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Summer Vacation!

WOW it’s the LAST WEEK of SCHOOL!!!

Monday:  Read at least one original poem to the class, write Couplets and Triplets, review the Poetic Elements – TEST tomorrow and STUDY!!! Tuesday:   TEST on Poetic Elements and Poems Wednesday:  Review TEST on Poetic Elements and poems and correct any questions that were wrong Thursday:  (1/2 day) Friday:  (1/2 day) I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A SAFE AND WONDERFUL […]

June 2nd & 3rd – Computer Lab Assignment

Online Poetry Assignment: THURSDAY – Read through both of the Poetry PowerPoints:   Poetry Terms  &  Haikus                    Then, go to the following link:   You need to create a minimum of four poems:  1 Biography poem, 1 Diamond poem, and 2 free choice.  After you create each poem, copy and paste it into a word document.  FRIDAY – Finish […]

May 30th – June 3rd

Monday:   Memorial Day – No School Tuesday:  Caught Ya #64, Journal #43, read Lit. Pgs. 262-267, discuss/correct the Literary Devices ?’s (1-11) and Poetic Elements Crossword, and take notes on Haiku poems and Cinquain Poems *Pass out Missing Assignments Reports – ALL missing work is due on Thursday, June 2nd!!! Wednesday:  Caught Ya #65, correct Journals #26-#43, […]

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