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Agenda: 10/25/10 – 10/29/10

Monday:  Journal #13, correct E.A. Poe Crossword Puzzle and Figurative Language Vocabulary, preview The Raven, and complete “The Tell-Tale Heart” activity Tuesday:  SSR – The Outsiders/Reading Log, QUIZ on The Outsiders – characters, collect “The Tell-Tale Heart” activity, read “The Raven” and begin the Questions on “The Raven” Wednesday:   LMC – check out a FICTION novel, […]

Agenda: 9/27/10 – 10/1/10

 Monday:  District Writing Prompt (Someone or Something to Remember), Review Vocabulary Crossword and check grades/missing assignments Tuesday:  Introduce the novel “The Outsiders” and begin Chpt. 1, review/correct the Review Vocabulary Crossword and Garfied and Southpaw – Questions and Writing packet, and STUDY the Review Vocabulary   Wednesday:  Finish reading Chapter 1 – “The Outsiders”, discuss/correct Textbook Scavenger Hunt, & complete Student Writing packet […]

Agenda: 9/13/10 – 9/17/10

Monday:   Watch 212 Degrees – the extra degree and write a journal response (Journal #1) to it, read “The Daisy” and answer ?’s (9 – 16) Tuesday:   Discuss and correct ?’s 9 – 16, read the selection “Song of Masefield” and answer ?’s 1 -8, and begin the 8th Grade Review Literature Terms  Wednesday:  Journal #2 (Describe […]

Agenda: 4/27/09 – 5/1/09

Monday:  S.S.R./The Outsiders – Ch. 11 and Ch. 12 questions, Book Discussion groups, collect Book Discussion ?’s from Talking Points paper, and preview the story “Up the Slide” Tuesday:  Go to the computer lab and complete the Poetic Elements W.S., read “Up the Slide”, and complete the Prediction chart Wednesday:  S.S.R./The Outsiders – Ch. 11 and Ch. 12 questions, […]

“The Diary of Anne Frank” material

Background for Understanding W.S. (1-20) Holocaust Picture Project Directions Holocaust Picture Project Template   *Click SAVE and save in your folder! Holocaust Picture Project Example Anne Frank Vocabulary – Act One Questions on Act One – Scenes 1 and 2 Anne Frank Questions on Act One – Scene 3 Anne Frank – W.S. Pg. 252 Crossword Puzzle for Act […]

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