May 7-11, 2012

A beautiful space in Ravenna.

Art: First Grade: We will create a note for Mom this week and turn it into an ART-VELOPE. Check it out!
ART-VELOPE Crayola does a demonstration of how to turn any art into an envelope here. Enjoy!

Art Envelope

PE Classes will play with the parachute this week as the 3rd Graders prepare for their AWESOME Musical.
Computer/Health: We will watch a BrainpopJr. movie on Fitness and create 4 pages in Pixie and print it.
Middle School Health Classes will discover more about germs, how they are spread and learn about HIV/AIDS with a vocabulary lesson, an Army Ken Doll Demonstration on how white blood cells help the body fight off infection and how it does not work the same when infected with HIV. Scary Stuff! Brainpop will also help us in learning more about AIDS.

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    I suppose it ddeenps what inspired you in the first place. For me, photography was a way to capture what I did not have the talent to draw, or at least draw quickly. So I would take pictures, then try to draw those pictures in multiple modes, suhc as the Van Gogh mode (and if you don’t know what I mean, maybe you should go to an art museum for inspiration). Also, I’ve found that (literally) not having my equipment for a few months while starting to feel that lack of inspiration is giving me tremendous inspiration, as I just got it back this evening, and can’t wait to go take pictures tomorrow! So, take a deep breath, put down the camera, pick out your favorite pictures and try to draw them, or go to museums and try to capture the feeling you get from a drawing or painting in your camera, or possibly you just need to ask a friend to hold on to your equipment indefinitely. When you find your hands itching for a camera, it’s time for you to go get it back.

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