March 3-9, 2012

1st Grade Super Hero Art

OUR MACUL PRESENTATION….. look to the right under PAGES……. then 1:MACUL 2012

Have fun this week! I am presenting at MACUL with Mrs. Lemkie this week in Grand Rapids!
We will be sure to bring home cool, exciting tips to add to our lessons for you!

Beechnau Nutrition Sites: Check out at least three and have a great time learning!
Blast off Game This site is the updated Choose My Plate site that used to be the old Food Pyramid site.  Play the Blast Off Game.  You will choose foods for the day to each and 60 minutes of exercise to see if you can blast off your spaceship!

Matching Game Click on the pictures to estimate the serving size of foods.

Little D’s Nutrition Games There are many challenges here, try: Breakfast Detective, Combo Kitchen, Picnic Adventure.

Evaluate My Plate Choose a meal of the day, then add foods that you have eaten or plan to eat and the computer will tell you the serving size, calories, food group and give suggestions on what else to eat to have a balanced diet.

Nourish Interactive for Kids Click on Food Group Games to explore an arcade game with food!

50+ Nutrition Sites for Kids Many sites to explore here!

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