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Friday, Dec. 17th

COMPUTER LAB ASSIGNMENTS: Finish the Power Point Book Report!  (last chance in class) Go to RP Parent Viewer and check your grade in my class.   Do all missing assignments! Explore and solve a few Mysteries!  Say THANKS to our troops!!!  (make a card for free) Create a Comic Strip with at least 4 slides!  (Make it school appropriate, add dialogue, pictures, and print […]

Dec. 13th – Dec. 17th

REMEMBER to do:  December 15/20 Reading Challenge!!! Monday:   Caught Ya #9 (2nd & 3rd hour only), correct the Speckled Band – W.S. Pg. 184, go to the computer lab to finish the Power Point Book Report  Tuesday:  Caught Ya #9 & #10, correct the Questions on the Speckled Band up to Pg. 481, and continue reading the “The […]

Dec. 6th – Dec. 10th

Monday:  Caught Ya #6, Journal #18, begin reading “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”, begin working on the Evidence-Prediction Chart, and finish the Book Mark – DUE tomorrow!  Tuesday:  Caught Ya #7, SSR and finish the Book Mark, continue reading “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”, continue working on the Evidence-Prediction Chart, and define Vocabulary for Speckled Band Wednesday:  Go to […]

Book Report Book Assignments!

There are two assignments that students should be working on while reading their ‘book report’ book.   The book should be finished by Tuesday, December 7th!    Book Requirements: Never read before At least 150 pages Not a movie Close to your reading level 15/20 Reading Challenge for November – DUE on Wednesday, December 1st!   (You will get another one for December, […]

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