Monthly Archives: January 2010

February 1-5, 2010

5th,4th,3rd,2nd, and 1st grade students will be taking the Star Math Test in the Computer Lab.  These tests are performed routinely during the school year to monitor student progress. K-classes will be learning about the Winter Olympics and Making Friends. Here are some cool sites for the Olympics! Vancouver 2010 NBC Olympic Site Information About […]

January 25-29

5th Grade: Steroid Fact Site Students will visit Brainpop to view a video and complete two handouts. They will take that knowledge to make a page in Pixie with the following on it. *Title *Photo of person on steroids from online *Two facts from the above site *Save this page to their Computer 2009 Folder […]

January 18-22, 2010

Computers/Health Cyber-bullying is real bullying! 5th, 4th: Bullying-the classes are all at different points in the multi-week lesson, and will pick up where they need to be. 2,3,1 Grades: Students will focus on 911 calls.  When to make one and when just to get an adult.  There are a few websites listed below that they […]

January 11-15, 2010

Computers/Health 5th grade: Students will be taking a pre-test survey on Violence, and Alcohol and Drugs before they participate in lessons on bullying, violence, alcohol and drugs. Violence Pre-Test Alcohol and Drug Survey Stop Bullying Now 4th Grade: Students will watch a webisode, write the definition of bullying and take a quiz to see if […]

January 4-8, 2009

Welcome back! Hope this post finds you rested and with great memories from the holidays with family and friends. Grades 3, 4, & 5 will be reviewing safety rules for navigating online.  They will be using the following sites for taking an online safety quiz. Stay Safe on the Internet Quiz Safety Tips and Games […]

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