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Friday, Dec. 17th

COMPUTER LAB ASSIGNMENTS: Finish the Power Point Book Report!  (last chance in class) Go to RP Parent Viewer and check your grade in my class.   Do all missing assignments! Explore and solve a few Mysteries!  Say THANKS to our troops!!!  (make a card for free) Create a Comic Strip with at least 4 slides!  (Make it school appropriate, add dialogue, pictures, and print […]

Agenda: 9/20/10 – 9/24/10

Monday:   Journal #4 (Describe yourself and your group of friends from your perspective and how you think other view you.), collect the Classroom Quilt, complete/correct the Review Vocabulary Activity, read and complete Garfield Creator is One Cool Cat – story and questions Tuesday:  Go to the computer lab and take the SRI Test to find out your […]

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