October 2009

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PE Teachers

Look what I found!

Look what I found!

PE classes are enjoying the annual Halloween Gym Activities this week.  A special thanks go out to Mrs. Burkall for all her creative ideas and more.

Computer classes are finishing their projects from last week, and moving on to short “activity” pages in PIXIE.  The third grade students are creating pages about Native Americans and will be making a short slide show.

Look at the Blogroll on the right under Mrs. Lynch’s Photos to see the latest photos of the Halloween Gym activities and the Annual Halloween Parade.

General22 Oct 2009 07:43 am
A monarch butterfly hangs on to the last days of summer on a planter outside of the Lynch house.

A monarch butterfly hangs on to the last days of summer on a planter outside of the Lynch house.

This year in computer classes at Beechnau we are focused on integrating classroom material into the technology lessons.  This has been done with the coordination of Curriculum Maps from each grade level with the technology teacher (me, Mindy Lynch) to create fun, innovative lessons revolving around what is currently being taught in the classrooms K-5.

So, This week….


5th grade: Personification: The students have been learning and writing about personification.  In computers they designed a page in PIXIE showing personification.  They were to type their name, a sentence from the list given of personification examples and use graphics creatively to describe the sentence, then save their work.

Check out this great video/advertisement from IKEA.

IKEA red lamp video

4th grade: Poem Writing: The students have worked very hard on writing a poem about themselves in class and made it into a little person with their digital photo on it to look realistic.  In computers, they are designing a page of graphics that relates to the poem with their likes, dislikes and such.  Next week we will focus on getting their digital photo onto the page and drawing a body form to go with it.  In the following week, we will record our voice in PIXIE of the student reading their poem and recording it onto the page.

3rd Grade: Michigan History: The students have been studying Geography and Michigan.  In computers in the program PIXIE they created a map of Michigan and put four of the state symbols on the map; robin, white pine, flag, white-tailed deer.  In addition, they put a big X where the town of Ravenna is on the map.

2nd Grade & 1st Grade: These students have been practicing logging in, reviewing basic skills and practicing their Math skills on “activity” pages in PIXIE.  They will be learning how to save and make folders to keep track of their work

K-These students are very eager to learn and have been practicing 2-3 tools in PIXIE each week.  This week they made patterns with the stamp tool in PIXIE.


We are planning the computer lab to be open for conferences in November and hope to see many of you there.

General14 Oct 2009 12:12 pm

Students in Computers will be learning the program Word, and learning how to save.

PE classes have been practicing playground games that they can play on their own. Remember 4 Square?  They have been playing like crazy on the Beechnau playground.

Rules for 4 Square Check out the “official” rules of 4 Square here.

A beautiful Fall leaf.

A beautiful Fall leaf.