March 2011

General28 Mar 2011 06:53 am

Last week before Spring Break!  YE-HAA.  Whether you are home or on vacation, spend some time reading, relaxing and enjoying family and friends!
Now for this week’s lessons:
4th: Finding the Balance: Physical Activity, Rest and Sleep
3rd: My Plan to be Physically Active
2nd: Physical Activity: Food’s Partner for Health
1st: Physical Activity, Rest and Sleep: Part 2
The Food Group Game

PE: Lacrosse with Milk Jugs and Tennis Balls:  I had forgotten how easy, cheap and fun these scoops are for kids.  My own two gym rats had fun throwing and catching, throwing off a wall and catching, tossing it to each other, scooping it off the ground.  The possibilities are endless and most of us with young kids as using gallon milk jugs by the week!  Here are some photos of how we cut ours apart.

Parker and Scoop

Scoop 1

Scoop 2

5th Grade Health: We have finished our unit on Bullying.  Two additional lessons in this unit are Setting Goals, and Making our School a Caring and Respectful Place.  After those lessons are addressed we being our unit on Nutrition: What’s in Food? Nutrients, Food Labels, Guidelines for Healthy Eating.  In addition to classroom lessons there are many items relating to food and exercise on the blog that we will use in class.  SO…… EAT ON, and Workout!  One of my favorite sayings is, ” Exercise, you don’t have time not to.”

General23 Mar 2011 09:20 am

4th Grade: Serve Up Good Nutrition: Serving sizes of foods you should eat.

Food Serving Sizes & Everyday Objects (word document)
Serving Size Website

3rd: My Pyramid Blast Off Game: This is found on the Blogroll under My Pyramid
2nd: Combination Foods: We will use paper food models to categorize foods into groups, and discuss combo foods.
1st: Food Groups: We will follow the 2nd grade lesson, minus the combo food part of the lesson.
K- These students continue to learn new skills using Pixie, practice logging in and helping each other.

PE: Lacrosse: We will use milk jugs cut apart as a scoop and tennis balls to play games relating to Lacrosse.  This is an easy to make piece of equipment at home.  Go ahead and attach a stick at home, but we will let the children play at school holding onto the handle of the gallon milk jug.

5th Grade Health: Students will discuss bullying, make a comic about bullying, and discuss being a good listener.

General16 Mar 2011 09:55 am

Food, Food and more Food.  All Elementary Health classes will be focusing on Nutrition with the following lessons:
4th: Help Yourself to the Food Groups: We used, What’s on Your Plate? from the blogroll, and the following site about calories:
Learning About Calories

3rd: The Magic Numbers: 5 & 60: Students reviewed the Food Pyramid, discussed why 5 and 60? and created a healthy plate in Pixie.
2nd: The Food Groups: Building Blocks for Health:We reviewed the Food Pyramid, created a healthy plate in Pixie and watched a Brainpop Jr. Video.
1st: Food Group Fun:We introduced the Food Pyramid, classified foods to fit the groups, and watched a Brainpop Jr. Video.

All classes will focus on the basics of the Food Pyramid, Serving Sizes, Calories, Nutrients and Food Labels over the next few weeks.

5th Grade Health is working on giving and receiving compliments, don’t be surprised if your student compliments you on something that they appreciate about you! Practice with your student too, give out a compliment and see how it goes!

General10 Mar 2011 08:05 am

Here we are ready to learn about Health and have some fun!

Well…… here is my new crew to influence for the next 12 week of 5th Grade Health.
Many familiar faces with many fun memories over the years.  I am looking forward to building more memories each day, 7th hour with this group.  As always if the class or parents needs anything just let me know.

Elementary Health:
4th Grade: What to do When You Disagree?
3rd Grade: Expressing Thanks and Appreciation
2nd Grade: Managing Anger and Other Strong Emotions
1st Grade: Appreciating Other People

20 Ways To Show Appreciation Adapted from the website below.

Zen Family Habits

K Computers: We have almost mastered logging in, and we created a Spring themed page using all the tools we have learned in Pixie.

PE: Bowling….. We are CRAZY BOWLING this week in the Beechnau Bowling Alley.  Anything but normal bowling goes, from non-dominant hand, between a partners legs, backwards, granny bowl (Sorry, Shelley!, Mrs. Lynch’s Mamma) to blindfolded! They came, they laughed and they bowled.

General01 Mar 2011 06:35 pm

Big changes are happening…….

5th Grade Health is wrapping up for the 2nd twelve weeks…. boo, hoo.  This has been a very polite, fun group of students to teach.  They are up to try any activity in class, have a zest for learning and after spending much time with them it will be hard to say goodbye! So strangely enough their health teacher will share a favorite VERY UN-HEALTHY RECIPE!  Check out the link below the photo for what you will need to make it kids.

Triple Peanut Pizza Recipe

Triple Peanut Pizza

K- classes will use the following site on animal tracks, and doing a matching handout in class.
Animal Tracking Site

15 Minutes Outside by rebecca CohenWildlife Federation Site: Got Snow? Track Animals in Your Neighborhood

Health Classes:

4th: Making W.I.S.E. Decisions
3rd: Helping Others by Protecting them from Bullies
2nd: Listening to Others with Respect
1st: Showing Courtesy to Others

PE Classes continue to work on their bowling skills.