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Dec. 13th – Dec. 17th

REMEMBER to do:  December 15/20 Reading Challenge!!! Monday:   Caught Ya #9 (2nd & 3rd hour only), correct the Speckled Band – W.S. Pg. 184, go to the computer lab to finish the Power Point Book Report  Tuesday:  Caught Ya #9 & #10, correct the Questions on the Speckled Band up to Pg. 481, and continue reading the “The […]

Dec. 6th – Dec. 10th

Monday:  Caught Ya #6, Journal #18, begin reading “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”, begin working on the Evidence-Prediction Chart, and finish the Book Mark – DUE tomorrow!  Tuesday:  Caught Ya #7, SSR and finish the Book Mark, continue reading “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”, continue working on the Evidence-Prediction Chart, and define Vocabulary for Speckled Band Wednesday:  Go to […]

Nov. 29th – Dec. 3rd

Make sure you FINISH the 15/20 Reading Challenge for November which is DUE on Wednesday, December 1st and the Book Mark which is DUE on Tuesday, December 7th!   Monday:  Introduce Giggles in the Middle and begin Caught Ya #1, discuss and define the Genre’ Vocabulary Tuesday:  Caught Ya #2/Journal #17, review Genre’ Vocabulary answers and work in small groups to […]

Agenda: 11/15/10 – 11/19/10

Monday:  Review the editing process through the Peer Edit with Perfection Power Point, complete the Peer Edit with Perfection W.S., students finish the Peer Response Editing Sheet, and  finish up The Outsiders – Study Guide Tuesday:  SSR, small group/whole group discussion of The Outsiders – Study Guide, work on revising the rough draft using Revising Checklist  (Revised rough draft DUE on Friday!) […]

Agenda: 11/1/10 -11/5/10

Monday:  Journal #15, read “The Premature Burial” and find examples of imagery in it, review/collect “The Tales of E.A. Poe”, and begin the Study Guide for Edgar A. Poe Tuesday:  SSR – The Outsiders/Reading Log, discuss “The Premature Burial”, finish the Study Guide for Edgar A. Poe, and STUDY!! Wednesday:  Journals #1 – #15 Self-check, whole […]

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