January 2009

General26 Jan 2009 09:46 am

It has been a full year of blogging!

Here is a photo of Mrs. Carroll’s Young Five’s Class.  They are reading Where The Wild Things Are, and they sure look wild here.


Take time to visit ARCHIVES from the last year’s worth of lessons, teaching ideas, photos and more, it is like a trip down memory lane.

We are now in Health for the rest of the year and are saying good-bye to the computer lab.

Health: 5, 4,3rd grades are going to play a board game called P.U.,Who Smells? Y.O.U.  It is a fun game about learning how to control your body odor.

2nd Grade: The students will be making a business card with positive qualities about themselves on it, and what good things they have to offer.  This is hard for children to think of what they are good at and even tough for adults some times.  It is a lesson in promoting yourself and having self-confidence.

1st Grade: The students will be creating a “Coat of Arms” about themselves.  They will use drawing, photos from magazines and more to show who they are.

K-classes: These students will creat a paper about how/when they feel healthy and when they do not.  They also have been learning about animal tracks in the snow.

Here are a few cool websites to check out.  Take a walk anywhere before the snow is gone and find what animals have been around when you have not!


This site has an interactive game to match animals to their tracks.


This is a great color document that has many animals to match their tracks and the

answers are at the bottom.  Bonus for the parents!

PE-Basketball skills are still being introduced and we will focus on shooting and games.  The Beechnau students start play soon and it is a great opportunity for fun, exercise and to be part of team.

General19 Jan 2009 09:59 am

Computer Classes:

This week is Star Reader Testing week in computer class for grades 1-5.  The K-classes continue to learn more about Pixie and I am always amazed at the quick progress they make. They will be making animal tracks to match the animal that makes those tracks.

PE classes are focusing on Basketball and are learning 12 new yoga stretching moves.  Watch for a small handout home for practice on the weekends.

General12 Jan 2009 08:21 am

Students will work using the internet on various sites practicing typing in addresses, navigating sites and bookmarking their favorites.

Here is one for winter fun:


Another site for fun winter activities is this one:


PE classes are focusing on Basketball.

We focused last week on dribbling skills and a skill reminder sheet came home with each student.  This is a great hand eye skill that transfers over into many other physical skills needed through elementary skill development.

This week’s focus is passing.  We will be playing a fun passing game called ‘Card Shark Passing’, using a deck of cards.  Shooting instruction will follow in the week to come, along with fun games incorporating all of the skills.

I would highly encourage you to take your student to a basketball game here in Ravenna.  Both the boys and girls seasons are underway and are having good success so far this season!

Go Dogs!