November 30-December 4, 2015: Gratitude, Paper Mache & Basketball

Students creating paper mache animal heads.

Students creating paper mache animal heads.

Bulldog Madness 2015!

Bulldog Madness 2015!

Students write notes of gratitude about RMS.

Students write notes of gratitude about RMS.

I had the opportunity to teach nearly the entire 5th grade last hour of the day on Wednesday before break. As I thought of what I would teach them all the day before Thanksgiving it was a lesson on Gratitude. We talked about the definition as one students said, “my mom said it’s a mix of grateful and attitude.” I say that’s right on.  We watched the video 20 Things to Say More Often by Kid President. Overall the students really enjoy the staff at RMS, their friends and coming to school each day. Here are a few of the student written sticky notes:
*I’m grateful for all my friends, teachers for taking care of me.
*I’m grateful for being able to have fun with my friends and teachers while learning.
*I’m grateful for the stuff we use to help us learn.
*I’m grateful for friends to play with and help me.
*I’m grateful for being able to learn, the knowledge I need to know for graduation to the next grade level.
*I’m grateful for lunch.
*I’m grateful for spending time with my friends.
*I’m grateful for my amazing staff.
*I’m grateful for the friends that I met at school and they stick up for me.
*I’m grateful for ……….The Teachers.
*I’m grateful for lunch and gym and recess. (This would have been mine in 5th grade!)

I plan to put the notes around the school in the teacher’s lounge, and deliver a few to the 5th grade teaching team members. Thanks for all you do for our students each day, it is noticed by them and appreciated with these notes of gratitude. 

Each week brings wonderful teaching and learning opportunities at RMS. The 5th grade Art class lead by Mrs. Vandenburg always is a showcase with their large paper mach project. It always amazes me how much they can accomplish in a 55 minute class period. Super Work!
Bulldog Madness was a great success showcasing the Basketball program, scrimmages, three-point shooting contest.. (I considered it for a minute there!), Lightening contest, silent auction, and hot dog dinner. We may have to call it the T.Hazen show next year with all of his dunks he threw down in warm-ups! Nice Work! My favorite part is seeing the support that we have in our small community for all things related to the school, athletics and the needs of our children. It was a fun night which I hope starts a long standing tradition in the Ravenna Basketball Program. Thank you to Athletic Director Kyle Jawor, Coaches at all levels, organizers, T-Shirts sales people, parents and more! Without all of your teamwork this event would not have been possible.

Monday 30:
9:30 am  Lynch/Ortiz Meeting

Tuesday 1:
4:00 pm Boys Bball Home vs. Whitehall
6:30 pm Parent Club Meeting

Wednesday 2:

Thursday 3:
2:00 pm IEP Lynch
4:00 pm Boys Bball @ N. Muskegon

Friday 4:
8:00 am IEP Lynch
All Day PBIS Team Meeting @ ISD Lynch
3:00 pm Final PGP Due RMS Teachers
3:00 pm Staff Holiday Gathering

Technology, Good Reads and More:
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MAISD News Flash #12

How to Get Your Instagram Photos to Show Up on Twitter Ever wish your Instagram photos would show up on Twitter instead of the link to Instagram? Here is a very easy way to do it. I LOVE the IF Then “recipe” app to make this happen. It has many other uses!

IF App  Also here are some directions on how to set it up. How-to-Geek, Click here to set up directions on how to make “recipes” to have your cell phone set up posts for you when you do one direction. For example, If (I post to Instagram) Then (post it to Twitter too).

Tony Vincent’s New Favorite Gear Tech Guru highlights a lot of new, cool tech stuff.

 How Friendly Is Your Team? Why Employee Relationships Are Important for an Organization’s Success This is an interesting read in regard to team building, success and more.

November 23-25, 2015: Be Nice, Dr. Beechnau & First Snow

Kantola Be Nice

Mr. Kantola’s Be Nice video about when he was in High School and being nice.

Be Nice

Awesome job by our student council members, Mrs. Christensen and the Be Nice team this week at RMS. Impressive!

First Snow

First snow of the season. No matter how old you get… it’s always a wonderful sight to see the first snow of the year.

Dr. Nick Beechnau addresses the RMS students.

Dr. Nick Beechnau addresses the RMS students during the monthly PRIDE assembly.

Teachers teaching Teachers

Mrs. Hudson teaching the teachers….at 6:45AM!

Teachers Learning

Miss Ortiz Charts information with her team.





























November 22-25, 2015
What a busy week last week! The photos speak for themselves. While the RMS team met at 6:45am to work on PLC items, Dr. Nick Beechnau was our PRIDE assembly speaker. His message was one of not taking yourself too seriously, how important humor can be, and that not nice words can hurt as bad as cancer. Thanks Dr. Beechnau for coming in! Our Be Nice program kicked off this week with an assembly for staff and students with the student council and Mrs. Christensen leading the way. They teamed with Cat and her team from Be Nice. What a professional job our students did, and emotional as well. They were so well spoken, organized and the presentation was well timed and ran smoothly. Very emotion on the topic of caring, and treating others with kindness. Many students struggle at one time or another and we are here for all of them doing the best we can. In a survey it was listed that one of the favorite parts of their schooling at RMS is the caring staff and that they are there for them. In conjunction with a guest song writer that sang of losing his mother… many tear were being wiped away at the assembly by students and staff.
For me it was emotional for many reasons. Thinking of my students who have lost their mother recently. My own friend who got married this fall and her mother, taken by cancer, was not there at the end of the isle. Thinking of my own mother, our wonderful relationship, and how others do not have that in their life. Everyday we show up at school and try to be everything to the students we service, some need us more than others. That is emotional. It is exhausting. It is rewarding, and memorable. Simply stated, some days it makes you cry. Be Nice is a program to help everyday and on the extra tough days. Notice: Invite: Challenge: Empower

Happy Thanksgiving this week Thursday! Enjoy a day with plenty to eat, friends and family.

Monday 23:
7:00 am IEP Sly/Lynch
8:37 am (2nd hour) MiPHY Health Survey 7th Grade
10:00 am Parent Meeting/Lynch

Tuesday 24:
8:00 am 504 Meeting Update:Lynch
5:30-8:30 pm Bulldog Madness! Don’t miss this new event in Bulldog Country

Wednesday 25:
11:00 am 1/2 Day Dismissal

Technology and Websites to Visit:
Be Nice Check out their site, blog and social media sites! Good stuff.
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MAISD Newsflash #11 New Science Standards adopted, 4H Celebrate the Possibilities Event

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10 Ways to Flip a Kid and Turn Their Day Around

November 16-20, 2015: Rolling Thunder, Science Cookies, Technology

Lunchroom Talk. We were cracking talking old school on a banana.

Lunchroom Talk. We were cracking talking old school on a banana.

Mr. Thompson from Rolling Thunder addresses the 8th graders.

Mr. Thompson from Rolling Thunder addresses the 8th graders.

Science Cookies

Teamwork making cookies in Science Class. That was a big kitchen!

Thank you to all parents who were able to meet for Parent/Teacher Conferences. We appreciate the effort and the support you have for the students of RMS. We had the opportunity to bring in Al Thompson a member of Rolling Thunder this week to talk to our 8th graders about POW and MIA, our flag, traditions and more. He did a great job! Our students were very respectful and listened attentively! Such a proud moment. Here’s to a very busy week ahead! We will have a student led BE NICE assembly. They have been working so hard, I am excited to have them show off what they have been working on!
On Thursday, 6:30 pm at Ravenna Baptist Church in coordination with BE NICE and Mental Health Services, and public schools there will be a showing of the movie Hope Bridge: Where there is hope, there is life. It tackles the tough subject of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. We are fortunate to be included with other local schools: Montague and Mona Shores to coordinate a showing all on the same day. Following the movie a panel discussion about mental health will be there along with professionals from the mental health field.  It is listed as suitable for ages 13 and up.

Special Showing in Ravenna this week.

Special Showing in Ravenna this week.

This Week:

Monday 16:
Tuesday 17:
6:45 am Staff PLC Meeting
7:30 am PRIDE Student Assembly: Nick Beechnau Speaker
9:30 am Lynch Speak to Career’s Class

Wednesday 18:
8:30 am Lynch @ Christensen Room
10:00 am Lynch 504 Meeting @ RMS
1:00 pm BE NICE Assembly
6th hour is 5/6th grades
7th hour is 7/8th grades
4:00 pm RMS Boys Bball @ Whitehall

Thursday 19:
6:45 am School Improvement Meeting
6:30 pm Hope Bridge Movie Showing at RB Church

Friday 20:
7:30 am PBIS Team at MAISD for Training
6:00 pm Norton Pines RMS Event

Upcoming Events:
Monday 23:
8:30 am 7th Grade MiPHY Survey

Tuesday 24:
5:30 pm Bulldog Madness
*Parent Club Meeting moved to December 1 @ 6:30

Wednesday 25:
Half Day: Dismiss at 11:00

Good Reading:

10 Unconventional Habits to Live Distraction-Less
A good read about not letting technology rule our daily routines, and habits of successful people.

November 9-13, 2015: Parent/Teacher Conferences and President Song

5th Grade Music Class sings President Song!

5th Grade Music Class sings President Song!

Click to hear our 5th Music President Song

Such a wonderful opportunity to walk our halls during 4th hour. I have started calling them the Boys and Girls Choir of RMS. They are very impressive! Music for 5th grade is new this year to RMS. They have been performing songs from many genres, tapping out rhythms, learning notes and more. Super work Ms. Slater and 5th grade music students!
Parent Teacher Conferences are this week. This is a great opportunity to talk face to face with teachers who spend all day with our students. Sometimes people say with all the technology, email, powerschool grading and fast paced lifestyles why do we still have conferences? Personal contact can never be replicated through an email, or looking at grades online. Come and see our beautiful facility and dedicated staff.
Rolling Thunder POW group will talk to our 8th graders this Thursday. Timing worked out great to bring in this group to talk during the same week as Veterans Day. They will talk about the following: American History, the American Flag, Define POW, Gift us a POW flag, Donate a youth book to our library, Our Government and POW status throughout history. I am honored to be able to be partners with them for our students.
Have a great week!
Reminder that the Book Fair is this week at RMS! Be sure to stop by and check it out!

Monday 9:
7:00pm School Board Meeting

Tuesday 10:
8:00 am-3:00pm PLC/Intervention Staff Team Meetings @ RMS
5:00-8:00pm Parent/ Teacher Conferences

Wednesday 11:
9:00 am Admin Meeting/Lynch
12:00-1:30pm MAISD Principal Meeting/Lynch
3:30-6:30pm Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday 12:
2:00pm Rolling Thunder POW Presentation to 8th Grade

Friday 13:

Web Connections:
10 Ways to Flip a Kid and Turn Their Day Around Thanks to CoolCatTeacher this one will work wonders and a good resource for parents as well.

MAISD Weekly News Flash #9

Read Early, Read Often with John VanLoon Video Mr. VanLoon does a great job with our local Muskegon County Reading Program! So many creative people in Muskegon County that have placed books in the hands of children.

Watch Muskegon  Live, Work, Play Grow! “We want people to know that Muskegon County is changing and that it has more to offer now than ever before. And we’re just getting started.”

The Big Lake on November 7, 2015

The Big Lake on November 7, 2015

November 2-6, 2015: Through the Eyes of a Child

Science Lab

Educators are very fortunate that we interact with our youth everyday. This week we welcomed the tradition of dressing up for Halloween on Friday at RMS. The students went above and beyond with their costumes and how creative they were. I had heard on the news that morning that if you want to experience anything, in this case Halloween, you should see it through the eyes of a child. Three hundred, forty-one students later we were giggling, smiling and connecting with our students through their costumes. Why they picked what they did, who helped them make it, where did the ideas come from? This is a lesson on listening to children. They have great creative ideas, are very smart and know what they like and do not like. In Education we can not discount the student voice. So proud to lead at RMS with such wonderful students.

Also this week…. our staff had the opportunity to listen to Denny Roehm speak about PLC’s in an after school meeting. Denny drove from his home district of Portage just to explain his journey with his staff in regards to interventions, time, roadblocks and success stories. It was meaningful in that whenever a new change is to happen the path to the destination is not always paved clearly ahead and the answers are laid out.

The connection? Between Halloween and Denny’s speech….. for me it was when things get tough in Education and your trying to creating the best that you can be, keep the student voice in mind and let them bring joy and laughter into your life. They would not care that their teachers sat and listened to Denny talk. They would care that we listen to them, share in the celebrations/traditions, and want RMS to be the best it can be for all.

Monday 2:
9:30 am Be Nice Student Council Meeting with Kat
10:00 am REED Meeting Lynch
2:00 pm (7th hour) Debbie Anderson 5th Grade Presentation Personal Safety in Cafe

Tuesday 3:
9:30 (3rd hour) Debbie Anderson 7th Grade Presentation Cyber Safety in Cafe
1:00 pm REED Meeting Lynch

Wednesday 4:
9:00 am Ravenna Admin Meeting/Lynch

Thursday 5:
6:30 pm Taste of Ravenna by RCEF

Friday 6:
3:00 pm MSXC Awards Banquet in Cafe
Marking Period Ends today

Looking Ahead to Next Week:

Monday 9:
7:00 pm School Board Meeting

Tuesday 10:
8:00 am Teacher Grades are Due and Entered
PLC/ISD Leadership Team Meeting at RMS
5:00-8:00 pm Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wednesday 11:
9:00 am RPS Admin Meeting/Lynch
12:00 pm Muskegon County Principal Meeting/Lynch
3:30-6:30 Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday 12:

Friday 13:



October 19-23, 2015: Positive Change From a Day I Will Never Forget

Tim Funk transportation director for RPS.

Tim Funk transportation director for RPS.

It was December 2011. It was mid week, foggy and we had no snow. My friend Jen worked with Nancee at Beechnau and she said, “Have you seen the news? Have you talked to Nancee?” I said, “No”. Jen then came right over to my house. We called over and over to have no answer. We watched the news, that two students had hit the back of a school bus in Coopersville and not survived. The parts of the awful story started to piece themselves together.  Jen and I sat and questioned that it had really happened. I started cleaning, organizing, talking, moving faster and faster as if I could turn back the clock and make it not happen. If I scrubbed the house clean it would not have happened.  It did happen. Jen went there that night and stayed for days. There were no words to say. Then the schools did their part as they always do in small communities when there is a tragedy. They opened their doors. Opened them to the press, the families, the hundreds of people to come and support the family and say goodbye to children who lost their lives. Bruce and Toni had attended Ravenna Public Schools and then Coopersville Schools. Bruce had babysat for the first time for my boys just weeks before the accident. There were no words to say. I’m a fixer. I’m a doer. So are Nancee and Paul Privacky the parents of Bruce and Toni.
From tragedy came the Privacky Bill for school bus safety. On Monday of this week our Ravenna school busses will have a new light system on the back of the bus fleet along with 40 other busses in Michigan. I was able to attend the presentation with Nancee this week. I am so glad and proud that I did. Teamwork, persistence, and hard work went into this happening. The team that has been working with Holly Hughes and the Privacky family were on school grounds to give a presentation. They did not disappoint. Local thanks go to Tom Wreath who outfitted the busses with the device that normally would be put on the bus during manufacturing. Tim Funk, our transportation director who directs the drivers and keeps our students as safe as possible while on the road. Superintendent John VanLoon was present to include the fact that he travels Apple Avenue each morning and witnesses drivers pass busses illegally.
Positive change comes in many ways. In this case the goal would be to change some safety factors on busses that have not changed in nearly 40 years. On Monday, look for the new changes. This week is school bus safety week. Tell a driver thank you. Follow the rules of the road. Slow down. Be alert.
Here are the links to the story from local news sources:

Local Districts Testing Out School Bus Alert Lights
Mom of Coopersville Bus Crash Victims Backs New Lights
School Bus Safety Program Prompted by Crash That Killed Two Ravenna Teens

This Week at RMS:
There will be a bus safety presentation for our 5th grade this week during 7th hour. Tim and I will coordinate and let you know as soon as possible.

Monday 19:
7:00 am IEP Masko
9:00 am 504 Parent Meeting/Lynch

Tuesday 20:
7:40 am RMS PRIDE Assembly
5:00 pm MS XC Home

Wednesday 21:

Thursday 22:
7:10 IEP Masko
9:00 am Website Input Meeting Lynch @ Admin
1:20 pm BIG CRUNCH

Friday 23:
3:00-5:00 pm 5/6th Grade Activity Night @ RMS
5:00-7:00 pm 7/8th Grade Activity Night @ RMS


October 12-16, 2015 Educators Behind the Scenes: PLC’s and More

All Things PLC Twitter Chat

All Things PLC Twitter Chat

This week at RMS we will have a small team attend the MAISD for Positive Behavior Supports for our students. This is directly linked to our PRIDE matrix document and will be valuable time spent out of the classrooms to support our students. This week will mark day one of a three day conference spread out over the school year to learn more about this support. Teachers do so much outside of the classroom duties and hours that it is nearly impossible to understand all of the time spent to improve our school and students.
Another new addition to RMS is the creation of PLC’s. Professional Learning Communities. Teachers at RMS have been spending all Professional Development time devoted to creating mini teams within our teaching team to begin to have conversations around data. There have been team building activities for us, deciding a mission and a vision for the PLC work, negotiable and non-negotiable items, loose-tight leadership and many questions about the process. Our PLC Leadership team has been working closely with MAISD to guide us in the direction that is best for us. The PLC work will lead us in a direction that we have not been before as we dissect what we teach, how we teach it and what the data tells us. Our next step is to talk to experts that have “been there and done that”. We will welcome PLC expert Mr. Denny Roehm from Portland Schools into our school on October 27 for our staff to learn more.
*Our Leadership team spent two days in July learning about PLC’s. Just one more example of educators going above and beyond to continue to learn.
If PLC’s are new to you check out this site: All Things PLC      Solution Tree

*Education has largely remained the same in many ways for many years. There are new ideas, and ways to improve for our staff and students that do not take more money. It is a creative way to think of change with what limits we already have.
*If you see an RMS staff member ask about PLC’s, the work they do and then give thanks that we have such a great group of people working together for our RMS students inside the classroom and beyond.

Week of October 12-16, 2015

Monday 12:
8:00-3:30 Lynch @ MAISD for Positive Behavior Support Training with RMS Team
4:00 pm Girls BBall WMC Tournament
7:00 pm School Board Meeting

Tuesday 13:
9:00 am 504 Parent Meeting: Lynch/Masko/Boersma
2:00 pm Staff PGP Meeting
5:45 pm MS XC @ Shelby

Wednesday 14:
12:00-1:30 pm Lynch @ MAISD Principal Meeting
4:00 pm 7/8ers Football Home vs. Montague

Thursday 15:
6:45 am School Improvement Meeting
3:00 pm 504 Parent Meeting: Lynch
6:00 pm RMS Parent Club Meeting @ RMS Conference Room

Friday 16:
Staff PGP’s Meeting and Turned into Lynch
7:00 am IEP/Masko
11:00 am Bus Garage Privacky Bill/ Presentation
TBA   MS XC GMAA Meet @ Muskegon
5:30 pm Pasta Dinner @ RMS Café supporting Ravenna Youth Football
7:00 pm Varsity Football Home vs. Mason CC

A Look Ahead For all Staff and Students:
Tuesday October 20, 7:30 am PRIDE Assembly
Thursday October 22, 1:30 pm The Big Apple Crunch
Friday October 23, 3:00 pm-7:00 pm RMS Activity Night

October 5-9, 2015: Whose Got it Better Than Us? Nobody!

Beautiful Sunset over the cornfields to the West.

Beautiful Sunset over the cornfields to the West.

RMS Representatives

RMS Representatives

RPS Principals

RPS Principals

Mr. and Mrs. Christensen

Mr. and Mrs. Christensen







Homecoming week has come and gone for anther year…. what great memories from the parade, cheering, Blue and White and Mr. Sly as our RMS inspirational speaker. He talked about PRIDE, and how lucky we are to be from Ravenna! He mentioned the football game on Friday night but what it was really all about was the pride and the memories made with our traditional activities that we do. Mr. Sly stated that he has driven his car in the parade for the last 20 years and his favorite part is seeing his students, and now his former student’s children. “Man… do I feel old!” He named all the educators that have touched our lives that are RPS graduates and continue to give back through their teaching and coaching. He ended the speech with Coach Harbaugh’s famous line…. Whose got it better than us? NOBODY.  It goes along with saying that if you are lucky enough to be from Ravenna, then you are lucky enough. This is a great community willing to give back and go the extra mile. Mr. Sly, awesome job!

Here is a link to our RMS assembly on UTube. Enjoy!

Monday 5:
10:00 am A. Thompson: Rolling Thunder POW Lynch Meeting
3:00 pm XC Pictures

Tuesday 6:
4:00 pm Girls BBall Home vs. North Muskegon

Wednesday 7:
7:10 am IEP Masko/Lynch
9:00 am Lynch @ Admin Meeting
1:00 pm Parent Meeting/Lynch
4:00 pm 7/8ers Football @ North Muskegon
4:15 pm XC Team Dinner @ RMS Cafe

Thursday 8:
8:30-11:30 am Lynch @ MAISD 504 Plan Training
4:15 pm Girls XC @ Kent City
5:00 pm Boys XC @ Kent City
4:00 pm Girls BBall Home vs. Oakridge

Friday 9:

Twitter Connections:
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Inspirational Quotes @InspowerMinds We love inspirational and motivational quotes. Every person has got a quote that helps them be the best they can be. One of the largest Twitter accounts around.

Technology Tips:
129 Digital Citizenship Links on 22 Topics from Ask a Tech Teacher All things digital and citizenship all wrapped up into one awesome spot!

MAISD Newsflash

Ravenna Pattern Makes Iron Man Helmet Not only is the very cool, it has great music and is a showcase of at pattern shop in our town!

WeaveSilk This one comes from Ms. Ortiz’s class. What a cool activity for our students!

September 28-October 2, 2015: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Homecoming

A big week for RPS! Homecoming 2015

A big week for RPS! Homecoming 2015

Here is a list of all the spirit days at RMS! Enjoy!

Here is a list of all the spirit days at RMS! Enjoy!

Homecoming week in Ravenna is like a holiday. I do not know if it is like this everywhere else, but I really don’t think so. One of my first memories of coming to Ravenna was Homecoming Friday night for the celebrations leading up to kick off. I remember thinking… there are more people in the parade than standing on the sidelines watching it go by! What a great tradition to be part of, and what a wonderful gift we give our students and children to take part in such an event. Homecoming is more than welcoming home alumni, bonfires and powder puff. It is a feeling, much like a holiday season that can be felt all week and holds strong in our memories for years to come. In education we do place high value on test scores, grades, attendance and those things are indeed important and must be done. I also place an equally high value on tradition, teamwork, celebrations and time spent with staff and students creating moments that will last a lifetime.
So, get ready Ravenna. It’s homecoming week. Blue and White. Football. Mini cheerleaders with Alumni Cheerleaders. Bonfires. Dances. Crazy Hair Day. Decorated hallways. Pep Assemblies. The Band. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… if your a Bulldog!
Thank you to all who make this week an awesome time for all!
Congratulations to Ana Postema and Payton Holz-Hild as they represent RMS as the Homecoming Reps!
Congratulations to Amy and Josh Christensen as they will lead Homecoming festivities as Master and Mistress of Ceremonies at half time of the football game.
Below you will find the RMS Spirit Days listed.
Reminder: Friday is a Half Day: Dismissal at 11:00 am
September 28-October 2, 2015:

Monday 28:
9:30 am Lynch/Ortiz Meeting
6:00 pm School Board Workshop

Tuesday 29:
4:00 pm Girls BBall @ Hart
5:45 pm XC @ Whitehall

Wednesday 30:
9:00 am Lynch Parent Meeting
2:00 pm Lynch/Brands MAISD Meeting
4:00 pm 7/8ers Football Home

Thursday 1:
1:00 pm Homecoming Practice (Lynch Cover)
4:00 pm Girls BBall H vs. Montague

Friday 2:
9:45 am-11:00 am RMS Homecoming Assembly
11:00 Early Dismissal
4:30 Homecoming Parade Downtown Ravenna
12:00-3:00 pm Teacher Inservice on Professional Learning Communities


September 21-25, 2015: Yesterday, The Beatles, and Youth Deer Hunt

Such a great group of Educators!

Such a great group of Educators!


5th grade students in Music class sing the Beatles.

5th grade students in Music class sing the Beatles.

What an amazing week at RMS! I received a text message from Music/Band Director Amber S. to see if I could come down to hear the newly created 5th grade Music Class sing Yesterday by the Beatles. I hustled down, they pulled a special chair up for me and began to sing. Beautiful, in time with each other. Some used the words, some didn’t  need them at all. What I noticed amazed me. Music transforms. No arguing, no fidgeting, no one person “doing it all”. WE have great students that when given the opportunity to shine they are proud to do so! I left them with these thoughts…..after I fought back tears of joy, pride, and honestly exhaustion after the first full week of school.

1.You sound amazing!
2.Will you please share your talents in front of our school at the monthly Pride assembly?
3.Can you do it again… I’m running to get Mrs. Becklin and Mrs. Jazdyk, so they can have a great highlight in their day too.
Hats off to great educators everywhere! RMS has some of the BEST!

**Reminder** MAP testing is continued this week at RMS.
Rest, eat and perform your very best!

September 21-25, 2015

Monday 9-21: 
7:00 am Lynch/Sly IEP

Tuesday 9-22:
7:00 am Be Nice Staff Training
7:00 am Sly IEP
8:00am-3:00 pm PLC/ISD Leadership Team Meeting
8:30 am-11:00 Be Nice Training Student Council/Christensen
4:00 pm Girls BBall @ Mason County
5:45 pm  XC @ Montague

Wednesday 9-23:
9:00 am Lynch Admin Meeting
4:00 pm 7/8ers Football H vs. Hart

Thursday 9-24:
7:00 am IEP Lynch/Sly
4:00 pm Girls Bball H vs. Shelby

Friday 9-25:
7:00 pm Varsity Football @ Oakridge

Saturday 9-26:
8:30 am XC @ Oakridge

 Tech Tips:
During our opening day with I showed how easy it is to embed a video into a Keynote presentation. Many students and teachers at RMS use keynote for their work and could benefit from this tech tip. I have listed a Utube link with directions and the KeepVid site. Enjoy!
How to embed a video to keynote easily

utube video of how to do it
Keepvid site:
Free Technology for Teachers: A Short Guide to Taking Screenshots on Your Laptop and Tablet
There are a million ways to use Screenshots in Education. Here is more information for Staff and Students.

Free Technology for Teachers: How to Create a Jeopardy-style Game in Google Spreadsheets
 Teachers… I know you love a good KaHoot… let me know how you like this one.

How You Set Your Kids up for Success
A nice article that showcases parents of successful children and what they all have in common.

MAISD Weekly News Flash MAISD Weekly news flash of events, PD, and updates.

@gatesed The Bill Gates Foundation: In the U.S., the Gates Foundation seeks to ensure that all students graduate from high school prepared to complete a degree with value in the workplace.

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@InkFlowApp The App for Visual Thinking. Literally move your thoughts around the page, and assemble big ideas with your fingers.

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