November 30-December 4, 2009

A watermelon carved to look like a flower! Wow!

Computer classes will now be focusing on integrating Health lessons with technology in the computer lab.

Students will be focusing on Nutrition and the food groups.

Brainpop Video on Nutrition

They will do a handout on what they ate yesterday from the brainpop site and put them into food groups.

They will also classify foods according to the food pyramid.

Students will use the Pixie software and activity pages to explore food groups.

In the future they will have the following lessons on Violence and Drug Use and Prevention:

5th grade students will be taking a pre-and post test survey of their feelings and attitude about violence for the MAISD.  All classes will be viewing the following website about bullying and how to act, cope and deal with these tough situations.

Stop Bullying Now

In addition the students in grades 3-5 will be making a comic about violence and bullying and printing them.  See the blog roll for the site that we will be using to make the comics.

Students in grades 1&2 will be using the site, directed by me and then write and draw about the lesson in Pixie.

PE Classes will be doing the following activities from PE Central:

The Hungry Snake

Reindeer Tag

Beat the Grinch

Odd Ball Jump Rope Stations

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