Help Heal Haiti – $3019 to Port-Au-Prince

As of April 1 here’s where we stand…Our final tally raised is $3019. GREAT  JOB!  Thank you to ALL of you…you’ve made a huge impact in the lives of those who desperately need your help.


Very early in our campaign we wired $700 to Pierre Louis Monfort in Port-Au-Prince because he needed the money NOW.   Remember he was our inspiration…the nurse at the Tuberculosis Clinic that was nearly destroyed by the earthquake.  We read about him in the New York Times.

Then we went out raised a lot more than $700.  In the meantime Mr. Monfort was taken care of.  Our funds helped to buy him and his family a heavy duty tent to protect them from the rains.  He also received much needed supplies.   And the Clinic is back up and running.  People from around the world responded to Mr. Monfort’s story in the Times.  He is doing well.   Meanwhile, we  kept in touch with Ian Urbina, who wrote the story.  With Mr. Monfort in good shape, Ian  suggested that we take our remaining $2400 and get it into the hands of somebody on the ground in Haiti who could directly help those in need.

He introduced us to Rea Dol in Port-Au-Prince.  Rea Dol is Haitian.  She runs a primary school in Morne Lazarre, one of the poorest neighborhoods of Port-Au-Prince.  She is respected and loved on the streets of Morne Lazarre.  She has taken on the responsibility of organizing the distribution of aid there.  Please watch the NY Times video of Rea Dol.

In order to get the funds to Rea Dol Ian hooked us up with Professor Sasha Kramer. Sasha earned her Phd from Stanford in 2006.  She is on the Board of SOIL.  Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting soil resources, empowering communities and transforming wastes into resources in Haiti.  Go to the  website of SOIL, and watch the video “Soil in Action” and meet Sasha.  Take a tour of their site – this is a fascinating grassroots organization.

On March 27 the Senior Current Issues Class spoke on a conference call with Ian Urbina.  We then discussed our options on how to best go about spending the remaining funds.  And here’s what we decided to do.   We have wired $2300 to Sasha in Port-Au-Prince, who will hand the money over to Rea Dol, who will buy whatever is needed to help those directly in need on the ground in Morne Lazarre.  Your donations will end up purchasing rice and beans and medicine and supplies for people struggling to survive on the streets of Port-Au-Prince.

None of this is possible without all the work done by so many at Oakridge High School.  You’ve really made a difference.  But don’t stop here…continue to be awake and involved in the world every single day of your life.  It is your responsibility, your privilege…your world.

Take a look back on a record of what all of us here at Oakridge High School have accomplished working  TOGETHER.  Way to go guys!

  • Music Video by Brandon and Celeste – that began our journey.
  • Thank You video from Ambassador Raymond Joseph of Haiti.
  • Final Video by Brandon and Celeste.  coming soon.
  • Our Help Heal Haiti blog site.

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu