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Final Post June 16, 2017

It has been great documenting for Education in this blog for many years. Showcasing what great teachers and students are doing each day in the trenches. Via the MAISD I have been told by our technology director that this blog service will be shutting down. So….goodbye for now and I will put my creative energy […]

February 27-March 3, 2017:

  Monday 27: 8:00 am Sly/Lynch IEP 6:00pm School Board Workshop Tuesday 28: 4:00 pm Volleyball vs. Hart Wednesday 1: 9:00 am Lynch @ Admin Meeting Thursday 2: 7:00 am Sly/Lynch IEP Friday 3: Technology and Good Reads: Principal of Change:George Curous, 3 Things Students Should Have Before They Leave High School. 4 Questions to […]

February 13-17, 2017: How will you make RPS better?

How will you make RPS better this school year? This was a question that was asked by our district Superintendent, John VanLoon at the opening breakfast. Sometimes during these days in a long stretch of a school year we need to be reminded that we set out to do great things this year for RPS. Here […]

February 6-10, 2017: Don’t be Afraid to Fail

Culture and Climate thought of the week from John Gordon…..”Creating a culture where people are afraid to fail leads to failure. Allowing people to fail and learn from failure ultimately leads to success.” This week take a risk and support those who try and fail. Read on….. Why Failure is Crucial for a Student’s Success […]

January 9-13, 2017: Next steps to the Finishline

Steps to the next finish line…..We have a big week at RMS with a Pride Assembly on Tuesday, a Student Survey, teaching staff working together with School Improvement, PLC Leadership team meetings and more. All of these meetings and decisions will lead us to the next finishing of the end of Semester One on Friday January 20. […]

November 21-23, 2016: Thanksgiving Break

                  Weekly Notes: RMS A shortened week ahead will bring rest and relaxation with family and friends. Many times this is a stressful time for students instead of a break and joy from time away from academics. You are a great influence in each child’s life everyday […]

November 14-18, 2016: RMS Hands On Education

                                            Busy week at RMS with a lot of hands on learning. Technology Coach Tracy Lemkie is partnering with Mr. Ike with hands on 3D printing and creating opportunities for our students. RMS staff […]

October 3-7, 2016: RPS Homecoming Week

Thoughts from the book, The Energy Bus….. Chapter 19: The Ultimate Rule of Positive Energy “Your positive energy and vision must be greater than anyone’s and everyone’s negativity. Your certainty must be greater than everyone’s doubt.” Here is a video that was shared to me by Ms. Wendy Kohn staff member at RMS. Part of […]

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Boyne Tech Conference 2016

Boyne Tech Conference 2016 is always a welcome kick of to Summer. We are welcomed with great hospitality by the Boyne staff on Friday night at a lakeside BBQ. Then on Friday morning at the High School it is like a reunion of #miched friends and educators from around the extended area. Join me at […]

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