June 27, 2011

Mrs. Lynch (on left) Mrs. Lemkie (on right)

Look what the cats dragged in….. really, two frogs.

So….. What do teachers do all Summer?  This is the first Summer we have had the WWW (World Wide Web) at the house so my goal was to update the blog with what cool things I find educationally and give all an insight to teachers in the Summer.
Well the adults may remember the old Dunkin Donuts ad where the guy rolls out of bed for another day at work and says, “Time to make the donuts….”.  The garden is growing like that everyday.  The snow peas I picked in the morning have grown by the days end, reloaded and ready for another stir fry.  I thought about time lapse photography on those guys, really.  “It’s time to pick the snow peas….”. The growing season has been good for the small farmer, but there are many fields not even tilled up and planted yet because of the wet Spring.  Just a reminder that we are not really in control.

Here is a great reading site link for free online stories for kids.  Loved the Aesop Fables.
The Baldwin Online Children’s Project: Online Books and Stories

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