Wednesday May 23, 2012

Ginormous Twister!!

Let the FUN begin…. with Ginormous Twister! Oh YEAH.  We spray painted a GIANT twister board on Beechnau’s playground. Can’t wait to see the students use it and laugh! 7th Graders if you want to take a walk down memory lane this morning check out the link on the Blogroll to the right that says “Mrs. Lynch’s Photo Albums”.  I bet I have a few of you kids on there from Fun Day’s past. Enjoy.

Yea... 7th Grade is almost over!

OK, OK…. I think we can do better with the jumping photo! And on my camera it actually turned out quite blurry. So, I am open to deleting this photo for the movie, re-shooting it, or any other new ideas you may have.  So think up some good ones. Anyways it made me LOL, so that was a good thing.
Here is the link to the Pepsi Max/Uncle Drew Basketball Video I was telling you all about. If it doesn’t play for you through this link than maybe you can talk really sweet to Mr. Crowell and he will play it through his “teacher” computer. It is only 5 minutes and shows a lot of neat things in regards to video, make-up and what you see is not always what you get! Watch and enjoy!
Pepsi Max/ Uncle Drew Video

#1) Review this document on the facts for the Apple Eating Event/Invitaion
Apple Video Student Guidelines word document
#2) Create a document (Printshop, Pages, Keynote, Word, Photo in Photo booth)
That is a “paper” invitation to Mrs. Obama to come to Muskegon on October for the Apple Event. Use details from the above document in your invitation. If you need more “county facts” be sure to check out the Page on the right of the blog called “1 in 21 Muskegon Health” for the link to the health facts and the previous video.
#3) Save the document and if done save it. We will print them in color another day.
#4) DON’T FREAK OUT, if you are not done today. We will tape more on Thursday and go finish up Friday.

YOUR CLASS IS AWESOME! See you Thursday morning!

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