January 2012

General29 Jan 2012 03:16 pm

Look what a young student recently showed me in class. Cool!

A display of the Mid Mark Project that was made into a movie!

7th and 5th grade students will have lessons on communicable diseases and how they spread.  We have a handshake demonstration, a card sort of diseases, a small group demo with “old toys” and “craft” objects to show how HIV attacks the immune system.  We will end the week with a video on HIV and AIDS and a pre/post test of the lesson.

Communicable Diseases
The Human Body: Communicable Diseases: A site created by students for students.

Hillendale Health: Diseases, Take a Quiz here!

The PE Classes continue with Gymnastics.
1st Grade Art: Princess and the Pea Project
K-4th Grade Health: Social and Emotional Health: Friends, and Bullying

General27 Jan 2012 08:26 am

Here are a few of the comics made by the 7th graders in Health class!





General27 Jan 2012 07:53 am

Happy Friday! Enjoy this site to make a comic for class today.
Make Belief Comix

General22 Jan 2012 06:17 pm

Up Close Snowman: 1st Grade Art

Here is one of our creations from 1st grade art class.  Here is the link that I found the assignment.  It is a great treasure of art projects.  Whether you are a grandmother, teacher, mom, need art for a club or whatever this site is AWESOME!
Deep Space Sparkle

Princess and the Pea (Deep Space Sparkle) our next adventure!!

Storynory: Online “tape” of Princess and the Pea

Video/Book online

PE Classes will begin Gymnastics.  Look for your student to be practicing yoga moves at home!
Elementary Health: We will focus on the Social and Emotional aspect of health and use our computer lab to integrate lesson on four feelings, using our manners and what makes a positive and negative friend.

7th Grade Health:  Students will focus this week on how to manage strong feelings including anger.  We will discuss bullying and make a comic at Make Belief Comix online.  We will finish the week with a review game of Trash Can Basketball.  Next week we will be discussing HIV/AIDS.  If you have any questions about topic materials, or opting out, please do not hesitate to call or email me.  I have a note going home with more information this week.  That will give you some time to talk to your student about this topic if you so choose.

5th Grade Health: We will focus this week on Safety.  Topic that we will explore are: Home Alone, Water/Swimming, Sun, General safety topics.  We will finish the week with a review game of Trash Can Basketball.  Next week we will be discussing HIV/AIDS.  If you have any questions about topic materials, or opting out, please do not hesitate to call or email me.  I have a note going home with more information this week.  That will give you some time to talk to your student about this topic if you so choose.

General17 Jan 2012 06:44 pm

Relax. Exam week will be over soon!

This is a photo I took recently and it won “Best of 2012″ for the day on Instagram, an App for iphones and photography.  That was pretty cool.  It is of Hoffmaster State Park, a place most of the Ravenna students have been on their 3rd grade field trips.  We do live in a beautiful area.  Ok, ok… onto the video.  I tried to link it directly here…. on to burn a DVD!

General15 Jan 2012 08:58 pm

Exam week at the Middle School this week…. Do you feel like this?

Does Exam Week have you stressed?

7th and 5th graders will examine how to say no, learn that they do have a choice and practice it in class this week in many ways to get used to saying, “NO” with their peers.

1st Grade Art finished their Awesome “Up Close” Snowmen and we hope to get some great photos of their work.

PE: Classes will begin a Gymnastics unit.  The students always seem to love this with all the big mats!
Computers: This is the last week before we transition over to Health/ Computer classes.  This week we will practice our skills doing a book report.  We will take a photo with the book, then tell in a video why we like the book or not.  The older students will wrap it all up together in a tidy little “Pages” or “Keynote” program.

General13 Jan 2012 02:21 pm

Students in 5th grade playing the Body Odor Board Game.

5th Graders playing BO Board Game


General03 Jan 2012 08:35 pm

Hello students! Here is your plan for the day and I hope I am back to school VERY SOON!
7th and 5th Grade:
You will be learning about nutrition at a “Fast Food” joint.  When I return we will be taking a virtual field trip to a restaurant of your choice.  Until then I hope you enjoy the lesson today! Mrs. Lynch

Click on the link below to demonstrate to the students the dining decisions they have.
Dining Decisions

Click on the next link to have the students take a 15 question quiz.  Have them number their journals from one to fifteen, take the quiz.  Give them 2-3 minutes to discuss with a neighbor from their chair.  Then go over the results and discuss as a class. (I’ll check them when I get back  :) )

Food Pyramid (Plate) Challenge

Watch the short video on Jamie Oliver and his portable food kitchen for students in Long Beach, California.  Tell me in your journal what you think? Tell me about grams of sugar and teaspoons…. Tell me how long is the teaching/cooking lesson in the mobile food kitchen?  Did you notice the food magnets stuck to the fridge?? We used those in class!! Cool! Click below to see the video.

Big Rig Mobile Cooking Kitchen!

If you have no idea who Jamie Oliver is read a little bit at the next link to find out.
Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver.com

Jamie Oliver (Interesting things….)

There 7th and 5th Graders….. That ought to do it! Hope to see you all soon!

Beechnau: Elementary Computers
4th Grade: Practice Typing for 5-7 minutes. Have them open Photobooth and Keynote.  Photobooth looks like a red curtain and film strip.  Keynote looks like a podium.  Both are found on the dock.
Have students practice taking photos of themselves and using them in Keynote.  “Media” will be a easy tool for them to use for this.  Don’t Worry, Be Happy!  It is practice for next week!

2nd and 3rd  Grade: Practice Typing for 5-7 minutes.  Have them log on to Safari and get onto the blog.  It is bookmarked on their accounts at the top of their screen.  Have them navigate the 1st grade and K “Page” on the right.  Inside there are plenty of activity for 2nd grade and up!

1st Grade: Typing Practice on Tux Type for 5-7 minutes. Have them open Pixie.  It is a blue paintbrush on the dock.  Have them go to the 1)Yellow open folder (top left)  2) Activities Folder 3)Math 4)Number Facts 5) Add with Dice     When done, go to the Measurements page and have them choose which to do.  They can save the documents.  I would suggest 10 minutes at the end of the hour for “choice time”.

Add with Dice

Measure in Inches

Log in.  Open Pixie.  Allow choice time.  Students will need 5 minutes to log out.

General02 Jan 2012 01:31 pm

Our Footprints at Hoffmaster State Park: December

Welcome Back!
7th and 5th grade Health: Classes this week will make a short keynote/video on “Barriers to Fitness and Nutrition”.  They viewed last 12 weeks classes and were inspired to make their own.  They will also visit a “fast food joint” of their choice and calculate how many calories in a meal and how log it would take to “exercise” it off.  That is always an eye opener!

Computers: Students will focus on integrating technology into their core classes.  This will involve learning Keynote, Photoshop, and Activity Pages on Pixie.

PE Classes will focus on Jumping Rope and Floor Hockey.