Photoshop Snowflake Brush Set

Make your own digital snowflake! This is a really cool site I found when teaching the students about snowflakes! Try it out for yourself. Click the link below.

Make a digital snowflake

How to make a paper snowflake

Health Lessons: We will focus on the unit Social and Emotional Health
1st Grade: Predicting How People Feel
2nd: Tending Our Emotional Garden
3rd: Identifying Positive Role Models
4th: Using Self-Control to Manage Strong Feelings

5th: We will continue the safety unit from last week.

PE: We are moving to our gymnastics unit.  The gym is full of a huge wrestling mat for an after school program and it will work out great for our students to use it for gymnastics.  In this unit we work on balancing moves, the balance beam, forward and backward roll, partner stunts and fun game activities involving teamwork and basic gymnastics skills.