December 2010

General13 Dec 2010 01:55 pm

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!  Happy Holidays to Ravenna students and their families!
My wish is that you find joy in the simple things and spend some quality time together having fun with family and friends.

The Computer classes will be using the story The Mitten by Jan Brett as a focus for the lessons this week.  Students in 1st and 2nd grades will draw a mitten and find stickers of animals to put into the mitten.  Older students will use The Mitten as a language arts activity and describe what happens next to the animals, the mitten Baba and Nikki.
We will use the following sites for reference and fun.

Jan Brett Home Page

Jan Brett Computer Games

Animals from The Mitten

Thematic Unit for Teachers/Parents and The Mitten

Links to 5th Grade Bully Comics: We made these in class last week, check them out!
Megan’s Comic

Hayley’s Comic

Maddie’s Comic

Brenden’s Comic

General03 Dec 2010 11:38 am

Polar Express sites we are using this week in Computers:

Polar Express Lesson Ideas

Polar Express Online Story

Chris VanAllsburg Site

We will be creating Word Pictures after reading The Polar Express in class.  For example, the students will be asked to type a statement (It broke my heart to lose the bell.) and draw a picture to illustrate it.  Look for student examples on the blog next week.  The younger students in grades 1 &2 will design a bell of their own from the story.

PE: Classes will continue to work on basic locomotor skills and holiday fitness activities.
5th Grade Health: We will continue with lessons on Social and Emotional Health, including giving and receiving compliments, handling bullying and harassment, speaking with respect, and visiting the Computer Lab to make a comic about bulling.  We will use the site listed under the Blogroll at the right.