Monthly Archives: September 2008

Week of September 29th

Computers: 4th Grade: Students will be working on creating a page with a digital image, quote and saving to their account. 5th Grade: Students will be working on a recreation of Grant Wood’s, American Gothic. They will digitally enhance the painting with their own touches and save to their account. 2nd and 3rd Grade: Students […]

Great Pumpkin Site

It’s never too early for a child to start dreaming of dressing for Halloween or how to have fun with some pumpkins and gourds. Here is a great site to get you started: Here are two students from last year, one “Mummy Bowling” and another student during the Halloween Parade.

Week of September 22

Computers: Grades 3-5 Completed together in class a “Color Your Keyboard” page to help them find the keys and type. Then they explored a new typing program called Tux Type. Grades 1-2 Practiced logging in with their user name, practiced on Tux Type, and visited K-Practiced on Tux Type PE: Grades 3-5: Students reviewed […]

Week of September 8th

Computers: Students will be taking the Star Reading Test to assess their level of reading ability in grades 2-5. K & 1st grades will have an introduction to the computer lab, and a great site called PE- All classes will be practicing body awareness, teamwork and own space, through the use of bean bags, […]

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