All YOU gotta do is ask the right question…

A high school student in Arizona – asking a State Senator in Arizona-  about Vocational funding for schools in Arizona.  D’oh! Arizona / Michigan – what’s the difference?  Come on guys…put the pressure on. I love youtube


The Real World Economics – Final Common Assessment Honor Roll is posted below. The work that you all did on this test (not only these people but others as well) was easily the best work of the semester.  Your Essays on Public Interest, Public Policy, and Real World Economic Issues were insightful and very well […]

The OIL Lobby and Public Policy

Seniors – Don’t forget this post must be up by noon on Tuesday June 1.  Do a good job.  It’s your final. “This is the bitter reality of the American present, a period in which big business has cemented an unholy alliance with big government against the interests of ordinary Americans, who, of course, are […]

Help Heal Haiti – $3019 to Port-Au-Prince

As of April 1 here’s where we stand…Our final tally raised is $3019. GREAT  JOB!  Thank you to ALL of you…you’ve made a huge impact in the lives of those who desperately need your help. Very early in our campaign we wired $700 to Pierre Louis Monfort in Port-Au-Prince because he needed the money NOW. […]

GRADE the Health Care Bill

Post must be up by 7:00 PM on Friday April 2. All classes must post. Fifty points possible. Make sure to note name, class, hour at the top of the post. The Health Care Bill is LAW.  You’ve studied it.  We’ve talked about it.  It has pluses and minuses.  So, grade it!  You’re a citizen […]

Music, Life, and Haiti – An Assignment

This assignment must be posted by Friday February 26 @ 11:00 PM.  This is a forty point assignment for all of Mr. Wood’s classes. Choose one  of the following eight NPR stories linked below for your look at Haitian life and music in the wake of this ongoing tragedy.  A synopsis of all eight stories […]

Music and the spirit of Haiti

Below are eight stories from NPR that deal with Haiti, with Haitians, and their love of music.  Seven of them date from the earthquake that recently struck the island nation.  The stories provide you a fascinating insight to the culture and life, and spirit of survival of everyday Haitians.  I recommend that you listen to […]

FAST with us to Help Heal Haiti

We will Fast from 7:30 AM Thursday February 25 to 7:30 AM Friday February 26. Fasting has a long history of use not only as a spiritual means to attain enlightenment, but also in the political arena to make a statement or bring awareness to a cause.  Many many great thinkers and activists have used […]

An article from a friend

BY Matt Labash March 1, 2010 In the barbaric cave for the dead Known in Creole as simply ‘mog’ My trembling hand blesses them May the angels lead you far, far from here And do so in all haste You and this throng of dead that surround you -Father Rick Frechette, from Haiti: The God […]

“Help Heal Haiti”

Thank you to all involved for for your efforts to Help Heal Haiti. If you fasted and obtained pledges please turn them in to Mr. Wood ASAP.  We will let everybody  know what our final dollar figure for the fundraiser is as soon as we have all donations.  Thank you for being “Awake.” “My humanity […]