Monthly Archives: December 2008

January 5, 2009

All computer classes will be reviewing safety rules for the internet. Older students will be taking a quiz online using the following sites: All students will practice on the internet. They will type in a site address, press return, navigate the site and learn how to bookmark a site.

December 15, 2008

Best wishes for a safe and Happy Holidays for you and your family! One of the best parts of working at Beechnau is this time of the year with the young excited students ready for the holiday season. 4th and 5th grade: Students will be presenting their projects to each other in class. 3rd grade: […]

December 8, 2008

4th and 5th: Students continue to wrap up their projects in computer class, putting voice to their stories of the Three Little Pigs and their Autobiography projects. 3rd: Students will write a holiday rebus story to one of the verses of The Night Before Christmas. Here are three links about the famous poem. […]

Parker’s Autobiography

Here is a great example of the 5th grade Autobiography Project! Way to go Parker!

December 1, 2008

Welcome back and the snow too! Computers 5th: Students will be wrapping up the final details of their autobiography project this week and next week make it into a slideshow. 4th: Students are working hard to make the deadline for the rewrite of The Three Little Pigs. 3rd:  Students will use PIXIE to create a […]

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