Bob Marley died thirty years ago today

Bob Marley died thirty years ago today. Still, his songs have a great impact on society spiritually, emotionally and also politically. Marley’s songs not only dealt with the politics of his native Jamaica, but Africa and the whole world. Here are ten of his most politically significant songs.

Hey guys Time for Chicago’s Ghana Fest

Saturday July 31 – 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM @ Washington Park Chicago south side. This a great festival.  It is not huge or on the waterfront.  It’s a little tuff to find (but I’ve got directions.)  The music is good,  food is great, folks are friendly.  It’s a real festival celebrating Ghana. I think […]

For all my Oakridge homies – Happy Patriotic Day

JON A, Georgio, Cool Tommy J, and Grand Ben Daddy rapping out the Fourth

All YOU gotta do is ask the right question…

A high school student in Arizona – asking a State Senator in Arizona-  about Vocational funding for schools in Arizona.  D’oh! Arizona / Michigan – what’s the difference?  Come on guys…put the pressure on. I love youtube

Going to the Windy City

Hey kids lets go to Chi-town.  Saturday May 29.  SCI students (Chelsea and Lila and the exchange kids) – you gotta have your parents call.  Make sure if you are going that I talk to your folks.  If you want to bring a friend I have to talk to the friend by Friday. Go here […]

The OIL Lobby and Public Policy

Seniors – Don’t forget this post must be up by noon on Tuesday June 1.  Do a good job.  It’s your final. “This is the bitter reality of the American present, a period in which big business has cemented an unholy alliance with big government against the interests of ordinary Americans, who, of course, are […]


This post is due by midnite on Sunday.  This post is worth 50 points. This movie was a real cliffhanger.  What are three things that left you puzzled at the end of the movie?  How do you think each turned out?  Number each – give each a quick little title – and provide a couple […]

Help Heal Haiti – $3019 to Port-Au-Prince

As of April 1 here’s where we stand…Our final tally raised is $3019. GREAT  JOB!  Thank you to ALL of you…you’ve made a huge impact in the lives of those who desperately need your help. Very early in our campaign we wired $700 to Pierre Louis Monfort in Port-Au-Prince because he needed the money NOW. […]

GRADE the Health Care Bill

Post must be up by 7:00 PM on Friday April 2. All classes must post. Fifty points possible. Make sure to note name, class, hour at the top of the post. The Health Care Bill is LAW.  You’ve studied it.  We’ve talked about it.  It has pluses and minuses.  So, grade it!  You’re a citizen […]

Merci to All for your efforts to “Help Heal Haiti”

Go here to find the Oakridge High School Help Heal Haiti fundraiser. An update on our fundraiser for Mr. Monfort and his Tuberculosis clinic in Port-Au-Prince.  Our monies are being totaled – and it looks as though we‘ve raised about $2700 to Help Heal Haiti. Thank you to so many people for all of your […]