September 2008

General29 Sep 2008 07:38 am


4th Grade: Students will be working on creating a page with a digital image, quote and saving to their account.

5th Grade: Students will be working on a recreation of Grant Wood’s, American Gothic. They will digitally enhance the painting with their own touches and save to their account.

2nd and 3rd Grade: Students will work in the program Tux Paint to create a sentence, “Fall is… ” with stamps of Fall images to go with it.

1st Grade: Students will practice logging in to their account. They will have an introduction to Tux Paint and practice typing their name, drawing shapes and using stamp tools.


Computers will be more practice on Tux Type.

Exploratory AM classes will use Sunflowers as a hands on method of counting and sorting seeds, with a sunflower story and coloring page.

Great sites for sunflower information:

My own children grew a sunflower house this summer and it turned out great! Hours and hours of imaginative play and fun times!

PE-Classes will gain more practice with soccer ball kicking through a game called, Bowling Pin Soccer. They will review yoga stretches for the month, look for a handout home for all to enjoy together, and record their laps run on the track.

General24 Sep 2008 06:52 am

It’s never too early for a child to start dreaming of dressing for Halloween or how to have fun with some pumpkins and gourds. Here is a great site to get you started:


Here are two students from last year, one “Mummy Bowling” and another student during the Halloween Parade.

General22 Sep 2008 09:59 am


Grades 3-5 Completed together in class a “Color Your Keyboard” page to help them find the keys and type. Then they explored a new typing program called Tux Type.

Grades 1-2 Practiced logging in with their user name, practiced on Tux Type, and visited

K-Practiced on Tux Type


Grades 3-5:

Students reviewed the Yoga moves from last year, (look for a handout home soon to practice together). We also have been charting our running on the track outside to see how miles really do add up, with our own running logs. Then we finished the hour with Sideline Soccer.

Grades 1-2: Reviewed Yoga moves, and practiced gross motor skills of skipping, jumping, gallop, hop and shuffle, using hula hoops as a home space. Then they played a kicking game with soccer balls called,”Bowling Pin Soccer”.

K- Practiced gross motor skills as 1,2 grades using hula hoops as a home space and used the hula hoops for FUN!

General08 Sep 2008 01:39 pm


Students will be taking the Star Reading Test to assess their level of reading ability in grades 2-5.

K & 1st grades will have an introduction to the computer lab, and a great site called

PE- All classes will be practicing body awareness, teamwork and own space, through the use of bean bags, ultimate frisbee and yoga exercises.

If you have a 3rd-5th grader ask them about the running program in place for the Fall.  More details to come on the blog.