Monthly Archives: February 2012

February 27-March 2, 2012

1st Grade Art: Here is our project for this week! Primary Color Super Heros! Check it Out!

February 20-24, 2012

Welcome back from Mid-Winter Break! With the weather we have been having it feels more like Spring Break in Michigan.  I have heard that this is the second mildest Winter EVER.  History folks, History.  On to this week…… 7th Grade: Students will focus on Water Safety and Sun Safety with hands on creations, frisbees that […]

February 14, 2012

Today…. It’s all about the HEART! Happy Valentine’s Day Classes! Check out these sites…… Ok, ok, the more research I did on what to put on for today the Interactive Sites #2, #3 I think are the best. Enjoy! Heart Video Checkout this “Homemade” Heart Video! Really…… Interactive Heart Site Broken Hearts of Art I […]

Bullying Survey 2-2012

Here is Mrs. Kantola’s Bullying Survey: Bully Survey

February 7, 2012

7th Graders here is a link to your project on drugs. Print one off and away you go with your group.  You should be able to read the paper and figure out the direction you and your team want to take.  I am eager to see what you are capable of creating by Friday! 7th […]

February 5-10, 2012

7th Grade Health class will research a drug as a small group and give a presentation that will be wrapped into a class movie project with all groups participating.  We will visit the computer lab Tuesday-Thursday and be done on Friday.  The groups will be given a rubric of what to include and choices of […]

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