March 2010

General30 Mar 2010 01:35 pm

On the new cover of Self above, the editors did everything they could to obscure what her body actually looks like. Her right arm is totally invisible and much of her left arm has been cropped out. A yellow dot strategically obscures the area where her butt meets her lower back and white pants against a white background make her legs almost invisible.

2010 Media and Today’s Youth

Computers: 5th, 4th, 3rd classes will begin to discuss media, photography, and televisions’ role in what we see as a society for today’s youth.  We will work with the program Printshop.  It is a graphics and word processing tool that enables the user to create many dynamic documents and alter photographs.  We will discuss what you see in today’s media is not really what the reality is.  Students will be giving the opportunity to take digital photos and alter them to prove the point of this current matter.

1st, and 2nd graders will use Pixie to manipulate stock photographs within the program and create different effects with the same photographs.  They will then display their work in a slide show format for their peers.
harold and purple crayon

See full size image
Harold and the Purple Crayon: HBO

K-Students will introduced to the photography section of Pixie.
They will also do a creative project with the book Harold and the Purple Crayon, by Crockett Johnson.

PE-Students have been enjoying the track and the nice weather outside.  We finished up floor hockey, which the students really seemed to enjoy.

Peace Garden in Spring 2010
Barn Peace Garden

General24 Mar 2010 07:04 am
Mrs. Luce's class shows off their UV Sun sensitive beaded bracelets made in class.

Mrs. Luce's class shows off their UV Sun sensitive beaded bracelets made in class.

5th & 4th Grades: Sun Safety: These classes missed the exciting bracelet making lesson last week and I they will get it this week along with a quiz and discussion of Sun Safety

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3rd: Pioneer Life: Students will explore the following sites and discuss their findings.
Pioneer Life
Life in a Log Home
Pioneer Life-Site Made By a Classroom
WOW-Look at all this Pioneer Stuff!
Images of Pioneer Life

Good luck third graders, and have fun there is way more information than you will ever read in one class period! Have fun and learn something new!

2nd grade: Science and Plants: Students will learn the parts of a plant in reference to living things.

1st Grade: Life Cycles in Animals: Students will use activity pages in Pixie to learn about the life cycles and view related short videos.

K: Students will do pages with the teacher about telling time to the hour and view an on-line video about time.  Math Monsters:Time (United Streaming/Discovery Learning)

General15 Mar 2010 07:22 am

Here are two surveys that the 5th graders must complete:
Click on the links below to complete each survey.

Violence Post-Survey:
Violence Post Survey

Alcohol, Drug Post-Survey:
Alcohol, Drug Post-Survey

4th Grade: Students will be doing a Chris VanAllsburg Webquest that was designed by their teacher Mrs. Olrich.

Chris VanAllsburg Homepage

Skin Cancer and the Sun

3rd, 2nd, 1st Grades: Students will learn about Sun Safety and skin cancer.
They will investigate a post from April of 2009 with many links and a quiz on sun safety.  They will have the time to create a UV sensitive beaded bracelet that will activate in the sunshine.

K-classes: Students will practice typing their name and using the spray can to circle it.

We will introduce floor hockey and how to handle the stick and the puck, passing, and shooting on goal.  One of my favorites for gym class!

General09 Mar 2010 08:26 am is MACUL Conference time again!
This week I will be attending the MACUL Conference in Grand Rapids on Thursday and Friday.

5th grade: Health lesson#13: Setting Positive Goals for Health and Happiness
4th grade: Health lesson #1: Using Self Control to Manage Strong Feelings
3rd grade: Health lesson #7: Expressing Thanks and Appreciation
2nd grade: Health lesson #3: Expressing Feelings Respectfully
1st grade: Health lesson # 8: Practicing the WIN Steps for Problem Solving
K: Practice typing their names, and painting tools, reading Spring books.

PE Classes continue to have fun bowling.