February 2011

General23 Feb 2011 11:07 am

PE Classes will be using this site in class for warm-ups and for some new fun material.  Check it out!
Get Sweaty

This site has a daily “sweat” workout, great snack recipes, journal pages to print out.
Pretty much it JUST ROCKS! So, Check it out.

PE Classes will be starting a Bowling Unit, check out the following sites:
Online Bowling Games

E-How’s Bowling’s Site

Online Bowling Game Keeps Score

Teach Your Kids how to Bowl

Classes this week in the computer lab will be Star Math testing.
5th Grade Health will be Staying Clean, Personal Care and HIV/AIDS.

General16 Feb 2011 02:49 pm

This week we will be using the following site to Star Reader Test.
Test Site

General09 Feb 2011 12:48 pm

Mid-Winter Break……. Enjoy the time however you choose to spend it, and share some love for Valentine’s Day.
I am practicing making videos with still photos and action video in hopes to teach the students a little about this area of technology.

imovie of boys:
Lake Harbor Boys

How do I get to Lake Harbor?

Click below to see yet another version of our night.

Slide Show of Boys

General07 Feb 2011 08:01 am

The above two student examples were made by 2nd grade students in Pixie, showing their feelings.

The above two examples are of students writing “I” messages about feelings using Pixie.

Mid-Winter Break is upon us this week.  Do not forget NO SCHOOL for STUDENTS 2-10, 2-11, 2-14.  Teachers will be busy learning new skills and updating school materials on 2-10.

PE: Gymnastics: We will be using the Tech Teaching Workstation in PE this week with a warm-up and cool down with a DVD.  We will be playing the game, Catch the Cane.  It is a great low budget game that could be played at home, on the playground, at family reunions or most anywhere.
Catch the Cane Game

Health: Because of the Mid-Winter Break, Health Class on Wednesday will be an Enrichment Computer Class with review of Pixie, the DV Camera, Photos and more fun learning with our new laptops.

5th Grade Health: We will be discussing the topics of Alcohol, Tobacco, Inhalants and drug Peer Pressure.