July 9, 2015: #boynetech Take Aways

Boyne Tech Conference Ideas, Notes, Take-Aways and Great Photos!!

Cool Ideas from the Hallways of Boyne High School!

Cool Ideas from the Hallways of Boyne High School

Jeff Bush and Ben Rimes give the Keynote.

Jeff Bush and Ben Rimes give the Keynote.

Having Fun with New Apps at Lunch!

Having Fun with New Apps at Lunch!

View from our condo. Not to shabby!

View from our condo. Not to shabby!

What a great time again at the Boyne Tech Conference. It is so well organized and managed. It has a super mix of sessions that remain small and easy to have multiple take-aways from. The people are friendly at the conference and the small town feel is quaint. Then there is the view…. Up North at it’s best. Ok, now for the nitty gritty of the conference. You will find two main items in this post. The first is an honor to have been highlighted by Erin Luckhardt, one of the organizers in a blog post written for Tom Ford and School Communicators Network: Ideas, Insights, & Practice #schoolPR Resources! I have listed the blog post and the link to the SCN site. The second item you will find is “Lynch Notes”. When I attend a conference, or an in-service I always take notes. For myself and to share with others. When you read them, they are my notes…. Thoughts to jog my brain later. Thoughts to have the reader ask me more about what the session was all about. They are a running record of the day’s events and usually in order.
One additional way to follow all that happened that day up north is to search Twitter for the hashtag #boynetech there you find a similar set of thoughts and notes on the conference.
Thanks again Boyne!! See you again soon.



Lynch Notes:
Boyne Tech Conference


Bitmoji (check it out) Kyle M

Jeff Bush (created plc’s for teachers in GR)
Edcamp (GR)
Answer Garden (cool site to get answers from people and make a cool pic collage)

Session 1: Google Classroom: Create,Share,Submit,Learn. (David Wilson)
Teaches at Boyne HS, He’s a certified Google Educator
Alice Keeler (Google her) everything google classroom that you need.

*Create a single class for every class you have.
*Name it
*Each class has it’s own class code
(He writes code on whiteboard and the students write it in)
If you do not have a web connection, they can not connect. Unless they download it in class.
“Announcements” are emailed to each student. (Can turn this feature off)
Can save announcements, and assignments. Or save it as a draft.
Can add documents from Google drive, (multiple documents), UTube videos, Files, (link icon) can be a website or google forms. Must copy the link.
*assignment is more used for students to turn “stuff” in.
3 options for students seeing assignments; he uses the third option that allows students to each have a copy. That way they can view and edit “their” copy.
** big trick**:
Number the assignments with three digit numbers.
** it does not have a grade book in google classroom
*He uses PowerSchool and uses both pages side by side, can have them talk to each other somehow. He doesn’t know or use it this way.
Once a student turns it in, they cannot “touch” it ( like after it’s due. Until the teacher does “something” comment, edit, grade it.
**one stop shopping** with google classroom.
No more missing homework.

Session 2: Build a Class Website to Showcase Your Class
Daniel Mares

K-12Charter School teacher in South Bend Indiana
** live binders (check it out new)
*check with school policy about posting or incorporating outside websites into curriculum
*He polled students in his class and very few used email. More used Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
*admin has been a big roadblock to moving forward with online social media sharing
*Free building tools for websites
Ask yourself: what is your purpose? What do you want your site to do? How do you plan to distinguish yourself?
Here are some tools he had a spreadsheet with facts about all of these.
Google Sites
Lynch opinion: weebly and wordpress seem to be the best for all
He also has quick UTube videos on each platform ( on the link listed above)
* Develop a Logo:place a simple Logo on your work and website
Use something like a PowerPoint or Keynote and then take a screen shot of it.
Online logo makers are also helpful. (Google one) (online logo maker?)
Can incorporate the school/words photos
Share your work:
Build a website
Use Twitter
Publish an online magazine like paper.li or flipboard
Lynch Note: using twitter and making those connections with educated answers gives credibility to what you are doing or visions you have for programs, classrooms, a school and more
* he uses “instapaper” to back anything up
* idea* “Today I learned about…” And post what students are learning in class/school.

Session 3: App Smashing: Unleashing student creativity with App enabling skills
Sassy Apples: Julie Leach and Tosha Miller
Frankenmuth schools (Elementary Teachers)
MACUL 2015 honors

Canva app
She used this to have multiple apps/icons to show what they each do

She used this to have multiple apps/icons to show what they each do

Use canva first then she used think link to create what she showed in the session.

A site to animate a story or project with an emoji figure
They use iMovie, as the platform. Then they use different apps together saved to their camera role. Then they export it to Utube, then crest qr codes to link to the link on UTube

Paper 53 app

Adobe Slate App

Give the students time to collaborate, communication, practice, teach each other too.






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June 15, 2015: New Tech Tip I’m Loving: https://ifttt.com

Well… It’s been around for awhile, but I found the note on scrap paper. “Put out a Tweet/Facebook post to multiple areas all at once”. ( ifft.com) Just testing out all the options. You make If/Then statements telling apps what yo do. For example… If WordPress Then Twitter. Pretty much an awesome way to reach and connect to followers. There are about a million apps, and the if/then’s are “recipes”. Some are already created, or you can easily create your own.

Cliche… But better than sliced bread.


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June 14, 2015: School’s Out for Summer

Ravenna Middle and High School Staff Waves Goodbye for Summer!

Teachers wave goodbye for the 2014-15 school year. Have a great Summer!!

Teachers wave goodbye for the 2014-15 school year. Have a great Summer!!

School’s out for Summer!! There is not a year that goes by and ends that I do not hear Alice Cooper singing. I even had a student ask me to play it over the intercom to end the year, so they must love hearing that song too! I hope this post finds all educators gearing down for a while this Summer, taking time for friends and family and relaxing. A school year is a demanding endeavor and it should be celebrated when it is over! Enjoy!!

Summer is also a time for teachers to earn Professional Development hours. Many people do not think that teachers continue to take classes and learn over the Summer but they do, and good for them!!  Here are some links that got me thinking about school during Summer.

14 Ways to Immerse Yourself in Your School’s Culture Either for new teachers, or teachers coming to a new district, or…. if we have all been here awhile and want to get to know our town and students a little more. This article gives good tips on how to do just that.

Top Ten Reasons to Sign Up for Summer PD Ask a Tech Teacher Jacqui never disappoints when she posts to her blog. Food for thought on Summer PD.

 At the End of the School Year, This is Everything I Wish I Had Time to Tell My Outgoing Students A teacher reflects on all the things that she wished she could tell her students. It is an emotional read, and I know you can relate to if you teach and have your own family. Sometimes our students take a front seat to our own people we live with.

Boyne Tech Conference  So excited to be back “Up North” in June to present and learn at the Boyne Tech Conference. Their team does a great job of putting on a wonderful conference. Here is a link to the presentation Showcasing Your School In the Digital Age.

MAISD PD Offerings For all you West Michigan educators out there here is the link to the Muskegon ISD PD offerings page. They have listened to Muskegon County staff members and have added more variety than the past years. Check it out!

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May 25-29, 2015: Memorial Day 2015 and Last Week of School Year

Tradition, Routine, and the Pledge.

Tradition, Routine, and the Pledge.

Each day at RMS we are steeped in routine. Classes move on at exactly the same time, with the same pace. Then lunch is announced with the same type of routine, recess, and back to the classroom setting for the rest of the afternoon. I have often wondered if educators are that steeped in routine or if they are that way before becoming an educator and it just feels normal to have such a rigid routine? I have my own routine that has been established out of need for safety, responding to emails and phone calls, paperwork, classroom visits and more that involves the daily life of any Administrator. One of my favorite parts of the routine is the Pledge of Allegiance. It reminds me of my education growing up at Jeffers Elementary School. It gives the students an opportunity to pause and reflect each day as a team of young people without electronics. It is steeped in tradition, values, and thought about the USA. I have been in multiple classrooms this year at RMS and I have only observed the utmost respect for this tradition. It makes me very proud to lead young people and what they will become some day in their adult lives. I hope you all have enjoyed this Memorial Day 2015.

Weekly Notes: May 25-19, 2015
Tuesday May 26:
8:00 am IEP Meeting
Computer Turn In:
6th Grade: 1st Hour
7th Grade: 2nd Hour
8th Grade: 3rd Hour

Wednesday May 27:
7:00 am Transfer Student Meeting K.M.
Exams: See Previous Schedule
1:45 pm 4th Grade Visit to RMS

Thursday May 28:
Exams: See Previous Schedule

11:00 Dismissal
11:00-? Intervention Team Work/Data Day

Friday May 29:
Exams: See Previous Schedule

11:00 Dismissal Last Day of School!

New Apps:

All things weather for your local location or any where on Earth!

All things weather for your local location or any where on Earth!

Living Earth App only .99 right now!
Such a cool app if you are into weather and details about the Earth. See up to date temperature, wind and cloud cover anywhere on Earth. I don’t leave Ravenna often, but it’s still pretty cool to look at!
Living Earth App Check it out yourself.




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May 18-22, 2015: WE “Get to vs. Have to”

Neil Sladick gives the commencement address for the Class of 2015.

Neil Sladick gives the commencement address for the Class of 2015.

Multiple awards that the Class of 2015 has earned.

Multiple awards that the Class of 2015 has earned.









We “Get to do this vs. Have to do this”

This mantra was brought up to us by our RPS Superintendent Mr. John VanLoon at the beginning of the school year. It really embodies a positive vs. negative attitude that one can have no matter what the duties are at hand. This simple statement was brought up throughout the school year, sometimes in a serious way, and other times in jest to keep our head above the water that we know all educators face at some point during the school year. We would find ourselves saying… “We get to take care of that vomit in the trashcan.” We get to give the M-step!” On Sunday, we went to Graduation and saw the Class of 2015 walk across the stage. We saw Neil Sladick a former RPS grad give a great commencement address to his fellow Bulldogs! We didn’t have to quit mowing the grass to go. We didn’t have to stop and get all cleaned up in the middle of the day to go to the gym. We get to go to Graduation, 2015! Thank you to all who make this day happen: Parents, Family members, custodians, the band, Amber Slater the director, RHS school office staff for the practices, RPS staff that sit together and attend as a tradition to support their students and each other’s hard work. Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

Remember, “We get to”, vs. “We have to,” can make a big difference in how you approach a lot of things in life.

Monday-Thursday 6th Grade M-Step Testing
Monday May 18:
7:30-2:30 Math Teachers SI Meeting
7:45 am 8th Grade Visit RPS
10:00 Staff Evaluation

Tuesday May 19:
6:45 am RMS Staff Meeting
10:00 am Staff Evaluation
11:30 am Staff Evaluation
1:00 am Staff Evaluation
2:00 am Staff Evaluation

Wednesday May 20:
7:00 SI Volunteer Meeting
9:00 Admin Meeting: (Lynch)
12:30 WMC Athletic Meeting (Lynch)
3:00 Student/Parent Meeting (Sly/Lynch)

Thursday May 21:
7:30-2:30 ELA Teachers SI Meeting
8:00 am St. Catherine Student Visit
1:00 pm Staff Evaluation

Friday May 22:
8:30 am Staff Evaluation

Twitter Connections:

Kyle Mayer Ph.D. @Kyle_Mayer1 @OAISD Assistant Superintendent Instructional Services

Trevor Mattea @tsmattea Tweeting my 2/3 student discoveries and adventures. Sharing my work as a teacher, educational consultant, and workshop presenter. trevormattea.com

Trevor Muir @TrevorMuir I help students achieve greatness. I also teach them social studies and ELA with project based learning. I am a teacher. Grand Rapids, MI. trevormuir.com

Neil Sladick @nsladick RMS PE/Online Teacher, Football and Track Coach, accomplished speaker and motivator.

John VanLoon @supervanloon Superintendent at Ravenna Public Schoools since December 2008


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May 11-15, 2015: Final Laps

RMS Track runners at a recent event.

RMS Track runners at a recent event.

This week RMS will host the West Michigan Conference Middle School Track on Wednesday afternoon. Teams from eight schools that have been in the same conference league for over 50 years will come together to compete. This track event has been held since 1972 for the boys and 1977 for the girls. It is an event steeped in history that will bring over 500 middle school aged student-athletes to compete together one last time before entering High School.

During a school year there are many events that signal that we are near the finish line of the year. Field days, (ours is Friday) talent shows, graduation and award ceremonies to name a few. This is a special time in education but also a very busy time. Last week was teacher appreciation week at RMS. I would like to take this time to thank the volunteers that organized a wonderful lunch on Thursday and daily snack treats for our staff as well. The staff at RMS is one of dedication, teamwork and have a high work ethic. I am proud to be part of their team. I have included an article about School Improvement for this week. We are at the point of the year to be setting goals for not only next year but the next 3-5 years. We will crunch data from our testing of students, make adjustments, and reflect on our teaching and administrative practices to be the best we can be. Our many School Improvement teams will be meeting this week and it a mindful article for this process.

As we finish strong in the final laps of this school year, do so with a happy heart and Ravenna Pride. We have a great week ahead of us and it only comes once a school year! Enjoy!

WMC boys track records since 1972
WMC girls track records since 1977

Weekly Notes May 10, 2015

Monday May 11:
7:30 am SI Meeting Science Team
9:00 am Staff Evaluation Meeting
2:00 pm MAISD SI Meeting
5:45 pm School Board Workshop
7:00 pm School Board Meeting

Tuesday May 12:
7:00 am SI Meeting

Wednesday May 13:
RMS host WMC MS Track Meet

Thursday May 14:
7:30 am SI Meeting SS Team
9:00 am Staff Evaluation Meeting
9:30 am Lynch Presentation Careers Class
10:30 am Staff Evaluation Meeting

Friday May 15:
All Day: RMS Field Day/Talent Show

The 5 Caring Qualities of a Mindful Teacher
The Precious First Few Minutes of Class
Flip this School-A Growth Mindset for School Improvement

Teaching Ideas: @teachingideas.co.uk Thousands of free ideas and resources for teachers around the world.

MacHash: @MacHashNews Up to the minute Apple news. The best Mac and iOS rumors, apps and more in one feed.

PlegdeCents: @PledgeCents PledgeCents is Bake Sale 2.0-fliexible #crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to raise funds for any K-12 school/classroom need. $200k+ raised #edtech

TeachThought: @TeachThought Learn Better. teachthought.com

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May 3, 2015 Finish Strong

Finish Strong
Many times we hear that saying and we know what to do but it may be very hard to carry out the plan. There is no doubt that the two hardest times of any school year are September and May. We are in the homestretch of a very busy filled month and each week brings new planned challenges and hurdles that both students and staff have to jump over. Use your teammates to help you finish strong. Be kind. Be helpful. Be thankful. Take time to enjoy the last moments of this school year together.  Just as fast paced as it is now, the students will get on those yellow school busses and pull away. Then the pace instantly slows down at school. Sadly, just like that, it’s all over. Another year in the books.
So, make the best of your May, your busy schedule and finish strong!
Here is Mrs. Toporski, surrounded with her teammates receiving the EPIC Award. This photo reminds me of strong finishes, teamwork, celebrations, and fun! Congratulations Mrs. Toporski.

Mrs. Toporski receives an EPIC award for her teaching service.

Mrs. Toporski receives an EPIC award for her teaching service.

Weekly Notes:
Reminder of M-Step testing this week
All are made up to date! Super work!
Monday May 4:
8:00 am Student Tour
4:00 pm Track Meet Home vs. MCC

Tuesday May 5:
6:15 am 6th Grade Field Trip to MSU
8:00-1:00 Lynch @ HS Exit Interviews

Wednesday May 6:
9:00 am Lynch Admin Meeting

Thursday May 7:
Fire Drill
11:25 am Teacher Appreciation Lunch
3:30 pm District SI Meeting

Friday May 8:
7th Hour 5th grade Puberty Lesson

My Favorite Teachers Use Social Media: A Student’s Perspective
A thought provoking article by a student that makes me think of other ways to use social media in our teaching in today’s world.
Agnes/What’s Agnes Cooking? (and maybe a little advise too!)
Mrs. Block’s 90 year old Great Aunt’s new blog! This falls under the category of fun and lifelong learning. Most 90 year old’s have both great cooking and great advice. I’m a fan already!!
Pros and Cons of Using Blogs Posts or School Announcements
No perfect answer for the best way to communicate, but this article gives a fresh look at blogs, announcements and education today.
One Principal’s Mantra: Dream. Believe. Achieve. Repeat.
This Principal is from a Charter School, so it is a little different perspective than Public Schools. Still makes me think that we have a choice in how we can always be better, try new ideas and finish strong.
CUE Rock Star Saugatuck Teacher Camp  July 23-25, 2015
I ave not been to this camp, but I have read rave reviews that it is great. Bonus Saugatuck in the Summer!
Boyne Tech Conference  June 19, 2015
I did attend and present at this conference last year and they do a fabulous job of organizing it. They have a BBQ, full day conference, and many fun things to do while you are Up North! I will be there again this Summer to present. Looking forward to it!
Learning on the Lakeshore August 18, 2015
A local tech conference at Muskegon Community College. The organizers did a fabulous job with this last year as their first attempt to have a West Michigan tech conference. Multiple topics and many presenters. Last year I was honored to present two sessions, and will be back this year with three. It will be nice to connect with local educators before returning back to school in the Fall. Great opportunity for PD hours.



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April 27, 2015

5th Graders at Greenfield Village

5th Graders at Greenfield Village

What a wonderful Friday for our 5th graders, staff and adult volunteers to bring our 5th graders to Greenfield Village. Many memories made visiting the many sites. Thank you to all who made this trip possible and put in many long hours. (They left at 6:30 am and returned at 9:40 pm)! I just ran into a former Bulldog student this weekend who said… I should go back and see that again! We continue our MAP testing along with M-Step this week. Please be prepared to do your best and make the most of this opportunity to show what you have learned this year at RMS.  Also excited to see the bands perform this week with their hard work paying off on Monday night. See you then!

This Week at at RMS:

 Monday 27: 
8:00 am Student Tour
10:30 Parent Meeting (Lynch)
7:30 pm Band Concert @ HS

Tuesday 28:
2:00 pm ISD School Improvement Meeting
6:00 pm EPIC Awards: Marcy Toporski

Wednesday 29:
4:00 pm RMS Track Meet Home
Vs. Whitehall/Oakridge

Thursday 30:
7:00 am Student Meeting
AM Fire Drill #4

Friday May 1:
12:30 pm Beechnau Transition Meetings
7:00-9:00  pm RMS Dance for 7,8th grades


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April 20, 2015 Memories From a Field Trip

The Class of 2019 outside Tigers Stadium.

The Class of 2019 outside Tigers Stadium.

Enjoying a sunny day at the ball park.

Enjoying a sunny day at the ball park

Making Memories!

Making Memories!

Memories From a Field Trip

It seems to be that in all the hours we spend in school the times we remember are usually not the ones from the everyday classroom grind. We remember that funny time in Science class when Mr. Krebs let us use the bunsen burners and it sparked way higher than it should have. We remember wearing Calvin Klein jeans when they first were cool and having Grandma get to come, sitting in the front seat of the bus together. We remember 6th grade overnight camp where the Holmes and Jeffers Elementary kids met each other for the first time before we would be at the Jr. High together.

On Friday, the RMS staff and students made some lifelong memories together at Tiger’s Stadium. A mild, sunny day in April always adds to the success of a trip like this. Next, we added a Casino event on the bus ride out of town with a Detroit Tigers Stadium/Player themed trivia question game for great gift give-a-ways. Izzy, you looked great in the new Tiger Jersey! Naomi, you just kept winning!  We ate a buffet at the private Party Plaza A over looking the Tiger Striped merry-go-round. On to our seats for laughs, Jumbo-Tron games, dancing and general fun.

These memories made together bond students as the Class of 2019. In four short years they will be walking across the stage in the High School gym to smile and accept their diplomas with many more memories through shared events both in and out of the classroom.

Thank you to all the adult volunteers who joined us
(Tony R. Melissa C. Angie C. Trish M. Russ W. Brenda T. Brian M. Mike L. Mike E. Melissa P. Amber S. Matt B. Chuck W.) and to our RMS staff members, Mr. Dunnuck, Mr. Sly, Mr. Eisenhauer, Mrs. Christensen. Big kudos to Mrs. Kloostra for her hard work behind the scenes to organize this event.

Finish strong Class of 2019!

Weekly Notes: April 20-26, 2015

Monday April 20
4:00 pm 7/8th Track @ Whitehall
7:00 pm School Board Meeting

Tuesday April 21
6:45 am Staff Meeting
9:00 am New Student Tour (Lynch)

Wednesday April 22
8:00 am MDE Program Evaluation Tool Team Meeting
9:00 am Admin Meeting (Lynch)
4:00 pm 7/8th Track Home vs. Oakridge

Thursday April 23

Friday April 24
5th Grade Class Trip to Greenfield Village

Twitter Connections:

Kyle Schwartz @klyemschwartz
Kyle shares heartbreaking notes from her class on Twitter. “I wish my teacher knew…”

Kyle’s Classroom Notes

John R. Severson @jseverson2 John is the MAISD Superintendent. He recently tweeted about Muskegon Area Promise Scholarship Go Fund Me Project

Connie Hamilton @conniehamilton Founder and moderator of . Classroom questioning consultant. Curriculum director and elementary principal.

#michED Connecting educators & students across Michigan. On Wednesday nights from 8pm-9pm there is a weekly chat about current topics in Education in Michigan.

Tiger Video Cycloramic App used

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sports Parents
Spring Sports seasons are underway and this is a great article to support your student athlete and be a great parent along the way.

Tom Hickman Awarded Big Brother of the Year Former SLPS AD continues to invest in the lives of our youth. Thank you Mr. Hickman!


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April 12, 2015: Spring Break Train Thoughts

California Zephyr Train

California Zephyr Train

When you sit on a train for over thirty straight hours cross country you have a lot of time to think. Time to look out the window and realize that you are indeed a very small part of the world. Yet, on the other hand in Education you get up each day thinking and knowing that you have a huge impact on all of the people and students that you come into contact with. My destination on that recent train ride was Winter Park, Colorado. There are many things that make Winter Park unique.  It’s located at the base of the Continental Divide, it’s ownership and relationship to the City and County of Denver, it’s support of skiing education/recreation, and it’s massive amounts of snowfall each year.

While I was there I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Gary DeFrange, President of Winter Park Resort. In the book, Winter Park Resort: 75 Years of Imagining More, Mr. DeFrange states, “There are so many things in the world that can and do change our lives. Our parents are the first influencers we experience and it continues from there with our own children, careers, friends, etc. But when I think of things that have consistently changed the lives of thousands of people I have to put Winter Park Resort on that list. We have all been part of a rich past and have created something that will enhance lives for many years to come.”

Any great team or organization will have the same effect on the people involved. Educators still have such a great calling and influence because we really are the second team of people to have an influence in a child’s life after their parents. Dotted across this nation from West Michigan to Winter Park, Colorado there are many tiny towns and big cities that have multiple educators doing just what we do each day. We do make a difference each day and it does matter. This last seven weeks of the school year is a wonderful, emotional, stressful, and beautiful time to celebrate with our students on how far we have come since September.

Weekly Notes:

Monday April 13, 2015

Tuesday April 14, 2015
7:00 am School Improvement Meeting
M-Step Testing (5th, 8th Grades)

Wednesday April 15, 2015
8:00 am Parent Club Special Task Force Meeting
9:00 am Admin Meeting
M-Step Testing (5th, 8th Grades)
2:00 pm IEP Meeting

Thursday April 16, 2015
M-Step Testing (5th, 8th Grade)

Friday April 17, 2015
7:00 am Student/Parent Meeting
8:15 am 8th Grade Field Trip to Tigers Stadium

 Twitter Connections:
@mieducation Michigan Department of Education

@coolcatteacher Vicki Davis: Teacher, Camilla, Georgia. I love students! Best teacher blog winner* Mom* Speaker* AUTHOR Reinventing Writing*HOST Every Classroom Matters*a @Mashable Top Teacher on Twitter

@ToddWhitaker Focus on Leadership, Teaching, Motivation. Written 40 books inc What Great Teachers Do Differently, Shifting Monkey, 10 Minute Inservice, School Culture Rewired www.toddwhitaker.com

 A Pep Talk From Kid President to You

If We Want Better Outcomes Let’s Pay Attention to Iowa It is outlined here how one school in Iowa, with a former Michigan Administrator is making big changes at her school in regards to trauma and brain development of young children. Music during passing times instead of bells for one idea.

12 Choices to Help You Step Back from Burnout: by Vicki Davis highlights twelve ways to avoid becoming burned out from your profession.

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