September 2011

General25 Sep 2011 04:38 pm

Go Dogs! Homecoming Week 2011!!

5th and 7th Grade: Nutrition and Physical Fitness: A Balance for a healthy life.  We will explore Foods, Food Labels, Calories, Exercise, and more through videos, this blog, classroom discussions and games.  Check out the keynote movie below to give you an idea of what we have been learning this week.

1st Grade Art: We hope to have a butterfly hatch this week as we will be doing “Color by Numbers” of butterflies. Check out the site below for another copy if you want it:
Butterfly Page

PE Classes will be practicing daily routines of fitness and playing 3 games that build our soccer skills: Circle Soccer, Six ball soccer dribbling, and Corner Soccer.
Computer classes continue to practice logging in and practice typing.  3rd and 4th grades will transform a “pages” page from one type of flyer to a Bulldog Homecoming flyer.

General19 Sep 2011 04:37 pm

7th Grade students pose as Chief Joseph and settlers of the West region of America in the late 1800′s.  The class read and acted a story about Chief Joseph and his character to lead his people.  All week we did group projects to understand the Six Character Traits.  This week we will cover standing up for yourself, reaching out to help others and stress.

5th Grade Health
Students will practice assertive communication, setting goals and design a Vision Board with a digital photo of themselves on it.
1st Grade Art
Students will draw the last two stages of the Monarch Butterfly lifecycle and look at a cocoon under the elmo to get a close up look at what their home looks like for two weeks before it becomes a butterfly.

Classes will practice logging in, using a typing program called Tux Type and finding the typing sites on the blog.  They then will design a page about themselves and save it in Pixie.

Classes will continue to work on routines followed in daily classes, along with Hoop Play.

General11 Sep 2011 07:20 pm

ART: 1st Grade students will be observing Monarch Butterfly Larva in the classroom. We will draw the egg and larva stages this week as we watch the larva turn into an awesome Monarch butterfly in the next 14 days.  We will read the Eric Carle Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eric Carle Website

PE: Students will focus on Body and Space awareness.  Students in grades K-2 will perform activities with Hula Hoops to help them define their own space, the space of others and all of that BIG SPACE in the gym.  Here is a site with many games to play for this age on this topic.  The 3-5th grades will focus on Teamwork games.
K-2 Games Space Awareness
Cooperative Hoops

Computers: K-Students will identify the parts of the computer and what they do, and find letters on the keyboard.
1st- Students will practice logging in, then use Pixie to type their names and decorate a page.
2nd- Students will practice logging in, then use Pixie to type their names and “Show Me What You Know!!”
3rd-Students will log in, then use Pixie to explore the life cycle of a Monarch Butterfly.  Then will have the opportunity to create, color and arrange the 4 stage cycle then observe real ones in class! Look for photos to come!
Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

Monarch Butterfly jpeg image

4th-Students will log in, and will adjust their Dock Settings for all the AWESOME programs we will need to use this schools year.  Then they will “Show Me What You Know!!”

Middle School Health:
7th Grade: Students will begin the unit: Choosing Who I Am-Choosing Who I Become.  This unit give students the opportunity to look at themselves and their behaviors in regards to the 6 Essential Character Traits and the Core Democratic Values.  We will make note cards about ourselves, and explore the traits and values through a story, questions on that story; make a concept map with a group; journal writing, and end the week with “Jeopardy”-a game of behavioral examples of the 6 character traits.
5th Grade: Students will begin a unit on Social and Emotional Health.  We will discuss the four feelings: Happy, Upset, Surprised and Calm.  We will learn the A.C.T. steps for dealing with strong emotions.  If that was not enough we will jump right into Bullying!  We will use Brainpop Jr. to view a video and make cartoons.  We will also use the site Make Belief Comix to create a comic about bullying.  Try your own here…..
Make Belief Comix

Calm, Surprised, Happy, Upset

General08 Sep 2011 08:39 pm

Compliments Feel Good

Welcome Back!  It has been a good first week, busy but good.

7th and 5th Grade Health: We have been practicing giving and receiving compliment.  We played “Compliment Tag”, and wrote a friendly note to a classmate that we will randomly draw one a day to make someone in our class feel good!  Here is a cool link about compliments:

cat owner pet office mate coworker cupcake creative creativity lick licked licking swirly parodies

The Beechnau Students have welcomed each other back for another year of learning and fun!  They are getting to know their teachers, the routines of daily school life, when recess is and eating lunch in a BIG ROOM together again.  Fun Stuff!