October 2011

General30 Oct 2011 06:40 pm

Fun Halloween Sites:
Carve a Pumpkin

Free online Halloween Games

Ok, Ok, Now on to the work for the week!

PE Students will play 3 games from PE Central: Monster Mash, Pumpkins and Witches Tag, 5 Little Pumpkins Rolled Out of Sight.


K- Students continue to practice logging in each week.
1st: Students will work in Pixie to practice their fine motor skills with the paint tools.
2nd: Students will make a page in Pixie that shows animals and their tracks.
3rd: Students will make an Animal Classification page in Pixie.
4th: Students will finish their Bio Poems and then make an Earth, Moon, Sun page.

5th Grade Health: Students will finish their Safety Reports in their small groups.  They will focus on how and when to say “NO”, the Power of Choice, and Tobacco and Alcohol.  Parents please look for a letter home from me in regards to the upcoming HIV/AIDS lesson that will be taught the week of November 14-17th.

7th Grade Health: Students will finish the Tobacco lessons then move on to a small group presentation about Drugs, “Be Smart, Don’t Start.”  They will have time to work in class and then present their findings to their peers. Parents: Please look for a letter home from me in regards to the upcoming HIV/AIDS lessons and the Reproductive Health lessons which are planned to be taught the week of November 14-17th.

General23 Oct 2011 07:45 pm

Patterson Park

7th Grade Health: Monday students will view a Keynote Presentation on Body Images and how today’s media influences teens.  Students will being a unit on Tobacco on Tuesday and continue the rest of the week.

5th Grade Health: Students will begin a unit on Safety.  We will use Brainpop to view videos, take a short quiz.  Safety topics will included: Water (Big Lake Michigan, rip tides), Sun (Cancer: protection), Home Alone Safety, and Fire.  We will finish the unit with a Safety Game.

PE Classes will be treated to a Fall Gym Extravaganza!!!!! It is always one of their favorite activities of the year.  19 stations of fun, Physical Activity based on Fall and Halloween.

2nd Grade Computers: Fairy Tales…..Students will read Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears using the sources below.  Then they will do an activity in Pixie that compares and contrasts the two stories.
Little Red Riding Hood

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Fairy Tales 2

1st and 3rd Grade Computers: Students will create a page in Pixie on antonyms.  They can reference the site below as inspiration to make their page in Pixie.  An example of the Pixie page is also here too.
Antonym Page

Antonym Pixie Page

4th Grade Computers: Students will add graphic, save and print their Bio Poems they started in class with Mrs. Olrich.  Look for them on the lockers during conferences!

1st grade Art: This week we will play with “cookie cutters” to design a scene from our imagination.  We will read the book, ART DOG to get us inspired! Here is an example of the Leaf Man from last week.  They turned out really nice and the students seemed to love glueing the leaves to the paper and then adding details.

Leaf Man (or turkey????)

Leaf Man.... or turtle?

General16 Oct 2011 04:45 pm

Fall Tree

1st Grade Art: Students will make their own Leaf Man from fallen leaves from my property.  The book is a super work of art and a great literary connection for young minds to nature, art and creative imagination.

PE Students will play a game called Duck Hunt which focuses on throwing, dodging and teamwork.  We will learn 4 new Yoga moves in addition to working on cardiovascular endurance.

4th grade: Students will create a Pages document about the phases of the moon. Click below to see one.
Moon Phases

2nd grade: Students will create a Pixie page with images with the focus being opposites and antonyms.
Antonym List

3rd grade: Students will create a Pages document on a mammal of their choice, including what classifies an animal as a mammal.

1st grade: Students will create a Pixie page including stickers of the life cycle of plants, and save it.

K-Students will continue to practice logging into the computer.  Health: Students will study the 4 feelings: upset, happy, calm and surprised.

7th Grade Health: Students will create the “In 3 words” assignment for a video the class plans to make.  I am sending home an “opt out” of the video taping on Monday for parents to sign if they do not wish their student to participate in the taping portion of the assignment.  The taping will take place during class on Thursday and Friday of this week.  We plan to send the video to a group in Muskegon called “1 in 21″. Ask your student about our mission for this group.  In addition, we plan to put the video on this blog, and on the school website.  The video is to promote healthy habits among the youth and encourage participation in the Seaway Run in Muskegon in June.

5th Grade: We will create a timeline for tooth care, and create a “Good Grooming Profile”.  Students will study germs and how they spread from person to person, the body’s defenses, proper hand washing and more in two lessons covering diseases and how they spread.

General09 Oct 2011 07:26 pm

Game Day at Citizens' Field: Ravenna, Michigan

One of my favorite shots of Citizen’s Field, ok, ok I’ll admit, anytime a team gets to ring the bell. Now that is my favorite photo!  This picture was taken on a Saturday morning before one of the Little Dogs games this Fall.  What beautiful Saturday weather we have had to share in the memories of Football and being part of a team. Go Dogs!

Ok… Onto this week’s lessons:

7th Grade Health:  Students will see a Keynote presentation on Health Body Image, calculate daily calorie needs, evaluate a food label, and discuss reaching their goals in reference to healthy eating and exercise.  We discussed in class last week the Muskegon County goal of being #1 in 2021.  Ask your student what that means, and about the Seaway Run for 2012! Talk about Goal Setting and Real Life…. here is our chance!

5th Grade Health:  We will focus on Body Odor this week! What is it, how to prevent it, we all have it….. The class will play a body odor board game with a partner identifying body odor cause cards and body odor elimination cards.  We will do a “Webquest” together in class.  The class will also use a timeline to show good dental health care throughout a lifetime.

PE: Students will work as a team to kick over bowling pins.  You can do this easily at home with any “soccer type ball” and a two-liter pop bottle with a little water or rocks in the bottom.   A great skill for any young child.

Computers: Students will create their own Keynote presentation and save it.  Younger students will begin the process of saving, and the K-students will attempt to log on for the first time.  Good Luck to us All!!!  They are incredible minds and master many skills in such a short time.  A mini-miracle really!

Art: We will focus on Leaf Men.  We will read the book, Leaf Man, and do a crayon rubbing of a leaf to make our own leaf man.  I’ll try to take a photo this week and get one (or more) on the blog next week.

General02 Oct 2011 08:34 pm

Bulldog Pride in 1st Hour Health Class

7th and 5th Grade:
Classes will continue on Nutrition lessons with a virtual field trip to a “fast food” meal of their choice.  Then they will play a Food Label Board Game, a Food Label Fishing Game, and make a short film about evaluating their food intake and activity levels.

Virtual Fast Food Field Trip Website

PE: Students will play 4-Corner Soccer along with learning new Yoga moves.
Computers: Students will practice changing a “Pages” page and saving it getting ready make a Keynote presentation next week.  They will use Pixie to adjust a photo and put into a slideshow.
Art: Students will wrap up the butterfly and life cycle unit by following a color by number and making their class book.