March 14-18, 2011

Food, Food and more Food.  All Elementary Health classes will be focusing on Nutrition with the following lessons:
4th: Help Yourself to the Food Groups: We used, What’s on Your Plate? from the blogroll, and the following site about calories:
Learning About Calories

3rd: The Magic Numbers: 5 & 60: Students reviewed the Food Pyramid, discussed why 5 and 60? and created a healthy plate in Pixie.
2nd: The Food Groups: Building Blocks for Health:We reviewed the Food Pyramid, created a healthy plate in Pixie and watched a Brainpop Jr. Video.
1st: Food Group Fun:We introduced the Food Pyramid, classified foods to fit the groups, and watched a Brainpop Jr. Video.

All classes will focus on the basics of the Food Pyramid, Serving Sizes, Calories, Nutrients and Food Labels over the next few weeks.

5th Grade Health is working on giving and receiving compliments, don’t be surprised if your student compliments you on something that they appreciate about you! Practice with your student too, give out a compliment and see how it goes!

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