April 27, 2015

5th Graders at Greenfield Village

5th Graders at Greenfield Village

What a wonderful Friday for our 5th graders, staff and adult volunteers to bring our 5th graders to Greenfield Village. Many memories made visiting the many sites. Thank you to all who made this trip possible and put in many long hours. (They left at 6:30 am and returned at 9:40 pm)! I just ran into a former Bulldog student this weekend who said… I should go back and see that again! We continue our MAP testing along with M-Step this week. Please be prepared to do your best and make the most of this opportunity to show what you have learned this year at RMS.  Also excited to see the bands perform this week with their hard work paying off on Monday night. See you then!

This Week at at RMS:

 Monday 27: 
8:00 am Student Tour
10:30 Parent Meeting (Lynch)
7:30 pm Band Concert @ HS

Tuesday 28:
2:00 pm ISD School Improvement Meeting
6:00 pm EPIC Awards: Marcy Toporski

Wednesday 29:
4:00 pm RMS Track Meet Home
Vs. Whitehall/Oakridge

Thursday 30:
7:00 am Student Meeting
AM Fire Drill #4

Friday May 1:
12:30 pm Beechnau Transition Meetings
7:00-9:00  pm RMS Dance for 7,8th grades


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April 20, 2015 Memories From a Field Trip

The Class of 2019 outside Tigers Stadium.

The Class of 2019 outside Tigers Stadium.

Enjoying a sunny day at the ball park.

Enjoying a sunny day at the ball park

Making Memories!

Making Memories!

Memories From a Field Trip

It seems to be that in all the hours we spend in school the times we remember are usually not the ones from the everyday classroom grind. We remember that funny time in Science class when Mr. Krebs let us use the bunsen burners and it sparked way higher than it should have. We remember wearing Calvin Klein jeans when they first were cool and having Grandma get to come, sitting in the front seat of the bus together. We remember 6th grade overnight camp where the Holmes and Jeffers Elementary kids met each other for the first time before we would be at the Jr. High together.

On Friday, the RMS staff and students made some lifelong memories together at Tiger’s Stadium. A mild, sunny day in April always adds to the success of a trip like this. Next, we added a Casino event on the bus ride out of town with a Detroit Tigers Stadium/Player themed trivia question game for great gift give-a-ways. Izzy, you looked great in the new Tiger Jersey! Naomi, you just kept winning!  We ate a buffet at the private Party Plaza A over looking the Tiger Striped merry-go-round. On to our seats for laughs, Jumbo-Tron games, dancing and general fun.

These memories made together bond students as the Class of 2019. In four short years they will be walking across the stage in the High School gym to smile and accept their diplomas with many more memories through shared events both in and out of the classroom.

Thank you to all the adult volunteers who joined us
(Tony R. Melissa C. Angie C. Trish M. Russ W. Brenda T. Brian M. Mike L. Mike E. Melissa P. Amber S. Matt B. Chuck W.) and to our RMS staff members, Mr. Dunnuck, Mr. Sly, Mr. Eisenhauer, Mrs. Christensen. Big kudos to Mrs. Kloostra for her hard work behind the scenes to organize this event.

Finish strong Class of 2019!

Weekly Notes: April 20-26, 2015

Monday April 20
4:00 pm 7/8th Track @ Whitehall
7:00 pm School Board Meeting

Tuesday April 21
6:45 am Staff Meeting
9:00 am New Student Tour (Lynch)

Wednesday April 22
8:00 am MDE Program Evaluation Tool Team Meeting
9:00 am Admin Meeting (Lynch)
4:00 pm 7/8th Track Home vs. Oakridge

Thursday April 23

Friday April 24
5th Grade Class Trip to Greenfield Village

Twitter Connections:

Kyle Schwartz @klyemschwartz
Kyle shares heartbreaking notes from her class on Twitter. “I wish my teacher knew…”

Kyle’s Classroom Notes

John R. Severson @jseverson2 John is the MAISD Superintendent. He recently tweeted about Muskegon Area Promise Scholarship Go Fund Me Project

Connie Hamilton @conniehamilton Founder and moderator of . Classroom questioning consultant. Curriculum director and elementary principal.

#michED Connecting educators & students across Michigan. On Wednesday nights from 8pm-9pm there is a weekly chat about current topics in Education in Michigan.

Tiger Video Cycloramic App used

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sports Parents
Spring Sports seasons are underway and this is a great article to support your student athlete and be a great parent along the way.

Tom Hickman Awarded Big Brother of the Year Former SLPS AD continues to invest in the lives of our youth. Thank you Mr. Hickman!


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April 12, 2015: Spring Break Train Thoughts

California Zephyr Train

California Zephyr Train

When you sit on a train for over thirty straight hours cross country you have a lot of time to think. Time to look out the window and realize that you are indeed a very small part of the world. Yet, on the other hand in Education you get up each day thinking and knowing that you have a huge impact on all of the people and students that you come into contact with. My destination on that recent train ride was Winter Park, Colorado. There are many things that make Winter Park unique.  It’s located at the base of the Continental Divide, it’s ownership and relationship to the City and County of Denver, it’s support of skiing education/recreation, and it’s massive amounts of snowfall each year.

While I was there I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Gary DeFrange, President of Winter Park Resort. In the book, Winter Park Resort: 75 Years of Imagining More, Mr. DeFrange states, “There are so many things in the world that can and do change our lives. Our parents are the first influencers we experience and it continues from there with our own children, careers, friends, etc. But when I think of things that have consistently changed the lives of thousands of people I have to put Winter Park Resort on that list. We have all been part of a rich past and have created something that will enhance lives for many years to come.”

Any great team or organization will have the same effect on the people involved. Educators still have such a great calling and influence because we really are the second team of people to have an influence in a child’s life after their parents. Dotted across this nation from West Michigan to Winter Park, Colorado there are many tiny towns and big cities that have multiple educators doing just what we do each day. We do make a difference each day and it does matter. This last seven weeks of the school year is a wonderful, emotional, stressful, and beautiful time to celebrate with our students on how far we have come since September.

Weekly Notes:

Monday April 13, 2015

Tuesday April 14, 2015
7:00 am School Improvement Meeting
M-Step Testing (5th, 8th Grades)

Wednesday April 15, 2015
8:00 am Parent Club Special Task Force Meeting
9:00 am Admin Meeting
M-Step Testing (5th, 8th Grades)
2:00 pm IEP Meeting

Thursday April 16, 2015
M-Step Testing (5th, 8th Grade)

Friday April 17, 2015
7:00 am Student/Parent Meeting
8:15 am 8th Grade Field Trip to Tigers Stadium

 Twitter Connections:
@mieducation Michigan Department of Education

@coolcatteacher Vicki Davis: Teacher, Camilla, Georgia. I love students! Best teacher blog winner* Mom* Speaker* AUTHOR Reinventing Writing*HOST Every Classroom Matters*a @Mashable Top Teacher on Twitter

@ToddWhitaker Focus on Leadership, Teaching, Motivation. Written 40 books inc What Great Teachers Do Differently, Shifting Monkey, 10 Minute Inservice, School Culture Rewired www.toddwhitaker.com

 A Pep Talk From Kid President to You

If We Want Better Outcomes Let’s Pay Attention to Iowa It is outlined here how one school in Iowa, with a former Michigan Administrator is making big changes at her school in regards to trauma and brain development of young children. Music during passing times instead of bells for one idea.

12 Choices to Help You Step Back from Burnout: by Vicki Davis highlights twelve ways to avoid becoming burned out from your profession.

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March 29, 2015

Hank and Preacher talk to RMS staff and students.

Hank and Preacher talk to RMS staff and students.

Hank Hough and Preacher. Click HERE to read more.

The RMS staff and students had the opportunity to listen to Hank Hough this past Friday. He brought with him his very well behaved service dog Preacher. The theme of his talk to our students was to not be ordinary, and listen to your parents and teachers. Children don’t always want to listen to those groups, but teachers and parents love them and want what is best.


Here are some highlights of Hank’s talk:

  1. I tell my dog (child) no, because I love you enough to do so. It will keep you safe.
  2. I gave my dog a name, because you are unique in this world and I love you.
  3. When can my dog can get off the leash? When I can trust you.
  4. If you allow your dog to lay with dogs that have fleas, run into the street, and don’t obey you; then you will be ordinary.
  5. Aim to be above ordinary in everything you do. Your parents will always love you, but the rest of the world will not.
  6. I will turn you out into a world and hope you have learned from me, but you always can come back to me. 

    Twitter Connections:

    Amber Kowatch: @akowatch Elementary Teacher at Heart and Technology Enthusiast.
    Ben Rimes: @techsavvyed A 30-something guy trying to make the world a better place for educators.
    Athlete Motivation: @Athletetivation Motivational Quotes!

    Weekly Notes:
    Thank you to all the volunteer chaperones that went with our 7th graders to the Air Zoo last week! We could not do it without your help in supervising our students. A special thank you to staff members who went above the call of duty to go with our students: Mrs. Brands, Mr. Crowell, and Mrs. Hamilton. Thank you to Mrs. Kloostra for your organization of these trips.
    Reminder that M-Step testing will begin after Spring Break. More details on the Ravenna Web Page.
    Monday March 30:
    Tuesday March 31:
    Wednesday April 1:Thursday April 2:
    2:00 pm ISD SI Meeting (Lynch)

    Friday April 3:
    March is Reading Month Assembly and Activities
    11:00 Dismissal for Spring Break: Half Day All

    Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?
    Thank you to our RPS Social Worker Mrs. Adams for such a powerful video on technology in today’s world. Connect in an old fashioned way. It’s good for our humanity.

    The Superintendent’s Chair: How to Kill a Profession An interesting read that will most likely hit too close to home for all Educators. Novi Superintendent weighs in on how to make any profession not work.

    Free Technology: How to follow a #Hashtag Across Multiple Social Networks.


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March 22, 2015

Standing in Cobo Center looking at Canada.

Canada. View from the Cobo Center in Detroit, Mi.

Standing in Cobo Center looking over at Canada during the #MACUL15 Technology Conference made me feel like, “Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore.” It was so good to go, but also so good to get back home to Ravenna!

Please see the Page at the right titled MACUL15 for more in-depth information about the sessions I attended while I was there.  It is always such a great opportunity to present at this conference, but also to connect with some of the best in the Educational field in person. Educators I met there encouraged me that I do not have to keep doing things because “we’ve always done them that way”. This blog post is my next attempt at moving forward now that I have my feet underneath me in the new Principal position for a few months. Here you will find a weekly post including writings by me, articles to read, videos to watch, and a weekly glance at what is happening at RMS. It dawned on me that if I was sharing Educational items with my staff to better their teaching and our children’s education, I should be sharing it with the parents as well! Here we go……

Twitter Connections:
Ben Gilpin on Twitter @benjamingilpin An Elementary Principal from Southwestern MI.
George Couros on Twitter @gcouros is a principal in Canada that oversees three elementary schools.
Jacqueline Leiker on Twitter: @jleiker06  She created a UTube video for her school when they were trying to pass a bond with photos of the students, rotted roofs, great teachers, sinking bleachers and more.
There are more notes on these three great educators on the MACUL15 Page.

Weekly Notes:

Monday March 23:
3:00-4:30 Mini Volleyball Camp 5th/6th grades

Tuesday March 24:
9:36 am 504 Student Meeting/Lynch

Wednesday March 25:

9:00 am Admin Meeting Central Office

12:00 WMC Meeting/Lynch

3:00-4:30 pm Mini Volleyball Camp 5th/6th grades

Thursday March 26:

Friday March 27:
7th Grade Field Trip to Air Zoo
1:00pm Hank Hough Assembly Speaker @ RMS

FREE Technology:
How to sign documents that have been emailed to you without printing them.

How to Design a Creative Quote Graphic for Social Media


The Social Media Revolution 2015


5 Reasons Your Kid Should Not Have a Cell Phone  “I think this is a good article to read and it should be up to each family, child and parent to decide when and if a cell phone, or any digital device is right for them.” M.Lynch

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MACUL 2015

Great time in Detroit!

Great time in Detroit!

UTube version of the presentation:
Stop! Collaborate and Listen! Showcasing Your School in the Digital Age.

Lynch Presentation Handout Paper Copy

Check out the MACUL 2015 Conference website below!

Thank you to all who participate in such a great technology conference! It is always nice to see the new trends, products, and have time to talk to educators from around the Mid West on best practices! Looking forward to a great time! Look for the page MACUL15 for my notes from the conference.
Hope to see you all on Thursday March 19, at 2:30 pm. Room #140F
Lynch Presentation Information


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Grand Valley Presentation Winter 2015

Thank you for having me back on campus today. GVSU has strong traditions and had provided many wonderful memories for so many graduates over the years! Laker for a Lifetime!

We Didn’t Start the Fire, But it’s Here!
Highly Effective Sparks to Ignite the Classroom

Presentation Linked Here

GVSU Sweethearts!

GVSU Sweethearts!

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December 29, 2014

Best wishes in the upcoming year! We are just about to the half way point of the school year with Exams for 7th and 8th graders around the corner and MAP testing for the Winter Term. Our boys basketball team will be ending their regular season games the first week in January and then Tournament Time! As part of my new goals for 2015 I plan to get back to writing in this blog each week as an update for the next week and thoughts on Education in general. Look for a new look to the blog soon as I transition it from an Elementary focus to my new position of Middle School Principal and Athletic Director!

Best Wishes in 2015!

Best Wishes in 2015!

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November 17, 2014

GVSU Presentation

GVSU Sweethearts!

GVSU Sweethearts!

Thank you for this opportunity to talk to a group of GVSU students who will be entering the field of Education soon! We need caring, dependable, hard working people to join us in keeping Education Awesome for all!

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October 9, 2014

As the school year starts the second month we are settling into routines, classes and the daily schedule. I found a great article for anyone who is parenting a Middle School age boy. I am sure there is a wonderful article about Middle School Girls and when I find it, I’ll share that too! But for now here is a super way to think about all that boys are going through in this, one of the biggest transitions in their entire life.  Love them, cut them some slack, as they are learning to become men.

What a Middle School Age Boy Needs From His Parents

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La femelle mesure de sept à quinze mm. *!*docenti.skuola.net*!*Spina bifida, questo viagra super active comprare cialis originale italia termine si riferisce a certe finasteride caduta indotta propecia malformazioni congenite del canale vertebrale associata con la sporgenza di alcuni suoi contenuti priligy on line originale sotto forma di un tumore fluido. donne e levitra La malformazione consiste generalmente cialis europa in assenza degli archi neurali e spine di alcuni delle vertebre, e quindi il tumore progetti posteriormente. propecia terapia La spina bifida è più comune nella regione lombo-sacrale, gli archi dapoxetina daparox neurali l'ultima vertebra lombare e di tutte priligy amazon le vertebre sacrali essendo assente. viagra durata erezione Gli archi neurali stretti commenti su levitra disfunzioni erettili cialis levitra farmaci prima nella cialis prostata ingrossata cialis pagamento in contrassegno dorsale e ultimi nella regione lombo-sacrale. 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Men eftersom allt passar som sådan präglas av goda, så allt olämpliga, som sådan, präglas av det onda och därför lika bra är föremål för kärlek, så det onda är Varelsen, som har ingenting i det av varians, men bara om harmoni, eftersom allting är överens i att vara utan att vara, eftersom det är denna bestämd varelse, är i strid med någon annan viagra stockholm är viagra lagligt i sverige vad är levitra bestämd varelse och på så sätt en varelse är hatiskt till en annan, och är ond, inte i sig, men i förhållande till cialis levitra alternativer sverige online ett annat. Som det grips så bra, vilket inte är riktigt bra, så saker grips som onda vv hich är inte riktigt cialis apotek pris ond varför det händer viagra tid innan verkan ibland att varken hat ont eller kärlek I varje fall bör vi överväga vad håller köpa levitra utomlands med en sak innan vi anser vad håller med den för att inte hålla med en sak är att fördärva eller hindra vad håller med det. 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