Monthly Archives: October 2009

October 26-30, 2009

PE classes are enjoying the annual Halloween Gym Activities this week.  A special thanks go out to Mrs. Burkall for all her creative ideas and more. Computer classes are finishing their projects from last week, and moving on to short “activity” pages in PIXIE.  The third grade students are creating pages about Native Americans and […]

October 19-23, 2009

This year in computer classes at Beechnau we are focused on integrating classroom material into the technology lessons.  This has been done with the coordination of Curriculum Maps from each grade level with the technology teacher (me, Mindy Lynch) to create fun, innovative lessons revolving around what is currently being taught in the classrooms K-5. […]

October 19, 2009

Students in Computers will be learning the program Word, and learning how to save. PE classes have been practicing playground games that they can play on their own. Remember 4 Square?  They have been playing like crazy on the Beechnau playground. Rules for 4 Square Check out the “official” rules of 4 Square here.

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