Back to School RMS Supply List

It's one of the best times of the year! A fresh start, make it a great one!

It’s one of the best times of the year! A fresh start, make it a great one!

Middle School Supply List

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Boyne Tech Conference 2016

Boyne Tech Conference 2016 is always a welcome kick of to Summer.
We are welcomed with great hospitality by the Boyne staff on Friday night at a lakeside BBQ. Then on Friday morning at the High School it is like a reunion of #miched friends and educators from around the extended area. Join me at 10:00 on Friday in room A108 for Photo and Video Tools to Showcase Daily Work in Education. Follow us on Twitter with the #boynetech hashtag.
Dropbox Photo and Video Presentation

 UTube Copy of Photo and Video Presentation 

Boyne ThingLink

Boyne, Michigan

May 31-June 3, 2016: Class of 2020, New Traditions, and Closing Ceremonies!

SEC Team Photo

RMS Team members to present in Lansing this week at the SEC Conference.

8th grade Ike speech

Ike giving his words of wisdom to our 8th graders!

8th grade speech

RMS 8th graders listening to their teaching staff.

8th grade friends

RMS Friends at the Balloon Launch.



 UTube RMS Balloon Launch 2016

Derek leads his classmates at the balloon launch.

Derek leads his classmates at the balloon launch.

Traditions. It what makes memories of a lifetime. Whether it is a family, a school, a sports team, or a community it is the traditions that we continue to do over and over that build strong bonds. If food is involved it is always a bonus! Let them eat CAKE! We did. The class of 2020 enjoyed listening to their teachers say inspiring kind words about them and the memories that they have share during their time at RMS. The book, The Places You’ll Go was read and some last life lessons that the teaching staff wanted them to know before they head off to the high school. We then launched a balloon in honor of “putting us on the map for our future”. The balloon was attached to a card with the student’s name and our school address to be returned to. It was so calm that morning I thought Diane Landeer an her husband may just find 50 or so in their farm field trees. We shall see…..Then we ate cake, laughed, smiled, and made some memories. I over heard a younger student say as we were getting the celebration ready, “Are we going to get to do that?” I said, “you sure are when you’re an 8th grader!” That’s the thing about traditions. They make memories. They make us happy. They give us something to look forward to. Thank you to Kathy B. our bus driver who loaded all 91 balloons on her bus and delivered them to RMS. Thank you to Dave S. for picking up the two great cakes from Sam’s Club. Thank you to Derek P. our loudest Bulldog Cheer Leader at RMS. He always gets us pumped up and is in a mood to celebrate. Priceless! Thank you for all who had a hand in pulling of our newest tradition at RMS. 8th Grade Celelbration Launch!

As we finish this final lap of the 2015-2016 school year it has been one of great, hard work by students, teaching staff, office staff, parents and the support of the community. This year saw a great tragedy in the death of two of our students. Two RMS students houses were a complete loss by fire damage. It has been a tough year. At the beginning of the school year, Mr. Mark Sly gave the Homecoming pep talk at our assembly and his rallying chant was… “Who has it better than us? No Body!” That is such a true statement in Ravenna and at RPS. Hard work. Laughs. Education. A great community. This year we all pulled together and made many memories through the good and bad times. Take time to reflect, and relax RMS staff, students and parents. You’ve earned it!

May 16-20, 2016 The Homestretch

Science Exploratory 2 Science Exploratory


Students working on Invasive Species Projects using Google Classroom for Science Exploratory Classes. I had the opportunity to teach some classes this week along with Principal duties. It always amazes me how independent students are when given a topic, guidance and allowed to create a project based on a rubric guideline. They did a great job staying focused and working. We are in what I call the Homestretch in Education. May is a wonderful and tough month all wrapped up into one. Field Day, Talent Show, State Testing, Awards, Academics, Spring Sports, Graduation, all fill our days and evenings with exciting events. Take the time to slow down and enjoy each other during these moments as they represent another year of life for a student, parent or educator. A very special time for sure.

Monday 16:
7:45-8:45 8th Grade Visit to HS

Tuesday 17:
6:45 am PLC/Staff Meeting
7:40 am PRIDE Student Assembly
Josh Guiles Guest Speaker
2:00 pm Beechnau 4th Grade visit

Wednesday 18:
9:00 am Lynch RPS Admin Meeting

Thursday 19:
11:00 am RHS Graduate March through RMS
2:00 pm SI Planning Meeting Lynch

Friday 20:
6:30 am 5th grade Field Trip Detroit

Technology and Good Reads

New Look for Instagram

Read Early, Read Often week for Muskegon County: The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners has declared May 14 – May 21, 2016, Read early. Read often. Week. We need you to share the importance of reading early and often with the families of your students who have babies and toddlers.

Read early. Read often. Week May 14 to May 21

Read Early, Read Often Video

Facebook Post a photo of your self or other reading early and often here!

MAISD Flash #31 

MAISD Flash #32

Technology from the MASID Tech Teachers Group

May 9-13, 2016 RMS Dance

Dance Floor

Out on the dance floor!! They looked so dressed up and had so much fun. What a fun tradition for our 7/8th graders!

Mindy Boys Spring Dance

Thank you to these two Lynch boys for working the concession on Dance Night.

Mrs. Block Photos

Mrs. Block using her skills at the photo booth! Thank you Mrs. Block!

Spring Dance, Field Day, Awards, Graduations…. it must be that time of the year. We recently had our 7/8th grade dance and the students looked so awesome all dressed up! It is a tradition each year and we all look forward to that night like a mini prom. Thank you to Mrs. Christensen for all your work with student council to pull off this event. Thank you to Mrs. Becklin for being a fun chaperone. Mrs. Block, Thank you for working your own FARM DAYS and then being our photographer at our RMS dance in the photo booth. The students enjoyed the props and photo booth taking many turns posing, laughing and having fun. It takes a great team of Educators to make May a success. 
Thank you to the Parent Club for showing your appreciation of our staff all week and with a great luncheon on Thursday. Special Thank you to Mrs. Amy Leutzinger for coordinating it all and preparing a lot of food, not only for RMS but for the staff at Beechnau and the HS.
Monday 9:
1:00 pm Lynch at Beechnau Transitional Meeting
7:00 pm School Board Meeting
Tuesday 10: 
PBIS Meeting at RMS all day
6:30 pm Parent Club Meeting
Wednesday 11:
RMS WMC Track Meet
6:50-7:30 am START Scholarship Meeting  at HS (Lynch)
9:30 am Ravenna Projection Meeting for Special Education at RMS
Thursday 12:
6:45 am School Improvement Meeting at RMS
Friday 13: 
Talent Show and Field Day
Sunday 15:
1:00 pm Whitecaps Baseball RMS Event

May 2-6, 2016: Tiger Baseball and Law Day

Aubrey and Mr. Dunnuck

Aubrey and Mr. Dunnuck receive Law Day 2016 Awards in Muskegon County.

Class of 2020

Class of 2020 at the Tiger’s Stadium entrance.

Staff at Tigers Game

Mr. Dunnuck, Myself, Mrs. Christensen, and Mr. Eisenhauer all bundled up for a 40 degree day at the ballpark.

Tigers Stadium

Tigers Stadium









Thank an Educator this week as it is teacher appreciation week! I know I still remember my favorite teachers and moments spent with them. What we do each day as educators leaves a lifetime of memories and impacts a student’s life. See the Love and Logic short article at the end. Very fitting all year, but especially in May.
A week of celebrations at RMS. We took the 8th grade class of 2020 to Detroit for a ball game on Thursday. We stayed dry, and tried to stay warm as it was in the low 40’s for temps. We played Tiger Trivia for candy and prizes on the bus going to the game. The students enjoyed themselves eating at a private, elevated food court that was catered and all you can eat. They are a fun group to be around and made up proud with their behavior while we ventured out of Ravenna. On Friday Aubrey and Mr. Dunnuck were honored at the national event of Law Day. This year is the theme was Miranda Rights. Aubrey placed 3rd out of 132 middle school essay contestants. Way to go! Mr. Dunnuck was selected as the Golden Apple Award winner as the top Educator in the county. Thank you to Mrs. Christensen for her efforts in the revision process for all students who wanted to enter. Aubrey was award a cash prize, as well as an educator prize of $50.00. Mr. Dunnuck was award $500.00 for his classroom! That will buy a new stapler for sure! His just broke last week.

Looking ahead this week is always fun with the 7/8th grade dance on Friday night. Our 6th graders travel to MSU on Wednesday. M-step and MAP testing continues along with our everyday educational practices. So busy, but so much fun. Enjoy staff and students!


Monday 2:
10:30 IEP Meeting
6:00 pm Board Workshop

Tuesday 3:
3:00 pm ISD Meeting PLC Planning

Wednesday 4:
6th Grade Field Trip to MSU
9:00 am Admin Meeting Lynch
1:00pm REED Meeting at RMS

Thursday 5:
1:00 pm Beechnau 4th Grade Mrs. Gerth Visit

Friday 6:
All Day PLC/Leadership Meeting
7:00-9:00 pm RMS Spring Dance


Taken from Love and Logic: Thank You Teachers
First of all I’d like to apologize to the many teachers of my youth who put their heart and soul into trying to maintain order with me sitting in their classrooms. I wasn’t a downright malevolent child. I simply liked to keep things entertaining by continuously testing the sense of humor of my instructors. My tenth grade biology teacher passed the test with flying colors as he reacted to the cadaver frog I’d managed to hang from the ceiling tile above my desk. “Mr. Fay,” he replied with a dry smile, “life around here would be so dull without you.”
Like many of my teachers, he managed to see the good in me even when I couldn’t see it in myself. Great teachers are like that. Somehow they manage to use their x-ray vision to spot the gifts in even the most difficult kids.
Let’s send a big thanks to educators by helping our kids view them with great respect. A powerful strategy for achieving this goal involves allowing them to overhear us talking positively about their teachers. You’ve probably noticed your children’s eyes glazing over as you’ve tried to lecture them about some essential truth. In contrast, you’ve seen how closely they listen when they see that you’re trying to have a private conversation!
Experiment with this: At least twice a week intentionally let your children overhear you saying something positive about their teachers. Do this for the rest of the school year.
Springtime can be tough for both teachers and their students. Keeping things positive can go a long way toward helping your children learn while showing teachers that we appreciate their hard work and dedication.

April 25-29, 2016: Jasper in the RMS House

Jasper with 5th and 6th graders

Jasper and 5/6th graders defining PRIDE.

Jasper and 78

Jasper with 7/8th giving an example of PRIDE behaviors.

Jasper for President

Jasper for President? Looking good with the American flag addressing our students.


Jasper Cunningham 2010 RPS Graduate

Mindy Jasper

Principal Lynch and Jasper Cunningham. So enjoy having former students come back to RPS!














Great week at RMS with an awesome PRIDE speaker Jasper Cunningham. The students were engaged with his talk and video presentation. We continue M-Step testing, field trips and are entering the busiest part of the entire year. On Sunday I had the opportunity to attend my first ever FFA Banquet led by AG. Teacher Melanie Block. What a wonderful experience to attend. So many opportunities for our students to practice “soft skills”, communication, leadership and more life skills. Jasper Cunningham was in attendance as well and I was fortunate to have a seat at his table where he explained the FFA programs, students trips, administrator opportunities and even a water act that is a hot topic. Our FFA program is a championship team level program and we were able to salute Mrs. Block with a standing ovation. Pretty special stuff right there in the Educational world. A live auction led by iconic George Herman concluded the night auctioning off FFA members for labor was a big hit! The support from FFA alumni, parents and community members runs strong in Ravenna FFA. What a great feeling. If you have the chance to attend this annual event please join us as you will not be disappointed. #ravennaprideRPS

Have a great week!

Monday 25:
8:30 am IEP Lynch

Tuesday 26:

Wednesday 27:

Thursday 28:
8th grade Field Trip
Leave Time: 8:15, Return Time: 9:30

Friday 29:
11:30am-1:30pm Law Day Awards Luncheon
Aubrey W. and Mr. Dunnuck will be honored.

Technology and Good Reads:




April 18-22, 2016: Testing, Whitecaps Baseball, Spring Learning

8th Grade CTC

RMS 8th graders learning about the Muskegon Promise Scholarship.

Mr. Sladick PE

Coach Sladick talking teamwork, goal setting and behavior expectations.

Poster Writing

Student made poster, writing project for Language Arts class.

Student Teamwork

Teamwork in action in Language Arts class.








RMS is full of so much energy each day, but lately it is jam packed with extra activities of Spring sports, MDE testing, field trips, and more! We will be holding a special event for community and families at the Whitecaps game on Sunday May 15, at 1:00pm. Tickets are on sale at Conklin Park during team practices and at RMS this week at lunch. Check the announcements for what day and time. It should be a fun event to enjoy a game with a “Ravenna” section sitting together. Have a great week RMS!

Monday 18:
7:10 am IEP/Masko/Lynch
7:00 pm School Board Meeting

Tuesday 19:
6:45 am RMS Staff/PLC Meeting
7:40 am Jasper Cunningham PRIDE Assembly Speaker
8:30-3:00 CPI Training Lynch @ MAISD

Wednesday 20:
7:00 am IEP Sly/Lynch

Thursday 21:

Friday 22:
8:30-3:00 CPI Training Lynch @ MAISD

Good Reads and Technology:

The 22 Best Apple Watch Health and Fitness Apps If you have an Apple Watch… good apps.

Award Season is here! George Curous Blog post on Awards. Interesting read on supporting students and awards at the end of the year. I recently talked to other educators and found many districts have traditions along with no ceremonies or awards at all, and everything in between.

MAISD Weekly Newsflash #29

How to Develop a School Culture That Curbs Bullying Good read on a shifting mindset for how we handle bullying in schools.

April 11-15, 2016: Welcome Back! Final 8 Weeks

Welcome Back! We are in the home stretch of the school year. Eight more weeks. I like to think of this time like a roller coaster ride. Educators and our students get into the roller car, buckle in and hold on tight. With Spring sports kicking off this week, M-Step/MAP testing, more daylight each day it will get very busy from here until June 3. Exciting times filled with the 7/8th grade dance, field trips, Field Day/Talent Show…. the list really just goes on and on. So, hang on and enjoy the ride, because you only get to do the final days of the school year at RMS once! Randy Helsen, RPS staff member once told me, “you have to go back after Spring Break to finish what you started.” I always remember this and that the students will be excited to see their peers, teachers and get back into a routine to finish the year.

Monday 11:

Tuesday 12:
M-Step/MAP testing begins
11:30 am 8th Grade CTC Visit
2:30 pm 8th Grade CTC Return to RMS
6:00-8:00 pm Family Engineering Night @ RMS

Wednesday 13:
12:00 pm MAISD Principal Meeting
6:30 pm Parent Club Meeting

Thursday 14:
6:45 am School Improvement Meeting
9:00 am Lynch Admin Meeting
3:30 pm A.B. Staffing @ RMS

Friday 15:
1:00 pm 8th Grade Crime Prevention (Tentative)

Technology and Good Reads:

 Teachers: 10 Websites for your Summer Toolkit  This list is from 2015, but very worth checking out!
MAISD Newsflash #27
Promoting Your School on Social Media PD at ISD Check out this local opportunity for all educators with Social Media.
Getting Permission for Posting Student Pictures Online: The Principal of Change


Weekly Notes: March 21-25, 2016: WMC Champions!

VB Selfie

VB Team Selfie! Making the morning rounds with the trophy!

VB Team Gym

VB in the gym with the hardware!

VB Trophy Case 2

Putting the trophy in the RMS case!

Volleyball Team Trophy Case

Happy 7th grade girls with the WMC conference trophy.












Congratulations to our 7th Grade Girls Volleyball Team for bringing home the hardware! They won the West Michigan Conference Title this week, beating Whitehall and then rival Oakridge! Great job Lady Bulldogs! During my morning rounds to greet staff and students I invited them along to “Tour the Trophy”! It was very fun to see the team’s face when their classmates reacted to the huge trophy. Our student body was proud for them and in all classes clapped loudly when we went from room to room. Good Stuff.

Reminder that this Friday is a half day dismissal at 11:00 am.
Check out the links below… many interesting articles this week.

Monday 21:

Tuesday 22:
PBIS RMS Team Meeting

8th Grade Orientation: Next Years Freshman: Tuesday, March 22nd, beginning at 6:30 PM in the IMC.

Wednesday 23:
7th Grade Field Trip Air Zoo

Thursday 24:

Friday 25:
*Marking Period 3 Ends
*½ Day Dismissal at 11:00 am
7:00 am IEP Sly/Lynch
8:30 Parent Meeting/Lynch/Sly

Technology & Good Reads:

Runner’s World Kubasiak Running Article

37 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2016 by HubSpot

FlipaGram App Very easy tool to take put photos into a video with music, text, narration and more. Awesome Tool!

A Brief History of the Evolution of Classroom Technology (info graphic) Ed Tech Magazine

We all know exercise makes you live longer. But this will actually get you off the couch. The Washington Post: This is one of the BEST articles I have every read about why it is so important to exercise and the effects it has on our body and minds.

MAISD Weekly News Flash #26
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