diseases, and $200 million for sprucing up the national mall. I would like to see more tax cuts too that will take effect immediately much of the spending will happen too slow to make a difference now. For example $30 billion for the highways only $10 billion will be spent within the first 18 months. Shouldn’t this happen quicker? Then why don’t we just spend $10 billion for highways instead of $30 billion because only $10 billion is going to be spent within the first 18 months anyways? Printing more money is going to cause price rises in the long run. We cannot take this recession and turn it into a depression. That’s not going to make things better, with this stimulus package everything is going to get worse before it gets better. President Obama is in for a rude awakening if he thinks this stimulus plan is the best route to take. Why can’t we come to a compromise with this stimulus?

    In the end Obama is wrong and he needs to just admit it.

    I hope this is good enough for you Mr. Wood, but prob not!!!

    18/20 A – I was thinking of giving you a 19. You mention that the spending includes three things – condoms, National Mall, National Endowment for the Arts. But you don’t say why this bothers you…how come that is a key to this. All n all it aint too bad. But not a 20

  13. (Repost)

    I first want to start out by saying what I thought about the article. I agree that this weeks address is much better than the last one that was recorded. The thing is though, Obama still talks about our economic disaster. He has made statements on the 600,000 jobs that were lost in January. There has also been 3.6 million jobs since this recession began. That is good news to tell but I believe many people know what our situation is in employment rate. The citizens in the U.S. know our economy is in a crisis and if they don’t they should not live here. People need to know what is going on with the efforts Mr. Obama is putting toward to fix this and if they are reasonable answers to the problem.

    Here is the answer to the question. If I were in a Republicans shoes right now i would not pass the 800 billion dollar stimulus package because I don’t think Mr. Obama knows exactly what he is doing with it and if it is the right answer for our economic situation. I think Obama wants to do to much with the package such as creating more than 3 million jobs and providing 4.5 million workers with a tax cut up to $1,000. It would be great if all these things could just jump out and happen but it’s going to take much more than a 8 billion dollar stimulus package to get us out of this crisis. I think the reason that the Republicans don’t vote to pass the stimulus package because it doesn’t have enough depth in the explanation of its use by Mr. Obama. I wouldn’t vote for something either unless it actually sounded beneficial enough to our economic situation and if it were realistically applicable. The stimulus package pretty much would only work on hopes and dreams. I mean it is a good idea and it is a plan headed in the right direction but I believe we must take baby steps to fix the economy. I believe we must come up with small stimulus packages so we don’t dump all of our money into one pot. We need to spread it out to jump start every aspect of our economic crisis The package is just to much and the administration really would not know exactly what to do with it. So that is strongly my point of view on the stimulus package as a Republican.

    14/20 C Well Kyle you are roaming around the answer, but you don’t really address why the Republicans don’t like it. And it is a 800 billion stimulus package – not 8 billion. A bit of a difference.

  14. 6th Hour-Extra Credit

    The republican don’t want to agree with the stimulus plan that Obama wants. They think that they want to rule the world. They think that if we create more jobs and reduce taxes that it is only for the middle class. I don’t agree that the package should be 3 million dollars. I think it should be about 1 million dollars because of the fact that we are in debt. I like Obama but that part I have to disagree.

    I found out that Mr. McCaine will not go with the package plan. He thinks that the money is not helping because the taxes are going up and jobs are cut. He thinks that they are getting more jobs for only the middle class. He will not vote yes until the package is changed and taxes get lowered for lower, middle and higher class. He don’t like that they are doing this for only the middle class. The republicans demand that they be part of this package plan too.

    3 PTS EXTRA – Jenny this is 800 billion dollars not three million…that’s a big difference wouldn’t you say. I’m not sure you totally understand the question. But keep plugging on these.

  15. Once again a good weekly address, although this week I was happier to see that President Obama focused on specific aspects of the stimulus package rather than the troubles of the economy as a whole. I agree

    The numbers are becoming more reality that this crisis is in need of help; I think that it takes strength of President Obama to bring both parties together. But then when the bill is sent to the senate zero Republicans vote, there must be something wrong.

    From my research I’ve discovered that senator John McCain has stated that he will vote no to the bill unless it is changed. He feels that “We need to make tax cuts permanent, and we need to make a commitment that there’ll be no new taxes, and that we need to cut payroll taxes. We need to cut business taxes.”

    (For you Mr. Wood)……We the republicans will continue to vote no, in the aspect that we feel that we shall have more say in the constructing of the bill. Our fear is that this plan will lead to stimulate in the economy and will cause inflation and lead to a depression. This plan could lead EVERY Americans into more debt approximately 6700. Our goal is to see immediate change President Obama’s plan will do well over time thus does not stimulate the economy fast enough and it should contain more tax cuts that would take effect immediately.

    Sincerely the disagreeing republicans

    16/20 – B Generally OK, but it’s still kind of lacking in specifics…I mean a couple of things are true – the tax cuts and the REpublican involvement. The 6700 is confusing as is the inflation issue. So, Ok..not great.

  16. In this weekly address President Obama talks about our economic down fall and how 3.6 million jobs have been lost. In doing so his option is to have a $800 billion stimulus package which is barely making its way through congress. I feel that if none of the republicans voted for it in the house and only three voted for it in the senate there most be something wrong with the package. I mean how long will it take if this thing is passed to start working and it isn’t even a sure thing that this package will work in the short or long run. I feel that something does need to be done but why jump to such quick decisions. I mean yes we need something to change, I mean Americans have lost 600,000 jobs in just the first month of 2009. If we don’t think things through we will end up going deeper into dept and we could end up losing in the next 6 months up to 3,600,000 jobs if we keep up the same amount of jobs lost like last month.
    I feel that President Obama isn’t wrong he just needs to look things through and find out if it really is going to help in the long run. Also what he is trying to do is make it so we don’t hit rock bottom. He just needs to double check the fine print before he starts sending out such a big bill.

    10/20 F – This doesn’t answer the question.

  17. First of all I have to say this was a very good weekly address he got right to the point and made many points on the economy and how we should fix it. In the eyes of a republican they believe in lowering taxes. Obama’s plan on fixing the economy will cost a lot of money and will raise the price of our taxes which means we won’t get as much come tax time. This really hurts the rich people wallets. This is the reason why our country in is such turmoil in the first place. This country is founded on caring for one another not who has the most money$$$. They say this all the time they say “why should I pay for something that I have no business in this in the first place”. You know what I have your answer it’s because you should care about one another. Our government should be with us in a time of need we vote for you guys because we believe that you will help us out in a time of need instead you sit up in your offices and count your money and think about how great it is that I can send all my sons & daughters to good schools.

    Other than that the speech was good I give it an A

    10/20 F This doesn’t answer the question.

  18. I am a little confused about the question that you are asking. So I am going to try and answer it the best I can understand and talk about the address in general.

    I think that President Obama is wrong in saying that the two parties came together to reach a solution. He wants the American people to think that the bail-out plan is bipartisan, but it is not. I think that if I was a republican I would be less willing to help the plan because my name is on it yet I had nothing to do with making it.

    I like this address better then the last, but I found it kind of confusing. I liked that he lets the people know that although unemployment rates are high, he has a plan to get us back on track. He lets us that he wants to create new jobs and provide tax relief. I think that in general though the American people like me will feel confused if they listen to this.

    In the middle he says that we need to act swiftly to put this plan into act, and then talks about the millions of Americans out of work. I didn’t feel like when he said this he was talking to the American people. I think he was more talking to politicians. This just threw me off a bit.

    Although I liked that this Address contained more information and urgency to act, I still think he could do better.

    10/20 F. This doesn’t answer the question.

  19. REPOST

    Okay just a little disclaimer before you continue reading. I really didn’t know how to do this blog post unless I was actually taking on the role of a bull headed republican–so I chose Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.

    For starters Rush Limbaugh said something along the lines of after listening to Obama for a year-and-a-half, he knows what his politics and plans are, yet he does NOT want them to succeed. In other words he wants Obama to fail–plain and simple. After being called a hypocrite by Mark Haines, Rush “explained” himself. “It came after a thorough explanation and my belief that liberalism is what Obama represents destroys the free market, destroys capitalism and this stimulus plan is all about re-FDRing America, the New Deal and as a conservative I want liberalism to fail. I want the country to succeed”. So one reason why Republicans are not even taking the time to look at this stimulus plan, is Mr. Limbaugh pitching this idea to everyone and some people agree that liberalism does destroy the principle that prosperity will flow in a capitalistic society.

    Another thing Rush Limbaugh has proposed was his “own bipartisan stimulus”. According to the article he wrote for The Wall Street Journal appropriately titled “My Bipartisan Stimulus”, Limbaugh stated that the wrong kind of government intervention can make a recession worse. Limbaugh criticizes Obama’s stimulus plan as something that only stimulates the Democratic Party and refers to it as a “porkulus” bill. Limbaugh continues to convince people that tax cuts in a recession is the surest and quickest ways to create permanent jobs, causing the economy to rebound. He supports this argument with the presidencies of JFK, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. However, Rush does continue to lay out his bipartisianship plan; 54% of the plan goes to infrastructure and the other 46% will be directed towards tax cuts (percents are based on the percentage of people who voted for and against Obama). This brings up another reason why republicans aren’t so gung ho on the bill–they believe that tax cuts will allow enough wiggle room to get the economy flowing again.

    On the other hand you have O’Reilly who says that Obama is confused. On The Early Show, Bill talked about how the bill was put together by the far left side and that this bill does not address the issues that people are looking for right now. Bill pointed the finger at Obama saying “…it’s partially his fault for not understanding the mood of the nation right now.” Which if anyone agrees with O’Reilly or has any doubts about whether this bill will provide immediate relief to the people on main street.

    Another valid point from Bill O’Reilly is that he feels President Obama is confused. “Mr. Obama’s job as the leader is to get everybody to say, ‘OK. They’ve got it under control. We’ll ride it out for a year or two. But it will get better.’ Not to have all of the 630-page bill that nobody can understand, OK?” said Mr. O’Reilly about the extensive document and where all the money
    is going to.

    Finally, there is always the fact that he is moving too fast. Americans want change, we need something to pull us out of our slump but Bill O’Reilly touches on the fact that it has been a measly two weeks, “I wouldn’t do it yet. See, I think they rolled it out too fast. He’s only been in office for two weeks. It seems like two months! But I wouldn’t do it yet.” Republicans may fear that Barack is just trying to get things done as quick as possible. This bill was not thought out very well and thrown together to make it look like he has initiated the change.

    Of course, in my opinion, it could just be that the political parties are just way too stubborn and will not look out for main street until we call and demand it.

    25/20 A++++++ This is what I was looking for. You make a great proponent of the O’Reilly factor. I think I’m going to start calling you Billy Boy.

  20. First off, I would like to say that the presidents weekly address was a lot better then last weeks, however, he did just talk about the economic crisis when there are plenty of other issues he could be addressing to us Americans. Obama does have good intentions of what he wants to do to help the people in our country out, but I feel that it’s going to be a harder goal to accomplish then he is expecting.

    From a republican’s point of view, I don’t believe that everything Obama says he will change can be done; President Obama talks about how are country is in an economic crisis and people are in need of jobs, how does he expect to pay for all of the jobs being built? Are country is already in debt and this would just burry us deeper into it. I feel that Obama is in over his head promising people tax cuts and more jobs and I don’t feel he took a lot of time to think about this before addressing the issue.

    I would grade this weekly address a B+.

    -5 spelling. 17-5 = 12/20 Needs a little more depth…but it is in the right direction. Not bad again – you post…are you well? Do you need to bump your medication a bit?

  21. President Obama, you have said that if we don’t act our economic crisis could become a national catastrophe. Millions of Americans will lose their jobs, their homes, and their health care. Millions more will have to put their dreams on hold.

    However, Mr. President, people already have. And, I strongly oppose a bill that does so poorly to addresses these issues. You have spoken about how it is the responsibility to address the needs of Americans. I agree with you a hundred percent. However, how can you say that the way to address this economic crisis is through a bailout? How can you support the philosophy that advocates the way to get this country out of debt is to propose a bill that would burden our children with another $800 billion?

    You are losing the trust of the American public. How is it that we throw more money at banks and automobile companies and see nothing for it in return? You have said that “We can’t rely on a losing formula that offers only tax cuts as the answer to all our problems while ignoring our fundamental economic challenges”

    President Obama, I implore you that our fundamental economic challenges is to stay true to our Capitalist values; this country’s philosophy of Democracy and Laze Fare. We must let the market be. We must hold fast to the economic principles that have developed our high level of standard of living and accumulated wealth and prosperity of this nation.

    Yes, our economy is in a slump, but we must not lose faith. And, yes we need to put Americans to work doing what Americans must do. However, if one American is hard at work trying to earn an honest living, should his hard earned tax payer dollars go to a stimulus package that was created far from bipartisan and far from transparency?

    In the end, President Obama we need to hold on to what has made this country great: Democracy, Freedom, and Hard work. These are depressing times but we must not turn to burdening bailouts and a Socialist philosophy.

    25/20 A++++++++++ GREAT! You sound like Rush!

  22. In the eyes of a Republican, I can completely understand why they are so shaky on this whole stimulus package. For one, they are conservatives so they do not like to do anything out of the ordinary. For two, this is such a large amount of money that if this plan fails, we are most definetly going to be in a crisis much like the great depression. I personally do not believe that this package will work to the likings that President Barack Obama has for it. I think that through his eyes he witnesses a happy public that has jobs, healthcare, education, and a functioning, well balanced economy. What he will soon realize is that we have became a nation of whiners. We will whine, whine, and whine in hopes that everything will be handed to us on a platter. Obama can not make our nation happy. I give the man credit for taking such an extreme stance and putting his foot down to lead our nation, but you cannot expect our economy to halt and begin to advance in a blink of an eye. We lost over 600,000 jobs in the matter of a month for crying out loud. The economy of America is falling at such a fast rate that I am not sure we can save it before it hits rock-bottom. Another question is, where in the world are we getting all this money to save our economy? Granted, you have to give a little to get something, but 800 billion dollars is not just chump change. If this plan fails, we will be in the biggest economic hole our country has ever seen, no doubt about it. We must take baby steps, not such drastic changes. Time is money. Unfortunately for President Barack Obama, we do not have much time, nor do we have much money. I hope that both the Republicans and Democrats can work together to make this thing work. But like I said, we do not have any time or money.

    Barack Obama has only been President for two weeks and people are starting to get their panties in a bunch. I for one, am not quitting on the man for quite some time. Probably because I expected to be disappointed. He is only human, not some kind of God that everybody makes him out to be. But Corey is right, although he didn’t really answer the question, Obama is the one who decided he wanted to take on the task of leading our nation; nobody forced him to. Good luck to you Mr. Obama. I’ll be rooting for you to get this nation back up on top.

    16/20 B You’re right about the whining and bunched panties. The Republicans are not supporting this bill – why…you don’t are real indepth job of addressing however. Good start…needs more specifics.


    Speaking from the Republicans point of view about the 800 dollar stimulus package and this week’s presidential address, they don’t exactly see the outcome as good as the Democrats do. The changes that Obama sees coming from the stimulus package aren’t very realistic, in the sense that it will take longer than expected. The bailout is expected to revive over three million jobs that have been lost over the past years. In January alone, 600,000 jobs were lost. Knowing the intensions of this stimulus package, I want nothing more than to believe everything that comes out of President Obama’s mouth, but we have the think realistically. Obviously Obama knows it’s not just going to happen over night, but it will take much longer than what he is expecting. Yes it might create jobs, make tax breaks available to the middle class members, provide money to flow in our economy, but when is the question nobody can answer. We need help and we need it now. This stimulus package will not work because we don’t have that kind of time, we need change and we need change quickly.

    +4 PTS EXTRA Good point. There are other reasons as well…tax breaks and the problem with the nation’s debt.

  24. Extra Credit

    First of all I would like to say that I love the way he blatantly states that the Republicans need to stop making voting in congress completely party separated voting . He’s completely right it should be thought of as what’s best for the American people and not just biased votes. I also think that he is putting good emphasis on the fact that so many jobs can be saved someone just has to stop being selfish and do something about it. He says that we need to change the tired old ways we’ve been going by and get up to date. The things of the past aren’t going to work! We as a society have changed and our governments thinking has to change with it or we will never get out of the hole we are putting ourselves in.

    3 PTS EXTRA – you need to read the assignment. Still it’s extra credit. Pay closer attention next time.

  25. President Obama knows that we are in a tough spot here and it is good to know that he is addressing the issues and working towards change for America. In the last month there have been more than 600,000 jobs that have been lost, and ever since the recession began we have lost more than 3.6 million jobs. We all know that this is not good or is it going to get better anytime soon or any quicker. President Obama wants to work together towards a better America for our children and our children’s children.

    If I were a republican I would agree that we need to come together and work hard and diligently to pursue a successful future for our nation. I would also agree that this is an American choice not democratic or republican but an American decision to work through this because if we don’t then things are going to get a lot worse and much faster at that. Those numbers are already high and we are trying to do something; could you imagine if we just let things be? How bad would things really get? I would like the see the taxes lowered but I think that we are asking a little too much considering we are already trying to pass an $800 billion dollar bail-out plan and then we are going to give tax relief? Where do we expect to get all this money from? I think that we just need to take it one step at a time. But I would not agree that this was just former President Bush’s fault. I would get very upset when I seen or heard this statement coming from President Obama. The voting for this stimulus packet is so low on the republican side because many of them don’t like the fact that the government would be giving vast amounts of money to the middle-class. Republicans are bothered by government interference because it will take away the free market, which is something that they believe in. This plan is taking away government money and putting it in the private sector. They just don’t think that the government’s money should be put into our system. It is basically laissez faire which means let them be. Whatever we decide to do or pass we need to be smart considering we are already deep in the recession and our countries debt is raising.

    17/20 B+ You are bouncing around the issue here with laissez faire and debt. But you don’t quite hammer it. Pretty good try.

  26. If I was looking at this situation as a Republican, I would be disappointed. I would be disappointed in President Obama because comparing the facts to what he has said, is irresponsible. He first states that, “…Democrats and Republicans came together in the Senate and responded appropriately to the urgency this moment demands”, and if no Republican voted for the stimulus package, then they must not be working together very effectively. You can’t be responsible if you aren’t making any kind of head way in a situation like this. The highlight of this election for me was the fact that we were going to see both parties come together and figure something out, which President Obama did mention, “The American people know that our challenges are great. They don’t expect Democratic solutions or Republican solutions – they expect American solutions.” But that isn’t what we are seeing yet.

    There must be something wrong with the package if the whole other party isn’t the least bit for it. If I was a Republican, I would really consider what the stimulus package is saying, work with my advisors to find a solution to the things we didn’t agree on and plow through the hard stuff. And I definitely wouldn’t watch my President address to the people that “we are coming together and responding appropriately” to such a fragile subject for the people of the United States and all of the world. This is why he is theoretically wrong, because there is no way you can say that progress is being made without everyone working together, and everyone’s input is important. It takes away all ethics for me in such an important situation as this. I believe that his intentions are good. He does address the people what the package will bring, giving them hope for what lies ahead. President Obama says that certain states will receive thousands of jobs and in two years we will have over 3 million. He says how schools will be improved. These things are good. But there must be something that doesn’t sit right with the Republicans, all of them in fact. This is an important detail that can not be over looked. And all in all, I think that President Obama just needs to be open with everyone. We know that these are hard times, and we know we have to come together. We just need you to tell us what is going to happen, that is why we voted for you, because we believe in you, and you represent us, the United States of America.

    I give him a C.

    -5 spelling. 13-5 = 8/20 You say you are going to answer the question…but you really don’t. You recognize the lack bipartisanship. But why is it there?

  27. President Obama is talking about how 3.6 million jobs have been lost and in the 3.6 million about 600,000 people lost those jobs. He is talking about how our economy is still going down the gutter and he wants to get the middle class working again by giving them tax cuts and jobs. I don’t think that he will be able to do both.

    If I’m a republican then I want a good job too. If President Obama is only talking about the middle class then why not the lower class too? Also I think that the Republicans are thinking this bill will cost a lot of money. But something has to be done! About 600,000 people have lost their jobs and that was just in January. Tell me how does an economy get so bad that that many people lose their jobs in one month? I think that there should be some tax cuts but not a lot, just to those who make up to a certain amount of money. Also $800 billion is a lot of money, we are already in debt so how exactly are we going to be able to come up with this money? We just need to focus on one issue at a time. President Obama keeps going back a forth between health care, then our economy, then jobs. We need to worry about one issue and how we are going to come up with the money to get that issue done.

    14/20 C You talk about the Republican viewpoint…but don’t really go there. So, kudos for paying attention to the question…check Sam and Angelina for the direction of the answer.

    This post is approved.

  28. Mr. Wood…I am confused…I understand that I got spelling wrong…but I took the question and answered it to the best of my ability. You said, look at it from a Republican’s view, which I did and state why Obama is specifically and theoretically wrong. He was wrong because he said that both parties were working together and they weren’t. Obviously they didn’t agree with the Democrats. I just don’t want you to think I didn’t know what I was talking about….

    You never say a thing about what is wrong with the bill. You say its not bi-partisan. That too is the choice of the Republicans because they don’t support the bill. Why don’t they support the bill. That’s the question…that you really never get around to answering. Read some of the others that did answer the question. Lot’s of people struggled with this.

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