Monthly Archives: September 2011

September 26-30, 2011

Go Dogs! Homecoming Week 2011!! 5th and 7th Grade: Nutrition and Physical Fitness: A Balance for a healthy life.  We will explore Foods, Food Labels, Calories, Exercise, and more through videos, this blog, classroom discussions and games.  Check out the keynote movie below to give you an idea of what we have been learning this […]

September 19-23, 2011

7th Grade students pose as Chief Joseph and settlers of the West region of America in the late 1800’s.  The class read and acted a story about Chief Joseph and his character to lead his people.  All week we did group projects to understand the Six Character Traits.  This week we will cover standing up […]

September 12-16, 2011

ART: 1st Grade students will be observing Monarch Butterfly Larva in the classroom. We will draw the egg and larva stages this week as we watch the larva turn into an awesome Monarch butterfly in the next 14 days.  We will read the Eric Carle Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle Website PE: Students will […]

September 6-9, 2011

Welcome Back!  It has been a good first week, busy but good. 7th and 5th Grade Health: We have been practicing giving and receiving compliment.  We played “Compliment Tag”, and wrote a friendly note to a classmate that we will randomly draw one a day to make someone in our class feel good!  Here is […]

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