August 2011

General04 Aug 2011 12:57 pm

Wow. This is a first…. two posts in one day.  The computer training is really paying off today!

Check out this link to be able to download any video and be able to use it in a webpage, on your ipod and many more applications.

Get ready school is coming…..

Welcome Back!

Coach [] Target stores advertisement for back to school 2011.

General04 Aug 2011 10:30 am
Youth Football start football practice this week.

Hot and muggy week to start football in Ravenna. Go Dogs!

August 1-4 this week, this teacher has been back to work for a 4 day Tech Camp learning new ways to use many Apple products that our computers have a school.  The “clean team” is working hard getting all the buildings ready for staff to come back and ready their classrooms.  The administrators are busy preparing for open houses, and when the teachers show up before the students.  Coaches of Fall sports are here early in the morning getting the athletes in shape and shaping their lives. Ravenna is a great place to learn, with a seasoned staff eager to use the latest technology to move our students forward.
With that said…… enjoy the last few weeks of Summer.

Jumping for Joy