Mission Statement – “We the People” believe that it is the right of the people to determine their nominee for president. No one person’s vote should count more than any other one person’s vote. We call for an end to the use of super delegates in the Democratic Party.”


  • White – for Truth (What we stand for)
  • Yellow – for the Boldness of Youth (Who we are)
  • Green – for Grassroots (Where we come from)

Check out this article in the Detroit Free Press on Sunday May 4 on the Super Duper Club. A super feature with photo in the editorial section of the newspaper.

Listen to the Muskegon Chronicle’s podcast on June 2 of Angelina and Corey, discussing the Super Duper Club.

Listen to Myranda, Nyssa, Corey, and Angelina on 103.7 FM radio in studio radio show on May 15.

Watch TV interview with Corey & Dani on WZZM TV news on March 12.

Super Dupers say “Hi” from Jumbos. Take a look!


SATURDAY APRIL 19 – WAS A BIG DAY FOR US…and it went grand. Check here for complete coverage. What a day! What a day! At 5:00 Mark Brewer (chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party) met for 45 minutes with Angelina, Molly, Ariel, Myranda, and Dani at the Coffee Joint. The girls adamantly presented our position. Mr. Brewer held firm. Meanwhile the rest of us were up at the Whippi Dip, banging drums, waving flags, and holding picket signs, reminding those on the way to the big Democratic fund raiser at the Oakridge Country Club – the problem with Super Delegates. At the CC Angelina and Tyler and Molly and Ariel – greeted people at the front door with petitions and flyers. By the end of the day – everybody knew who the Super Duper Club was and what was wrong with the democratic primary system. Afterwards we all went out and ate a lot of pizza.


WEDNESDAY May 5 – PETITIONS IN D.C. – Our Close Up Trip in Washington D.C. We delivered 1370 signatures calling for the end to super delegates, to Howard Dean at the Democratic National Committee. Things got a little hot inside the DNC – but in the end we delivered our message and our signatures. We petitioned our government as protected in the first amendment of the Constitution. Check here for complete coverage.


THURSDAY May 15 – 103.7 FM – Angelina, Corey, Nyssa, and Myranda talked on the radio with PA at 103.7 (the beat). They talked about everything from politics, to school, to the state of the world. We’ll post the radio show right here as soon as it comes our way. Until then check here for complete coverage.


SATURDAY May 17 – Relay for Life – We went to Whitehall. We walked, we talked, we danced, we boxed, we sang songs and camped out. We crashed on the pole vault pit. Most importantly we supported a great cause. Must’ve been 25 Eagles made the flight up from Apple Ave to walk to support Cancer Research. We raised $420 for the cause. A special thanks to Ariel for all of her efforts in running the show. Check here for the days festivities.


Wednesday May 28 – Breakfast at Jumbos 6:30 AM – Wear your T-shirt!

At the May 20 Super Duper Club meeting we decided that we WILL go to Denver in August…just to remind the Democratic Party that we mean business. We have a house and floors and couches in Denver. We will rent a van, take our sleeping bags, and continue the fight. When we started this mission back in February – our goal was to rid the world of super delegates. While we have raised awareness at the local level, in Lansing, and at the DNC…the party rules still stand. Super Delegates will determine the democratic nominee in the 2008 election. There’s another presidential election in 2012. We will remind the Party in Denver that the issue and the Super Duper Club are not going away. So that means we stay in touch over the summer – if you weren’t at the meeting get Mr. Wood your phone # and email…and start saving your pennies for the Rocky Mountain State.


  • mr-swanson-and-mr-marley.JPGsuper-flag_2.jpgdani-the-patch-maker.JPG
  • WE HAVE A FLAG – Thanks for all the hard work Ariel – so sharp!
  • WE HAVE A FIGHT SONG – Corey Swanson / writer, singer, and producer. Listen here. And check out the lyrics. Corey, Bobby Marley would be proud.
  • T-SHIRTS – Shirts will be in Thursday May 1 in time for the May Day pep assembly. Take a look at the design. Colors come in Green, Yellow, White.
  • SUPER DANI PATCHES – take a look at the page above this one…Dani’s making some really cool patches for the T-shirts. Post your order.
  • WE HAVE A BASEBALL FIELD BANNER – The banner is finished! It was designed by Brittany, Jen, Dani, Ariel and Mr. Wood at Big Apple Bagel over Spring Break. The design was unanimously approved by the Club on April 15. The banner will hang alongside advertisements of local businesses – and was made by Big Signs Inc. It should be up and hanging at all Eagle home games by April 28.
  • baseball-field-banner.JPG

OUR TRIP TO THE LANSING STATE CAPITOL:On March 13 ten of us (Amber, Angelina, Corey, Myranda, Dani, Brittany, Dakota, Chad, Mr. Wood, and Mrs Mosher) traveled to Lansing to represent the Super Duper Club at KidSpeak at the State Capitol. KidSpeak provides an opportunity for young people around the state of Michigan to meet with their state legislators and inform them of issues that affect young people. Angelina, Corey, and Amber all gave five minute speeches to Congressional reps in the Senate appropriations room. The message was loud and clear – the practice of Super Delegates is undemocratic and needs to END. We got over 40 signatures, and then walked 730 signed petitions down to the State Democratic Party offices. After Angelina read a statement on the front walk of the HQ we visited with representatives of the party. We left our petitions and headed into East Lansing for dinner and Insomnia Chocolate Chip Cookies. The day was a total success. Below check out our slideshow of photos from the trip and a WZZM TV interview with Corey and Dani the night before.



  • Thursday March 20 – (4:45 to 6:00) – Project Seven is playing at the LC Walker Arena from 6:00 to 9:00. Meet @ Mr. Wood’s room 4:45 PM if you want to go. We could use a driver or two.
  • Tuesday March 25 – (6:00 PM) – Musekgon Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce) meets at the Holiday Inn Steakhouse downtown. We are on the agenda. Coffee House cup of coffee following. Let Mr. Wood know if you want to go.
  • Saturday April 19 – (Three Events)AM in Scottville Mason County – 2nd Congressional District pledged delegates caucus. All Super dupers invited. 4:30 PM meeting @ Coffee House with Mark Brewer Chair of Michigan Democrats. Major democratic fundraiser at Oakridge Country Club from 5:00 to 9:00 PM. Picket signs and petitions to greet democrats.
  • Saturday April 26 – March of Dimes – 8:00 AM til noon at Hertiage Landing. Walk for a cure for Birth Defects. We can get pledges and walk as a group. Stay tuned for more info. Our flag will be ready and waving by then.
  • Friday May 2 – AM 1090 Muskegon – Corey and Tyler and Dani were on the radio – 1090 AM in studio interview talking about Super delegates and the Super Duper Club. We will post the podcast on the show as soon as we get a copy.
  • May 3 to 10 – Close Up Washington – Deliver 1300 signed petitions to Howard Dean at the National Democratic Party HQ.
  • May 13 – Angelina, Myranda, Corey & Nyssa jabbered away on the radio for a half hour with Paul Billings about super delegates and the world. We will post the podcast as soon as we get a copy.
  • May 17 – Relay for Life – Whitehall High School Relay for Life. 10:00 AM Saturday to 10:00 AM on Sunday. Everybody and Anybody are invited to both events! The picket of the Michigan Democratic delegate selection in Grand Rapids has been cancelled because the Michigan Democratic selection assembly has been postponed due to Michigan’s delegates not counting in the national total. If they re-schedule – we re-schedule.
  • August 25 to 28 National Democratic Convention @ Denver. We’ve got some living room floor space in Denver if this battle is still being waged and you really want to go.

SUPER DUPER MYSPACE BLOG:You can visit myspace by going to this link. If you do not have a myspace and would like to leave your ideas here, please do so.

SUPER DUPER LETTERS – to the public Super Duper Statement to the Democratic Party 3/13/08 – This statement was read aloud at the Democratic Party HQ when delivering 730 signed petitions to the party on 3/13/08.



petition– final copy

  • Our Official Petition Total for D.C. – 1370 signed petitions
  • Our Official Petition Total as of 4/15/08 – 1100 signed petitions
  • Our Official Petition Total as of 3/26/08 – 1000 signed petitions
  • Our Official Petition Total as of 3/19/08 – 850 signed petitions
  • Our Official Petition Total as of 3/13/08 – 730 signed petitions
  • Our Official Petition Total as of 3/5/08 – 500 signed petitions
  • Our Official Petition Total as of 3/4/08 – 400 signed petitions
  • Our Official Petition Total as of 3/3/08 – 310 signed petitions
  • Our Official Petition Total as of 2/27/08 – 90 signed petitions
  • GOAL – 500 signed petitions by March 5
  • NEW GOAL – 700 signed petitions by March 13
  • NEW GOAL – 1000 signed petitions by March 29
  • NEW GOAL – 1500 signed petitions by May 1

“It doesn’t take a majority to prevail, rather an irate tireless minority keen to set brushfires in peoples’ minds.” – Sam Adams

Keep up the good work…Sammy Adams would be proud of you for all the brushfires you all are setting.

23 Responses to “X SUPER DUPER CLUB”

  1. Mr. Wood: Your take on superdelegates is off base. The superdelegates were actually put in place to insure the will of the people. Imagine this scenario: Candidate A, unable to raise money in the beginning of the process, fails to gain traction with the voters until a third of the way in. Candidate B has a sizeable lead in delegates, but commits a serious gaffe that reveals his flaws, and the voters drift toward Candidate A. At the convention, Candidate B is still ahead in the delegate count, but it’s obvious that the voters are supporting A. The superdelegates are the safety valve that swings the nomination to Candidate A, and the party chooses a nominee the members of the party support. This isn’t a process governed by the Constitution, but by what’s best for the party.

  2. To Mr. Green. I respectfully disagree. The superdelegates were placed in the process to control the will of the people, not to insure it. A safety valve is necessary only if you do not trust the democratic process. Any individual in this nation has the freedom to challenge any entity (business or political) in the public domain. We have the right (protected by the first amendment) to use that public forum – to protest the Democratic Party. PETA protests KFC and it’s inhumane practices with chicken preparation. The pressure gets KFC to alter its practices. Consumers challenge the GAP, thru letters and phone calls, when it is revealed that the GAP has outsourced to child labor in India. The GAP responds by altering its outsourcing practices. In 1960 four black students in Greensboro sat down in Woolworths protesting private business practices regarding Negro seating areas. Continued sit ins forced businesses all over the South to change their practices. We have people power here. And we have protections, via the Constitution to exercise it.

    This situation is complicated by the fact that our country is a two party democracy. If we had multi parties as they do in many European parlimentary democracies, we could take our allegiance and our vote elsewhere. But in the USA we have only two parties. And one of them – the Democrats employ a practice that challenges the notion of one person one vote. We disagree with that premise. We have the right to challenge that premise. In fact much of the nation is also challenging it on this issue. The Party may choose to ignore us at their own risk. But if we can walk 1000 signatures of voters and potential voters into the offices of the Michigan Democratic Party, if we can send that same list of 1000 to the National Democratic Party, and say “WE STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH THIS PRACTICE, AND YOU RUN THE RISK OF LOSING OUR SUPPORT” they have a decision to make. They can say we don’t care what you think. But what is a political party without a constituency? They better think long and hard if they want to go into the future without the backing of so many who are willing to put their time and effort into such a challenge. The strength and future of any political party, in any democratic nation on earth, is young people! The Democrats will not risk alienating the future. When all is said and done, they will alter this superdelegate practice.

  3. Mr. Wood: Your thinking is flawed. Let’s not confuse the justness of one man one vote with the necessity to provide voters with the very best candidate the party can supply. The primary process is a vetting process-without it the party loses its viability. It’s ugly and convoluted, but it is necessary. This romantic notion you have of the right of the people is pie-in-the-sky, and has no basis in reality. The powerful maintain their power in disregard of moral values or judgments. Standing outside the process and wringing your hands in despair at the unfairness of it all may change things temporarily. But tomorrow, everyone will go back to business as usual, and those in charge will find some other means of cementing their hold on power. Hillary and Barack can present all the health care plans they want to, because in the end, the lobbyists in DC will determine who has access to health care. Until “the people” are ready to deal with that in a meaningful and lasting way, nothing changes.

  4. Jamie: You have the right to choose a president. It’s called a general election. You don’t have a Consititutional right to choose a political party’s nominee. You have that right as a member of the party; the only way to be viewed as legitimate by the power brokers is to work from the inside. Join the party, or start your own!

  5. Mr. Green – YES WE CAN!

  6. I’m sorry, but I have to side with Mr. Green on this one. If you are not in the party its self you have no right to decide who gets to represent that party. If you don’t like that then start your own independent group.

  7. Mr. Wood
    The right of each party to choose its delegates does not fall into a public opinion think of it this way
    You start a club consisting of 100 members you wish to select a leader you and Mr. Green are nominated about 80 delegates are voting for Mr. Green but then the news finds out that Mr. Green has several outstanding drivers tickets and when he was 20 he was involved in a hit and run while under the influence then all of a sudden the people want to switch to you but it’s a little too late the votes have already been put into a jar and can’t be taken out what is supposed to happen do you let Mr. Green be leader because that is how things were voted and let time be the determining factor or do you make some voters talk to the people and have their vote count as more so the votes equal out (the Super votes are worth 1 vote for every person talked to) all of a sudden the votes are basically switched its like a giant math problem
    You by something from the store it does not work so you take it back and get a new one (you buy a vote you don’t like how its working so you take it back and replace it) although it may not seem right all it is a safety act so that time is not what determines who wins if your club must choose a leader at 11:00 and the secret of Mr. Green is revealed at 9:00 that makes the time be determined that is basically what you are trying to do if we destroy the super delegates and the primary election starts in January and in many a nasty secret is revealed the primaries end in June it’s a little too late and of course the blows the hole early bird gets the worm idea is blown out the window the super delegates are a last minute safety net to help the people yeas there is a big hole that human will and greed may turn the election against the people but with every safety net there comes a price that is the Law of Equivalent exchange we must give something of equal value to get something we are giving our trust that the super delegates are honesty and we are getting the promise that if something dose arise they will be there to help

  8. Mr. Green, I can say that I’m surprised that in your effort to prove that super-delegates are out of our control, you actually support a cause that it would seem you despise.
    You said: “The powerful maintain their power in disregard of moral values or judgments. Standing outside the process and wringing your hands in despair at the unfairness of it all may change things temporarily. But tomorrow, everyone will go back to business as usual, and those in charge will find some other means of cementing their hold on power. Hillary and Barack can present all the health care plans they want to, because in the end, the lobbyists in DC will determine who has access to health care. Until “the people” are ready to deal with that in a meaningful and lasting way, nothing changes.”

    You completely fail to acknowledge the fact that “the people” are exactly the one’s who have composed this petition and that maybe we are ready to deal with things in a meaningful way, starting with this attempt of those in power to “cement their hold on power”.

    The Democratic party may be a private party, but that doesn’t mean that we have to stand by while the party, who has an undeniable amount of power of our government, decides on these flawed policies. To say it is the right of the people to decide our president, then say it isn’t our right to decide our candidate is an entirely backwards argument. For those of us who will not and can not vote republican, the decision of our candidate is effectively the decision of our president.

    And let us be realistic please, a third party is out of the question in current United States politics.

    I have great respect for your argument because it is a valid and intelligent one, please don’t mistake my comments for rude ones.

    I’m just pointing out the fact that the agrument for super delegates is invalid because in the end: THIS IS A DEMOCRACY and super delegates are a sick loophole in our system… NOT the best interest of the people. Maybe in the past they represented our best interests but today, with growing interest in this race, (with all due respect) they are a slap in the face.

    Thank you.

  9. The superdelegates are not “sick” and “wrong”, Corey. The language being used to describe this process is designed to get people to respond emotionally instead of rationally, and is out of all proportion to the circumstance. The superdelegates are a safety valve, designed to make sure that the Democratic Party presents the candidate for nomination who has the best chance of winning an election. The superdelegates themselves are party members who have proven themselves loyal to the party, but also have the experience and intelligence to insure that happens. I’m sorry, but when you look at voting patterns in this country, and look carefully at what has motivated people to vote in the last several elections, I personally do not want the nomination handed over to people who don’t read, won’t educate themselves on the issues, and choose to vote for a candidate because he seems like the kind of guy you could sit in your garage and have a beer with. (Anyone know a guy by the name of George W. Bush?) The reality of politics in this country dictate a modicum of common sense when nominating a candidate, because too much is at stake for the party and the country. The superdelegates are moving in the direction of the people currently, and will continue to do so. That is why they have been trusted with the responsibility of being superdelegates. This notion that they’re going to throw the nomination process in a contrary direction is just a knee-jerk reaction to events, founded in a romantic notion of history that itself is contrary to reality. The political parties in this country have, for two hundred years, changed and manipulated the rules to influence the nominating process, and the republic has survived it all. At one time, delegates were elected by the party insiders, and there was no primary system. All the noise about superdelegates is, once again, much ado about nothing.

  10. Thank you Mr. Green.

  11. Mr Green you cannot possibly still believe that the superdelegate issue is much ado about nothing. The democratic nomination will go to the floor of the convention in August. It will be decided by superdelegates – those unelected special Americans” – who count 10,000 times you and me and every other American who voted or in Michigan and Florida’s case will again vote in the democratic primary; people like that doofus on Channel One the other day. Much ado about nothing? I don’t think so. Join the Super Duper Club – WAKE UP – SEE THE LIGHT! LIGHT YOUR TORCH AND SHARPEN YOUR PITCHFORK!

  12. Mr. Wood: You are a master of rhetorical excess, but how about telling the truth about the nomination process. The entire system is undemocratic, simply because each state dictates how it will choose its delegates, and there is no national uniformity. Texas, for heaven’s sake, holds a primary AND caucuses. Apportionment of delegates is not based on one man (or woman), one vote, anywhere in the country. And the truth of the matter is that this country was not founded on this mass democratization nonsense propagated by social studies teachers. The founders were an intellectual elite who did not want the unwashed masses having the final say about who our leaders would be, and that system has served us well for 200 years. Can you say “Electoral College”? One man, one vote heads us down the road to fascism. We are a republic, and when we vote, we’re not voting for the next American Idol.

  13. “A system that has served us well for 200 years?” Really? Does that include the 2000 election when the US Supreme Court shut down an unanimous Florida Supreme Court decision to recount a 300 vote differential in a state of 18 million people? That a politically biased court would render a politically biased decision to choose the executive of the largest democracy in the world would fly directly in the face of the wishes of the founders beliefs concerning a separation of power. That is not a system that serves it’s people well.

    As for political parties, there is not one word in the Constitution dealing with a democratic or republican or any political party or primary of any kind. This idea of super delegates was created by a corrupt, lobbyist saturated, elitest group of unelected democrats in 1980, not 1789; individuals who intend on “fixing” the will of the people – if in fact it doesn’t suit their needs. A system like this needs to be broken. Jefferson reminded us regularly that this democracy of ours is and will always be a work in progress; that to function effectively it needed continual vigilance. When he said, “I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors,” he might as well have been talking about super delegates. Maybe this mess will wake up “We the People”. Maybe we will become indignant enough, and angry enough, to bring our grievances to the convention, to the party, to the government, and demand accountability. Otherwise I guess we continue on like sheep.

    Super Duper Club meets on Wednesday next – we’d love to have you there.

  14. Update To : All super duper clubers and Mr.Wood
    Corey and I went to the Coffee House last night and we were dissapointed that Quami wasn’t there and there wasn’t a real formal “open mike night” …. but don’t fear because it didn’t stop us from getting signatures… I would say approximately 15-20?

    Bravo! Don’t forget the letters!

  15. hey mr. wood i forgot that im going to a friends track meet tommorrow at central michigan so i can try to get petitions there and im still trying to get them from puffer but its hard to get them there but ill try. so i might need some petitions tommorrow.

  16. Mr. Wood- I am going to Showcase again tonight, and I’m going to try to get signatures..We will see.

    Thanks! Good luck with your dance!!!!!!!

  17. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to your organization by one of your student members, of whom I have had the great privilege to meet and work with. Having the chance to interact with and get to know this person, I must admit the envy I have for the students of this program and of Oakridge High School. Compared with political studies in my own high school, the content of your program seems more akin to one available at a prestigious university or D.C. think tank. As a future educator of political science, I am inspired by the ability of your instructors to enlighten your understanding and appreciation for the American political process. That being said, while I can tell this group has succeeded in large part due to immense student participation, I implore you to offer your thanks to both Mr. Wood and Mr. Green for providing not only a great curriculum, but for providing this excellent opportunity to further your awareness and involvement in the American political process.

    To the Super Duper Club,
    Let me commend all of you on your successful undertaking in the fight against not only an injustice in the Democratic Party, but a threat to true democracy in the United States. It is uncommon (and very refreshing) to see such concern and understanding for our nation’s political process coming from a group of students like yourselves. Even in my four political science courses at WMU, I would be hard-pressed to muster as much support for such a club that has developed at tiny Oakridge High. I would love to attend one of your Wednesday meetings and to express my own thoughts on the matter and offer my support, but this is not possible due to evening classes on that particular day. I will be willing, however, to offer any support as far as circulating petitions and offering input and opinions via this blog.

    Please realize that because of efforts such as the Super Duper Club, super delegates are coming under increasing pressure to align their vote with the will of the populous in this year’s Democratic Nomination. Maybe during this nomination process, or maybe by 2012 or 2016, the Democratic Party will live up to its name and abolish the practice of super delegates. However, there is still much work to be done. May I wish you success in continuing your fight, and may I again offer any help or services you might need. Simply send any petitions or contact information along with my acquaintance within your program, they know who they are.
    I leave you with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” one that transcends both its time and its initial reference:
    “We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people.”

  18. Dear Brett,

    Myranda that is one helluva a letter – he is going to be touched.

  19. Edmund Burke was a famous English parliamentarian and political theorist during the 18th Century. Burke’s characteristic view on society was one that goes against efforts of men like Rousseau and Marx to equalize society both politically and economically. Burke asserts that attempts (he mainly attacks Rousseau, Marx came after Burke) at equalizing social classes are futile and only disruptive to the natural order of historical progression. He stresses that inequality is a positive aspect to society and keeps commonwealths strong and able to protect their citizens. Despite even being a conservative in the 18th Century, I can assure that a large number of members of conservative political factions (Tory Party in the UK, Republicans/Libertarians in the US) are strong admirers of Burke’s for his views on political theory.
    Burke’s view on the role of representatives in a nation’s legislative process is equally controversial and fascinating. Burke was a member of Great Britain’s House of Commons, comparable to our nation’s House of Representatives. He believed that the best way to represent his constituents was not to listen to their opinions or represent their needs, but to use his own intellect and wisdom to make correct decisions. Instead of being a delegate for his constituents, Burke said he likened his position as more of a trustee.
    I find Burke’s view of representation to be fascinating and something we can relate to today. Burke does have a point; he is smarter than his constituents. Similarly, the average Democratic Superdelegate is probably smarter than the average Democratic voter (although, there are a few I’m not so sure about). Doesn’t it make sense that we let the smarter folks in our government and in our political parties make the decisions for us? After all, smarter people DO make smarter decisions. Whether it is Burke’s trustee or 2008’s Superdelegate, shouldn’t we give our consent and trust to this intellectual upper class?

    Although I will be home from WMU for the weekend, I have commitments throughout Saturday morning and afternoon that will prevent me picketing and causing a ruckus. I will, however, be available sometime in the late evening and would be interested in meeting with the SD Club for coffee afterwards. You guys can give me a call Saturday afternoon/evening and let me know when you think you’ll be meeting for coffee. Hopefully I’ll see y’all then.

  20. My name is Ellis and I work for 103.7 The Beat. I’m interested in getting an interview set up with your group for this Thursday, the 8th. If possible, could you please reply by e-mail, or if needed you can call me on my cell phone. The number is (254)247-4245. E-mail is 1037thebeat@gmail.com

    Thank You.

  21. The Muskegon Chronicle had an article today that I’ll bring in Monday called “Superdelegates swarm to Obama”. It’s a really interesting article!

  22. Today was sooo AMAZING on the radio! I’d love to do it again if we ever got the chance. To all super dupers, you would be proud of everybody there. Even Nyssa, even though she doesn’t think she did good, she did awesome. And so did Corey and Angelina. Mr. Wood even got on air for a little while. And Jen got a shout out too, she was to shy to talk on the radio…. The guys there were very nice and knew what they were talking about. The main speaker said he had a blog on the super delegate issue too. The conversation never faltered and if we would have had more time I bet we would have talked longer. I can’t wait to hear it when you get a copy Mr. Wood! You have to let everybody listen to it! And you have to get pics up too!

  23. okay, Mr. Wood, im so glad that you have our Kiva stuff on here!! and im glad that you got your history class in it too…but they totally took the class of 2007’s picture pose!! but regardless, it’s still great!
    and i am still waiting my my girl to fully repay her loan so i can give to someone else!! ti’s 60% repaid =]

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