May 2008

General22 May 2008 07:26 am

Beechnau Fun Day was blessed with great weather and wonderful volunteers again this year. Thank you to all that help pull this day together for the children of Beechnau, we appreciate all of your help.

Cindy B and Mindy L

Cindy B. and Mindy L.

Exploratory Teachers and Fun Day Organizers

Check out all 179 photos of Fun Day in Mrs. Lynch’s Photo Album, under Blogroll.

I am quite sure you can order prints from the Picasa Website where the photos are.

Have a great Summer!

Mrs. Lynch

General07 May 2008 07:42 am

We are wrapping up the last round of Star Reader tests this week and next and the exploratory time will be used to test all students in grades 1-5 for their reading progress and levels. In addition to this test the following lessons will also be taught in the next two weeks:

5th: What’s in an Ad? (Tobacco Advertisements)

4th: Influences of Family and Friends

3rd: Tobacco and the Media

2nd: Say “no” to Secondhand Smoke

1st: The 3 D’s for Telling

K: Staying Safe Around Dangerous Objects

PE: We will be learning Floor Hockey and using the Parachute.

We also have been working on improving our running and endurance on the track outside at Beechnau for the upcoming Walk-a -Thon on Wednesday May 14.