January 2010

General28 Jan 2010 02:26 am

5th,4th,3rd,2nd, and 1st grade students will be taking the Star Math Test in the Computer Lab.  These tests are performed routinely during the school year to monitor student progress.

K-classes will be learning about the Winter Olympics and Making Friends.

Here are some cool sites for the Olympics!

Vancouver 2010

NBC Olympic Site

Information About Winter Olympics

Awesome Kid Olympic Site

Events at the Winter Olympics

Images from the 2010 Olympics

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Sites for Kids

Teachers resource for the Olympics

Olympic Mascots Site

PE classes will be starting a gymnastics unit for 3 weeks.

General22 Jan 2010 01:29 pm

5th Grade:

Steroid Fact Site

Students will visit Brainpop to view a video and complete two handouts.

They will take that knowledge to make a page in Pixie with the following on it.


*Photo of person on steroids from online

*Two facts from the above site

*Save this page to their Computer 2009 Folder

4th, 3rd, 2nd: Caffeine

Caffeine Amounts in Drinks and Foods

Caffeine/Kids Drink

Kids Caffeine Site

The following recommended maximum caffeine intake levels are based on the most current research.
4 – 6 years 45 mg/day
7 – 9 years 62.5 mg/day
10 – 12 years 85 mg/day
*Using the recommended intake of 2.5 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day and based on average body weights of children…”

Students will make a page in Pixie with sound that demonstrates why children do not need caffeine.

1st Grade:

Student will discuss the 3 D’s for telling an adult.

Dangerous, Destructive, or Disturbing.  They will choose one of the words and make a Pixie page showing people in one of these activities.

K: Students will be learning about the Winter Olympics in the morning classes.  In Health/Computers they will be learning the 4 components of Fitness: Flexibility, Aerobic, Strength, and Endurance.

PE: Basketball finishes up this week and we will play large group games along with yoga stretches, strength and an aerobic activity.

General19 Jan 2010 03:07 pm


Cyber-bullying is real bullying!

5th, 4th: Bullying-the classes are all at different points in the multi-week lesson, and will pick up where they need to be.

2,3,1 Grades: Students will focus on 911 calls.  When to make one and when just to get an adult.  There are a few websites listed below that they will use for the lesson.

911 Lesson plan

9-1-1 Safety for Kids

Maine 911 Site

K-Students will learn about germs.  They will watch a Brainpop video and learn why it is important to keep their hands away from their face, mouth and nose.

PE: Students will continue with Basketball and play some new games.  Pac-Man, is a real life version of the old video game with students dribbling around the gym trying to avoid others.  They will play Hit the Coin, a bounce passing game where one team tries to hit a quarter out of the box before the other one does.  Card Shark Passing is another fun game that involves decks of cards and bounce and chest passes.

General11 Jan 2010 08:20 am


5th grade: Students will be taking a pre-test survey on Violence, and Alcohol and Drugs before they participate in lessons on bullying, violence, alcohol and drugs.

Violence Pre-Test

Alcohol and Drug Survey

Stop Bullying Now

4th Grade: Students will watch a webisode, write the definition of bullying and take a quiz to see if they match any of the signs of being a bully themselves.  They then will write a comic about a bullying situation on paper and next week make it into a comic online and print it out.  If there is any time they will view a video on Brainpop: Bullying Help and/or Cyberbullying.

3rd Grade: Students will have a condensed version of the 4th grade lesson and create a bullying page in Pixie.

2nd Grade: Students will bookmark the blog site and practice using the internet.

1st Grade: Students will put Firefox on their computers to use the internet, watch a short video of life cycles, and practice using an internet site.

K: Students will use Brainpop to watch a video on the Food Pyramid.  We will do pages in Pixie together on the food groups.

PE Classes: We will work on dribbling and moving with the ball in a small team format with short relays.  The small teams will then practice chest and bounce passes.  We will play a few games p.94,95,96. Book Used: Awesome Elementary Shool Physical Education Activities, (Yellow Book)

Numbers (Team) Basketball, Continuous Passing Relay, Time Bomb.

General05 Jan 2010 08:23 am
Two boys enjoying the break from school for vacation.

Two boys enjoying the break from school for vacation.

Welcome back!

Hope this post finds you rested and with great memories from the holidays with family and friends.

Grades 3, 4, & 5 will be reviewing safety rules for navigating online.  They will be using the following sites for taking an online safety quiz.

Stay Safe on the Internet Quiz

Safety Tips and Games for Online

Online Quiz/Internet Saftey for kids and adults

Grades 1 &2 will practice getting online with the following sites and practicing their navigation skills.  The rules of safe searching and chat rooms will be discussed.  They will not be taking an online quiz.

Starfall-reading site

PBS kids

ABCYA! many activities here

K-students will work on an activity page about the food pyramid and nutrition.

PE Classes: Students will be working on jump rope skills.  We have found that many students need extra work with getting in, jumping and getting out of a long rope.  This is a tricky skill.  The students will also be introduced to the basics of basketball and play many fun games.

The youth program begins soon and it will be fun to teach them in gym classes and go watch them on the weekends during their clinics and games.