March 21-25, 2011

4th Grade: Serve Up Good Nutrition: Serving sizes of foods you should eat.

Food Serving Sizes & Everyday Objects (word document)
Serving Size Website

3rd: My Pyramid Blast Off Game: This is found on the Blogroll under My Pyramid
2nd: Combination Foods: We will use paper food models to categorize foods into groups, and discuss combo foods.
1st: Food Groups: We will follow the 2nd grade lesson, minus the combo food part of the lesson.
K- These students continue to learn new skills using Pixie, practice logging in and helping each other.

PE: Lacrosse: We will use milk jugs cut apart as a scoop and tennis balls to play games relating to Lacrosse.  This is an easy to make piece of equipment at home.  Go ahead and attach a stick at home, but we will let the children play at school holding onto the handle of the gallon milk jug.

5th Grade Health: Students will discuss bullying, make a comic about bullying, and discuss being a good listener.

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