October 2008

General28 Oct 2008 07:26 am


What a busy week!

I have added more photos of Homecoming and the Halloween Gym from last week.

Check out the link on the right, Mrs. Lynch’s Photo Album.  There you can email, print and more from Picasa, a web based program for sharing photos.

Computer Classes in grades 2-5 will be taking the Star Reader Test this week.

1st Grade: Students will be exploring the program PIXIE with activity pages on the computer.

K: Students will be practicing their mouse skills by drawing their Halloween costume in TUX PAINT.

PE Classes: All classes will play the activity Ghost Hunt.  The students will hunt with a flashlight for ghosts hidden underneath 25-40 cones.  Sometimes they find the unexpected and sometimes they find a ghost!

Fun for all with this activity.

Plan to see many photos of the Halloween Parade from Friday!


M. Lynch

General13 Oct 2008 08:27 am

4th and 5th Computer classes:

Here are some websites we will be exploring in class this week.


Write down one funny riddle from this site.


Do the Halloween Safety Game.

Read the directions and color a picture online.


Explore this site and have some fun!

1st,2nd,3rd Grade Computers:

Third grade students will be read the book, Owen: by Kevin Henkes. They will recreate one of the scenes from the book in Tux Paint. The other classes will do the same with the book Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, by Judi Barrett.

K-classes will work with stamps in Tux Paint to create a pattern.

PE Classes will be finishing up the Soccer Unit and getting ready for the annual Halloween Gym.

General08 Oct 2008 10:00 am

Students have been busy in the computer lab finishing their work from last week. Here are a few examples of the redo of American Gothic done by the fifth grade classes.


Kyle’s Creation!


Courtney’s Creation!








Here are the Yoga Moves we have been working on in PE classes for the months of September and October.