February 2008

General28 Feb 2008 12:53 pm

I am away from the district today and taking the Tech Class again at the ISD.  Today we learned how to make a cool PowerPoint presentation.  Check it out in the Pages section under PE and Bowling.  It has some cool website links and new photos.

General26 Feb 2008 08:02 am


The students have been enjoying bowling in PE classes. Check out the Page at the right on bowling with more photos!


General20 Feb 2008 08:18 am

Welcome back from yet ANOTHER snow day! Hope you enjoyed it and went outside to play a little bit in the white stuff. This week in PE class we are looking forward to a bowling unit. The lanes, pins and bowling balls have all been delivered and will be set up daily for practice, bowling games and “bowling for $dough$”. I have to give credit where credit is due, and here it is to Mrs. Cindy Burkall who has arranged this unit for many years. She does a great job of also teaching PE, Monday -Wednesday, I teach PE on Thursdays and we team teach on Fridays.

Look for some exciting photos of young bowlers here at Beechnau.

General12 Feb 2008 04:34 pm

K-classes worked on fine motor skills to create a heart necklace.

They were very proud of their creations, and many said they were giving them away to others.

How Sweet!

K-student/valentine necklace

First grade students are shown exploring internal body organ through books, and hands on models of the human body.

Students with model

General12 Feb 2008 07:43 am

Parker and Owen-Snow Day

Happy Snow Day in Ravenna. Here are two boys who get the most out of a day off from school. See you on Tuesday.

General05 Feb 2008 01:57 pm

Click on the link below for my first podcast.

My First Podcast

General05 Feb 2008 10:31 am

Back to class for Mrs. Lynch, and on a snow day too! I am learning more about blogs and United Streaming for lesson plans. I learned how to put my own photo on here today.  We also practiced making a podcast!  Check it out.

Mrs. Lynch in Tech Class

General04 Feb 2008 01:23 pm

Physical Education and Health Classes have been updated.  Check them out!