February 2009

General27 Feb 2009 10:42 am

The lesson plans for this week will follow last week’s due to the Star Math testing.  It was the first time testing and went well, and a little longer than anticipated.  Here is a bowling photo and many more are located on the section called “Mrs. Lynch’s Photo Album”in the Blogroll.  These two students show great form and even better concentration!  Way to go Beechnau Bowlers!


General23 Feb 2009 07:59 am

All Classes grades 2-5 will be taking a new Math test in the computer lab.  It is very similar to AR reading tests, but the content is math.
5th: Students will explore, “What’s in Food?” and complete a snacking worksheet in the computer lab.

1)Use the site below to find nutritional information about the snacks you choose to eat to fill out the handout in class.


2)Go to the Blogroll of websites and find “Smartmouth”, then push “enter”, then find “Snacktoids”, then read some interesting facts to yourself about some snacks.

3) Bored with your normal snacks? Check out the websites below for some new ideas!



4th: Students will find out detailed information about the food groups and serving sizes.

3rd: Students will learn the “Magic Numbers” of nutrition and exercise; 5 and 60.  Five food groups each day and 60 minutes of physical exercise.

2nd: Students will discuss the lesson, “Everyone Deserves Respect” in regards to feelings and sharing.

1st: Students will use a three step process for solving problems and making decisions.

K-classes: Students will learn about sharing their feelings with friends and family.


This is the second week of bowling in class.  We will “Bowl for Dough”, “Crazy Bowl” and more fun with bowling.

Check out last years entry for bowling there are some cool links and some photos.

General06 Feb 2009 08:21 am

All students and their parents are invited to the computer lab for conferences this week to show off all the neat things we have created in the first half of the year.

Monday 5-8 pm, Tuesday 4-7 pm

Hope to see you there!

Grades: 5,4,3

Lesson on Sugar:

Students will be discovering the amounts of sugar in daily foods through “sugar cubes” and using their math skills.

Ask your student about the demonstration of a “Sugar Burst”.  When you need a little pick me up and reach for that candy bar or handful of M&M’s what is happening inside your body? And why am I still hungry quite soon?

Students will get a first hand look using a balloon, sugar, warm water, yeast, and a 12 oz. bottle.

(Found this experiment in Family Fun Magazine February 2009 issue, Article: Beat the Sugar Blues)

Beat the Sugar Blues


Here are two great sites about sugar will will be using.

This site has a great article on sugar:

Sweet Facts You Should Know About Sugar
Rating Sugars: Best to Worst
Sweet Names: What Various Sugars are Called
Soft Drinks
Understanding the Glycemic Index
Alternative Sweeteners
Harmful Effects of Excess Sugar
9 Ways to Curb Your Sugar Cravings
Artificial Sweeteners
Honey http://askdrsears.com/html/4/T045000.asp

This  site has a calorie counter for many foods, and you can find the amount of sugar in the foods you eat. Label or no label!


Grades: k, 1,2

Students will be learning about showing respect, caring, and feelings.

General02 Feb 2009 11:45 am

We were lucky enough to have the Varsity Boys Basketball team join us for a Pep Assembly.

Here is a photo: missing are Coach Mike Dunnuck, and Austin Kantola.



5th, 4th, 3rd grades will be making a recycled notebook to keep in health class.  We will journal daily keeping up with topics of the day, goals and any health changes they want to make in their lives.  We will view a video called the Fab 5 Food groups, which will lead us into a Nutrition and Phsical Activity unit.

2nd grade: Tending our Garden of Feelings: happy, upset, surprised and calm.

1st grade: Predicting How People Feel, and Asking How Others Feel.

K-classes will be learning how to show respet and caring for others.

PE classes will see and end to the Basketball Unit and begin to have fun with the scooters.  The students have learned all 9 new yoga stretching moves and are working on perfecting them.