Christmas in March for Beechnau Students!

The Beechnau Parent Club has made many children (and at least one teacher) smile like it was Christmas this week. The club had asked the teachers of Beechnau for a “wish list” of items and a grant application to go along with it. I have wanted for some time to add Exercise Ball Activities into the PE program at Beechnau, and try using them as chairs in my Health classroom. The cost for these was too extreme for our normal yearly budget, so they came through to make it happen. We were able to order 30 of the exercise balls and put them into action for the first time this week. I hope to have some comments from students and links on the web for example exercises. Here are some happy Beechnau students after trying out the new balls. Over 500 students will benefit from the access to this exercise equipment.

Thank you to the Beechnau Parent Club for the donation and all that you do for our students year round. We all appreciated it very much.

Here is a photo of Mrs. VanderZwart’s 2nd grade class, they were very excited to try out new moves on the stability balls.

Mrs. VanderZwart’s 2nd grade class

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