January 2011

General28 Jan 2011 12:31 pm

Photoshop Snowflake Brush Set

Make your own digital snowflake! This is a really cool site I found when teaching the students about snowflakes! Try it out for yourself. Click the link below.

Make a digital snowflake

How to make a paper snowflake

Health Lessons: We will focus on the unit Social and Emotional Health
1st Grade: Predicting How People Feel
2nd: Tending Our Emotional Garden
3rd: Identifying Positive Role Models
4th: Using Self-Control to Manage Strong Feelings

5th: We will continue the safety unit from last week.

PE: We are moving to our gymnastics unit.  The gym is full of a huge wrestling mat for an after school program and it will work out great for our students to use it for gymnastics.  In this unit we work on balancing moves, the balance beam, forward and backward roll, partner stunts and fun game activities involving teamwork and basic gymnastics skills.

General26 Jan 2011 07:53 am

K- Students continue to practice logging in and finding all those keys on the keyboard and what they do!  That is a lot of new information.
1st & 2nd: Students continue to practicing their typing skills and will try some sites on the blog instead of Tux Type.  They will have one more week to navigate the internet and move into Health lessons next week.
3rd: Students will be finishing their country report covers for Mrs. Kantola and will be moving onto to Health lessons next week.
4th: Students will be learning how to manipulate digital photos, access them from the web, and put them into Pixie.  We then will move to Health lessons next week.


5th Grade Health: Students will begin a unit on Safety: Home Alone Safety, Calling 911, Sun Safety, Fire Prevention and being safe in a public place.

General14 Jan 2011 01:25 pm

3rd Grade: Students will use the site below to create a cover page for their reports.

Country Report Site

1st and 2nd Graders: Here are your sites to practice on, have fun.




4th Graders
will be researching a state they would like to visit, or have visited already and fill out a form on what they have learned.  Ask your student what state they learned about and some highlights from that state!

5th Grade Health: We have been learning about nutrition playing many games in class; food labels, fast food facts, serving sizes and the food pyramid.  We will continue with a Smoothie Project to end this unit.  Here are some websites that have fast food information on them.  I also have included an easy healthy recipe that a 5th grader could assist an adult with.

General13 Jan 2011 09:57 am

PE: Classes have been playing basketball and having fun with dribbling, passing and basic games.  Catch a Varsity game soon as their season is about half over! Friday January 28 would be a great opportunity as the Beechnau students sing the Star Spangled Banner that night with a benefit dinner for RPS.

Computers: Students have been practicing using the internet and how to search for information they are interested in.

General04 Jan 2011 08:14 am

1st Grade this is for you!


Happy New Year! I hope this post finds all of you rested and ready to get back to work and learning!
Here is a new site that is so awesome I put in the Blogroll also.  I hope to use it with the students in Health class soon.

Calculate what’s on your plate!

Maybe not such a fun thought right after the holidays now that I think about it!

5th Graders here are your sites for the week. The focus in on Food and Nutrition:

Use this site to calculate what you ate so far today and try to “Blast Off” with the Game on this site.


Use this site to learn more about milk and how much people need each day, “Milk Matters”.


Use this site to learn and understand the Food Labels on foods, a pretty good site.


Use this site to find out more about the dietary guidelines for Americans.


***Also check out on the Blogroll the following sites: Smartmouth and The Daily Plate

These sites have a TON of information on them, so enjoy and do not get too overwhelmed.