April 2008

General30 Apr 2008 10:48 am

Update on all Health classes:

5th-Tobacco and Your Health


4th-Why not alcohol?

3rd-The Negative Effects of Tobacco Use

2nd-Staying Away from Nicotine and Alcohol

1st-The Dangers of Fire

K-Moving Around Safely: The Two D’s for Telling (Dangerous and Destructive)

PE- will continue to work with rackets and striking, catching and throwing

If you have a student in grades K-3 you could “test” their skills on the following basic skills: jump, (two feet) hop, (one foot) skip, gallop, leap, and shuffle.

Reminder: Fun Day is Tuesday May, 20.

If you would like to help run a station on this day please contact me.

General24 Apr 2008 07:08 am


Here is an example of what you can do in www.picnik.com to photos. Since a photo is worth many words here is the original and one that has been altered in Picnik.  A Beechnau student enjoying the luau with a lobster mask!

General21 Apr 2008 08:58 am

Welcome back from a great weather weekend in West Michigan.

Here’s what is in store for the students of Beechnau this week in Health and PE:

K- classes will be discussing the 2 D’s for telling. Dangerous and Destructive.

5th-Inhalant Drugs

4th-Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

3rd-Being Safe with Medicines and Poisons

2nd- Kids and Caffeine: A Shakey Mix

Check out this website:


1st-Safety on Wheels

PE-Miniature Badminton Golf

Want to set up your own at home? click on the link below! I made my own score card with pictures of a golf course and all for the students, watch for it to come home this week.


Here are a few photos from last year.

To see more photos from last years lesson, click on Mrs. Lynch’s Photo Albums on the right under Blogroll.

This is one of my favorite activities of the year! We set up the gym and play 18 holes of mini-golf, complete with teams and score cards!



General16 Apr 2008 10:48 am


These Beechnau students tried out the new stability balls instead of chairs in Health class this week. It was quite an interesting change from the traditional chairs. I expected a few to want the old chairs and none did. They managed themselves well on the balls and it actually seemed a higher level of focus in the classroom, and less movement. I used the balls with all age groups K-5th grade.  One student did report,” Wow, I can feel this in my legs, from sitting on this ball.” We had two rules and one suggestion.

#1 No banging your arms on the ball.

#2 No excessive up and down bouncing on the ball.

Suggestion: Keep your feet on the floor to help you balance on the ball.

At Home Application:

Try this at home, have your student sit on a ball to watch TV, video games, computer time. See how it works for you and your student.

General14 Apr 2008 07:36 am

Welcome back from a hopefully restful Spring Vacation.  If you were like me we stayed here in Ravenna and enjoyed a few nice days outside and the second half left plenty of time Spring cleaning and home projects.

This week in Health all classes K-5 will be taught water safety.  They will see a 10 minute DVD on water safety, review posters of rules around the water, color and construct a safety cube to take home and more if we have time!  Learning these facts could save a life and it comes at just the right time with the 3rd graders going to pool school soon and others starting their outdoor activities like fishing, boating and swimming around the water.

In PE this week we will focus on Lacrosse and throwing and catching.  Ask your student how to make an easy Lacrosse piece from a clean gallon milk jug.

General03 Apr 2008 08:46 am

Many students asked for this recipe when I told them about it in class. I thought my kids would not like it but my son’s quote was, “it doesn’t look good, but it tastes great!” My 3 year old ate it up too.

This one’s for Kenna!

Enjoy the Tuna Cakes!

Mrs. Lynch