January 9-13, 2017: Next steps to the Finishline

Steps to the next finish line…..We have a big week at RMS with a Pride Assembly on Tuesday, a Student Survey, teaching staff working together with School Improvement, PLC Leadership team meetings and more. All of these meetings and decisions will lead us to the next finishing of the end of Semester One on Friday January 20. Reminder we have exams on Wednesday January 18, and half days on Thursday January 19, and Friday January 20. Half Day dismissal is at 10:51 am for students. 

Monday 9:
8:30am  504 Meeting/Lynch
4:00pm  Boys Basketball Home
7:00 pm School Board Meeting

Tuesday 10:
6:45 am Staff/PLC Meeting
7:30 am PRIDE Assembly PBIS Roll Out
10:45 am Lynch Meeting at Admin
2:00 pm Lynch School Improvement Meeting Lynn ISD

Wednesday 11:
8:00 am- 3:00 pm PLC Leadership Team Meeting
9:00 am Lynch Admin Meeting

Thursday 12:
6:45 am School Improvement Meeting
9:00 am S. Patton MDE Meeting at Admin

Friday 13:

Technology and Good Reads:
Education Week includes current topics in Education and more.

Here are the 7 most popular Education Week stories and opinions you and your colleagues have been reading this week. Take a look!
1. Donald Trump and K-12 Education: Five Things to Watch in 2017
2. 3 ‘Simple’ Ideas Every Educator Should Work on in 2017
3. Nation’s Schools Get Middling Grade on Quality Counts Report Card
4. New Guidance Outlines Civil Rights Protections for Students With Disabilities
5. What? Principals Are in It for the Money?
6. When Real Reading Isn’t Happening…Four Ways to Respond
7. The Power of Visual Notetaking

Weekly Notes January 3-6, 2016: Welcome Back to 2017!

RMS staff for the 2016-2017 school year.

RMS staff for the 2016-2017 school year.

Welcome back and welcome 2017. I always feel like as an educator that our new year’s resolutions begin in August/September with a new school year unlike the rest of the world. However it is a time of reflection, growth, goal setting and more. Upon coming back I like to think of it with mini finish lines. Semester Two. Mid-Winter Break, Spring Break and the roller coaster ride to June. We do amazing things each day as Educators. One of the first students that I talked to said to me this morning summed up why we are all in Education. The conversation was the following:

Me: “Hello, (student) welcome back!”
Student: “I’m happy to be back”
Me: “Why are you happy to be back?”
Student: “I like it here.”
My take away that I learned were a few things. One was take the time to ask why and then listen to what that person has to say. Second, what we do matters everyday to all students. Third, RMS is a great place to be if our students feel happy and like it here.

Thinking of our kick off to the year.. “What is your Why?”

Energy Bus thought…..p. 132
“Everyone’s out there trying to find their purpose when all you have to do is find the bigger purpose in the here and now and your purpose will find you.”
This week we are reviewing the updated Pride matrix with our staff and students. We will be having a kick off assembly next Tuesday. A student survey will be given on Monday January 9. We will  use this information gathered from students to plan, change, and evaluate what programs we have in place to be the best we can.
Tuesday 3:
1:00 pm Fitness Trail Planning for RMS (M. Boersma)
Wednesday 4:
Boys BB @ Oakridge
Thursday 5:
7:45-9:30 am Lynch at MAISD for 504 Training
Boys BB Home vs. Whitehall
Friday 6:

November 21-23, 2016: Thanksgiving Break

Student Teamwork

Brayden and Madalyn working on a Science Project together. Such great teamwork!

Water Predictions

Eighth Grade water predictions in Science Class. Pretty amazing drawings of where students think all of the water on Earth is held.

Student Predictions

Students use sticky notes to vote on their water predictions of percentages of water distribution on Earth.










Weekly Notes: RMS
A shortened week ahead will bring rest and relaxation with family and friends. Many times this is a stressful time for students instead of a break and joy from time away from academics. You are a great influence in each child’s life everyday and you make a difference. Never under estimate the power you have in being an Educator.

Energy Bus Thoughts…..p. 144
“You’ll never get it all done so you might as well relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride.” They did a study of 95 year old people and they asked them if they could do it all over again and live their life again what would they do differently. The three things that almost all of them said were:
1) They would reflect more. Enjoy more moments. More sunrises and sunsets. More moments of joy. 2) They would take more risks and chances. Life is too short not to go for it. 3) They would have left a legacy. Something that would live on after they die.

“Don’t go through life with regrets. Don’t be someone who looks back and says I should have done this or that. Live and work like you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

You make a difference everyday. Thank you for all you do.

Monday 21:
4:00 pm RMS Boys BBall @ Whitehall
7:00 pm School Board Meeting

Tuesday 22:
7:00 am IEP

Wednesday 23:
Trimester One Ends
Half Day Dismissal at 10:51 am

Technology and Good Reads:

Top Ten Gratitude Quotes from Tony Rubleski and Mind Capture News Tony is a published author and nationally known speaker on leadership and teamwork.  He grew up in Grand Haven , Michigan.

November 14-18, 2016: RMS Hands On Education

3D Printing 2

RMS students working with 3D pens in Science Exploratory Class.

3D Printing

3D Doodling

Heart 1

Chad looking at the inside of a heart.

Heart 2

Heart dissection.

Sandy B with students

Sandy B with her RMS students.

Sandy B

Sandy B: Our do Everything for RPS Staff Member!























Busy week at RMS with a lot of hands on learning. Technology Coach Tracy Lemkie is partnering with Mr. Ike with hands on 3D printing and creating opportunities for our students. RMS staff and students had the opportunity to listen to Sandy B speak to our students on Ravenna Pride. Sandy has worked in many capacities at RPS for many years. Her message was to listen and respect your teachers. Take advantage of the opportunities that teachers give you. She stated about RMS, “This is your house…..keep it clean.” Sandy is an amazing person and we are so lucky to have her work with the children in Ravenna. Thank you for speaking Sandy!


This Week at RMS:
Monday 14:
11:24-12:15 Debbie  Anderson Presentation 7th grade
1:46-2:37    Debbie Anderson Presentation 5th grade

Tuesday 15:
1:45 EIP Sly

Wednesday 16:

Thursday 17:

Friday 18:
8:00 am-2:45 pm PBIS Team Meeting
8:30 IEP

Technology and Good Reading:
MAISD Weekly News Flash #10 All things ISD in Muskegon Country.
How a Happy School Can Help Students Succeed: NPR ED Interesting read on how one school has changed their culture and climate to have students want to be at school and be happy.
The Importance of 3D Printing in Education
5 Things You Need to Know About 3D Printing
3D Printing Resources
Create 3D Models from Photos Easily with 123D Catch
Annenberg Media: Geometry 3D Shapes Interactives
30 Ways to Create the Conditions to Inspire in a Makerspace

Sandy Public Speaker

Sandy B November Pride speaker.


October 31-November 4, 2016: BPA Service Project

Hallway Pumpkins Pumpkin RMS Students Surprised Service Project Students





Service Project for RMS from the High School BPA students, Justin Crowley, Brook Even, Cielo Beltran, and Taylor VanDam. Our students were so surprised by the hand written positive notes on their lockers this past week.  Thank you to the BPA group that made this possible for our students. They had huge smiles on their faces and appreciated it.

Monday 31:

Tuesday 1:
8:00 am-2:50 pm PLC Team Meeting
Wednesday 2:
9:00 am RPS Admin Meeting

Thursday 3:
Student Climate Survey 1st hour
6:30 pm Taste of Ravenna

Friday 4:


October 17-21, 2016: Fox 17 Surprises RMS and Big Crunch

Big Crunch

RMS takes the Big Crunch with all other Muskegon County Schools.

Mr. Yeager and Fox 17

Mr. Yeager receiving his award from Fox 17, nominated by John and Shanna Mabrito.

Mr. Yeager in the classroom

Mr. Yeager in his classroom of RMS students.








What a week at RMS! Very busy finishing MAP testing make ups, and the day to day learning and teaching that happens. In addition to those activities we had a PRIDE assembly on Tuesday where the students were read the children’s version of the Energy Bus book. The theme is thinking positive and not letting the “bullies, vampires” get you down. This is a positive mindset that will take students far in their day to day activities here at RMS. There are two copies in the RMS office to read when you stop by.
The month of October the MAISD is doing a book drive for the program Read Early, Read Often. If you have any just bring them to our office and they will be picked up at the end of the month.
On Thursday RMS staff and students participated in the Big Crunch where all county schools were challenge to take a bite out of Michigan grown apple at 1:21 pm. One in 21 represents a health program that is urging our youth to eat well and move often.
On Friday we all were in for a big surprise as Mr. Yeager was honored by Fox 17 News. Here is the link to his interview and our amazing students speaking about Be Nice.
Mr. Yeager’s Interview

RMS Students speaking about BE NICE.

Monday 17:
7:00 am- 9:00 am IEP Lynch/Sly
1:30 pm Lynch/Student Meeting

Tuesday 18:
8:00 am-2:45 pm PBIS Team Meeting at RMS
2:00-4:00 pm Lynch/ISD School Improvement Meeting

Wednesday 19:
9:00 am Lynch @ RET Admin Meeting
1:45 pm Lynch/Staff Member Meeting
3:00 pm Lynch AB Staffing Meeting

Thursday 20:
1:45 pm IEP Lynch/Masko

Friday 21:


October 3-7, 2016: RPS Homecoming Week


RMS cheerleaders in action this Fall.

Homecoming Spirit Week

RMS Homecoming Spirit Week Activities. Go Dogs!

Thoughts from the book, The Energy Bus…..
Chapter 19: The Ultimate Rule of Positive Energy
“Your positive energy and vision must be greater than anyone’s and everyone’s negativity. Your certainty must be greater than everyone’s doubt.”

Here is a video that was shared to me by Ms. Wendy Kohn staff member at RMS. Part of our theme this year is, “What is your Why? Purpose? This short video makes you consider following your dreams and making the best of everyday you have here on earth. Great videography as well.

Homecoming Week 2016… Some of the best days of the school year in Ravenna must be the week of homecoming. It is filled with laughs, traditions, family and friends. Have a great week in Bulldog Country!

Monday 3:
7:00 am IEP/Sly
PJ/Sweats Day

Tuesday 4:
3:15 pm Lynch Parent Meeting
Crazy Hair/Hat Day

Wednesday 5:
9:00 am RPS Principal Admin Meeting
Sports Day

Thursday 6:
4:00 pm Girls Ball Home Whitehall
Color Day: (8th Black, 7th Red, 6th Orange, 5th Green, Staff, White)

Friday 7:
1/2 Day Dismissal @ 10:51 am
11:30-2:30 RMS Staff Professional Development
4:30 pm Homecoming Parade



September 19-23, 2016: Welcome Back! What is your WHY?


Bulldog tradition, pride, football and Fall. Go Dogs!

RMS staff is reading this book this Fall.

RMS staff is reading this book together. If you would like to borrow a copy, just let me know.


Super fun game to watch this week! Middle school basketball at it’s best! Passion for the game.

Stopped by Ike's class to capture a huge book stack project! That's about as tall as it got!

Stopped by Ike’s class to capture a huge book stack project! That’s about as tall as it got!








Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year! It is always great to start a new year and look forward to spending time with staff and students creating memorable moments academically and socially through all the activities that RMS provides for our students. We started opening day with an all school assembly to introduce staff, and kick off our theme for the year. After that we met as grade levels to introduce our new classroom behavior expectations. We discussed not running the school of “willy nilly”, the students thought those words were hilarious. They were understanding the streamlining of our processes here and that it will be better for all involved. We have transitioned from the 1950’s style triplicate discipline forms to an online google doc, and SWISS data tracking system. As this does not excite many people, it is a great improvement in how we do business for staff, students, office staff, and parents. In coordination with our new system, I have asked the students to focus on doing two things this year.
#1: Do your work.
#2: Behave.
If we do those two things, we will be able to accomplish much and enjoy our time here together at RMS.
Our theme is, “What is your WHY?” Why are we at school? What do we want to accomplish this year? What is your purpose? I have posed this question to our staff and students. Take the opportunity to make each day here the best it can for yourself and for others around you. Our PRIDE speakers will be speaking on this topic for the upcoming year.

Weekly Notes:
Monday 19:
MAP/NWEA Testing begins for all grades.

Tuesday 20:
6:45 am RMS Staff Meeting
7:30 PRIDE Assembly

Wednesday 21:
7:00 am Sly/IEP
8:00 am-2:30 PLC Leadership Meeting @ RMS

9:00 am Lynch Admin RET meeting

Thursday 22:
4:00 pm Girls BBall Home vs. Hart

Friday 23:

Technology, Links and more:
Great Lakes Energy Classroom Grant Opportunity

MAISD Weekly Newsflash Classroom Grants, PD, and videos.

George Couros Blog: “If we create a culture where every teacher believes they need to improve, not because they are not good enough but because they can be even better, there is no limit to what we can achieve. -Dylan Wiliam
George Corous: 10 Easy ways to Create an Amazing #schoolCulture as a Principal This Year

6 Ways Teaching is Changing for a Digital World 

The Energy Bus Website: All things from the Energy Bus! Check it out.



Back to School RMS Supply List

It's one of the best times of the year! A fresh start, make it a great one!

It’s one of the best times of the year! A fresh start, make it a great one!

Middle School Supply List

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Boyne Tech Conference 2016

Boyne Tech Conference 2016 is always a welcome kick of to Summer.
We are welcomed with great hospitality by the Boyne staff on Friday night at a lakeside BBQ. Then on Friday morning at the High School it is like a reunion of #miched friends and educators from around the extended area. Join me at 10:00 on Friday in room A108 for Photo and Video Tools to Showcase Daily Work in Education. Follow us on Twitter with the #boynetech hashtag.
Dropbox Photo and Video Presentation

 UTube Copy of Photo and Video Presentation 

Boyne ThingLink

Boyne, Michigan

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