November 2010

General29 Nov 2010 01:54 pm

Welcome back! I hope this finds all of the students and families rested and ready for the December rush of learning, activities, and time spent together.
Spelling City
This is a site that Mrs. Olrich uses in her class for spelling words.  I have also set it as a link in the Blogroll.  I am eager to check it out.  I have included the directions below how to navigate the site once you get there.  I also plan to use the words as out typing words for students in computer class.

1. go to
2.  click “students” tab
3.  go down to bottom portion of the page to “Find a List”
4.  Search  - type in “olrich”
5.  Click on this week’s list  ( I usually have the week’s list as the only option.)
6.  Play games and activities.

Weekly Class News:
5th Grade Health: We start a new 12 weeks this week.  That means the school year is 1/3 over.  Wow! We will spend time together getting to know each other by doing some class activities together.  Making a buisness card about ourselves, matching a list of names in class to activities they have done: (golf 18 holes).  Then we will move into the lessons of the Michigan Model Social and Emotional Health.
Computers: Practice typing, integrated lessons with technology and what the students are currently learning at each grade level.
PE: We continue to work on jumping rope and seasonal winter activities in class.  One of my favorites from last year was ice skating on paper plates in the gym.  Find it in the archives from last season.

General18 Nov 2010 10:43 am

Conferences and Thanksgiving this week!
A perfect opportunity to tell someone in education or a parent that you are thankful for something they have done for you or your child.
Monday 5-8pm. Tuesday 4-7pm: Come to the computer lab to see what your student has been working on in the first trimester of school.  Our lab sports 35 new laptops with the latest technology for students and teachers to use.
In case you thought ipods were only for listening to music, which I did for a while….
here is a cool site for using ipods in the classroom:
100 Ways to Use Your ipod to Learn and Study Better

PE Classes will be playing two Thanksgiving Activities this week:
Giving Thanks Warm-up and Turkey Hunt (click below to find the lesson)
PE Central

Computer Classes will be finishing their All About Me projects as the younger grades continue to refine their skills with the Pixie Program: typing their name, making shapes, using stickers, and forming a slideshow.
Here is a great interactive site about Thanksgiving:
Interactive Thanksgiving Site

General15 Nov 2010 01:52 pm

5th graders: Here is the link to the Bio Cube Project.  Good Luck and enjoy.

Bio Cube Project

Examples of Student Work:

Bio Poem Project

Thankful For..
4th Grade finished their Bio Poems and are back working on their “All About Me” project in hope to be done by Conferences.
2nd and 3rd Graders are taking the Star Math Test.
1st Graders are practicing their typing and logging in while they practice with Pixie and making pages into slideshows.
K-Students are learning about Physical Activity and why it is important to move their bodies daily.

Cool, Fun Thanksgiving site for kids:
Thanksgiving Site

PE Classes will be playing a game called Turkey Farmer, Yoga stretches, sit-ups, push-ups and a 6 minute run/walk.
5th Grade Health: Students will go to the computer lab to make a document about avoiding drugs.  They will be creative when using Pixie, or another slideshow program to show “6-12 Things to Do Instead of Drugs”.

General05 Nov 2010 10:34 am

Computers: Click the link below to see a 1st Grade Project on Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Pixie Project
4th: Students will be finishing their Bio Poems, saving and printing in color.
3rd: Students will be finishing their “All About Me Slideshow” in Pixie, complete with voice, music and photos of themselves.
2nd and 1st: Students will make a page about Thanksgiving putting stickers of what they are thankful for and writing a little paragraph on the subject.


**Request from a student: Here is the link to the Transformers Website: Enjoy!
K-Students are learning about nutrition and why it is important to “Move” everyday with physical exercise.

Brain Breaks

Check out the link to the “Brain Breaks” below:

PE: Students are practicing jumping rope and will play a Kick-off/ Kickball game with a football.
5th Grade Health: Students will be having a required HIV/AIDS lesson.  Then the week will be devoted to lessons on drugs; tobacco, alcohol and inhalants.

General01 Nov 2010 06:55 am

5th Grade Health classes are learning about safety.  How to dial 911, staying home alone, safety in public places: ; in addition to fire, water and sun safety.

PE Classes: K-4: The students will play Duck Hunt a throwing and dodging game with stretching and strength exercises.

Computer Classes:
4th: We are finishing typing a Bio-Poem for Mrs. Olrich’s class and putting graphics and our pictures on it in Pixie.
3rd: We are creating a slideshow in Pixie called: All About Me, that we can show parents at conferences.
2nd: We are practicing making slideshows in Pixie and learning how to save documents.
1st: We are opening Activity pages in Pixie, and practicing using the new lab tops along with Tux Type.
All classes are working weekly on their typing skills.  Watch for those typing skill papers to come home each day your student has computer class.