September 2009

General21 Sep 2009 07:18 am

PE-We are learning the rules and procedures in class and working on teamwork.  This week we will practice playing a playground favorite of 4-Square, and a cooperateive game called Big Snake.

Computers- Grades 5,4,3 will be Star Math Testing.  Grade 2 will be Star Reader Testing.  The 1st graders will practice logging in using their user name as the K-classes will practice making shapes on a program called Pixie.

General03 Sep 2009 12:58 pm

reeling-kingfish.JPG   lynch-fishing.JPG

Welcome back to school for another fun year of learning and making many memories!  During the school year when the going gets tough, I hope you can draw upon a happy memory from your Summer break and say, “I can do it!”.  One of my memories will be of fishing in the ocean with family this Summer.  I am battling a kingfish as my Dad looks on and on the dock with my husband after the big catch.  Look for updated pages on the right of the site and new internet sites added into the Blogroll.  I hope to add a page on the 7th Grade Girls Basketball team and  some photos too, as I have taking over coaching that team this Fall.  I am looking forward to an exciting year in Ravenna at Beechnau and hope to have many fun memories of the 2009-2010 school year.


Classes will be focusing on teamwork and leadership skills, and what it means to be a positive leader in the school.

Students will perform two group team building activities: Big Turtle and Wagon Wheel.

Big Turtle: A group of students are under a blanket or mat as a shell and they must work together to keep the shell on the turtle as they move around the gym.

Wagon Wheel: A group of students form a small circle and move the “wheel” along the sides of the gym wall, staying together at all times.

These activities come from the book: Cooperative Games and Sports, by Terry Orlick


Students will be given an overview of the lab, expectations, and procedures.

3-5th grades will focus on what and how they would like to use technology in class to mesh with state standards from their classrooms.  We will discuss parts of the computer, seating chart, typing programs and more!

K-2 grades will get a slower introduction into the computer lab with many of the above items listed for the upper grades.