November 2011

General23 Nov 2011 08:27 am

Happy Thanksgiving!

This will be a busy , but short week at Beechnau.
Conferences: Monday November 21: 5-8 pm
Tuesday November 22: 4-7 pm

Middle School
5th Grade: Students are wrapping up 12 weeks of Health with a unit on the six body systems.  They have been working in a small groups and their presentations will be this week.  The groups have asked for velcro, a snare drum, and a live heart dissection.  It should be an interesting few day!

7th Grade: Students are finishing the last week of health with a trip to the Computer Lab to investigate health topics and online sources from the blog.

PE: Students will continue jump rope practice and play to turkey/Thanksgiving activities.
Computers: Students will have time to organize their work into folders and time to create on their own.  A much deserved award after working so hard for 12 weeks.

General17 Nov 2011 09:44 am

Butterfly Release

1st Grade students remember to stop by the library at Conferences to get a photo of you releasing the butterflies we “grew”!

Conferences: Beechnau
Monday November 21, 2011 5-8 pm
Tuesday November 22, 2011 4-7 pm

Students are making a Dice Math Page, Studying Ezra Jack Keats; creating a page about his book The Snowy Day.
In addition other students are making a Thanksgiving page and saving it.
We will continue to practice our long and short Jump Ropes and play a Thanksgiving Turkey Farmer Game.
5th Grade Health: Students are working on their last project about the 6 body systems.
7th Grade Health: Students are finishing their HIV/AIDS lessons and taking a trip to the computer lab.

General04 Nov 2011 10:49 am

Conference times for Mrs. Lynch:
I will be at Beecchnau Elementary for conferences on Monday November 21, 5-8 pm and Tuesday November 22, 4-7 pm.
Be sure to have your student show you the wonderful Computer Lab we have and if your son or daughter is in 1st grade pick up a photo of them and their Art work from this Fall at the entrance of the school.

1 in 21

The 7th grade Health class worked very hard on the 1 in 21 video for the Healthy Muskegon Project.  Click the following link below and I have also created a Page for the 1 in 21 Project where information and websites can be found.

1 in 21 video

Beechnau this week:
Computers: Students will create a document about conferences with text and details of photos, the use of the internet and more.
PE: Students will focus on jump ropes.