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GVSU Presentation

GVSU Sweethearts!

GVSU Sweethearts!

Thank you for this opportunity to talk to a group of GVSU students who will be entering the field of Education soon! We need caring, dependable, hard working people to join us in keeping Education Awesome for all!

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As the school year starts the second month we are settling into routines, classes and the daily schedule. I found a great article for anyone who is parenting a Middle School age boy. I am sure there is a wonderful article about Middle School Girls and when I find it, I’ll share that too! But for now here is a super way to think about all that boys are going through in this, one of the biggest transitions in their entire life.  Love them, cut them some slack, as they are learning to become men.

What a Middle School Age Boy Needs From His Parents

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Having lunch with the girls basketball teams!

Having lunch with the girls basketball teams!

What a great way to have lunch! I have spent the first few lunch periods having lunch with each athletic team discussing grades, eligibility, expectations, and how special it is to be a student-athlete! I even shared my best and worst running stories with the Cross Country runners, how and why cheerleaders are important, that if you practice anything for a long time you can get REALLY good at something, and we watched the Philly Eagles pre-season video to get us pumped up!!

Good luck in all of your seasons RMS Bulldogs!


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Learning on the Lakeshore today in Muskegon. Thank you to all that took so much time and effort to put on this event and to those taking their time to share what they know with others today. It is a time in Education to showcase what wonderful things we do each day of the calendar!
Learning on the Lakeshore
 Highly Effective Sparks to Ignite the Elementary Classroom

Highly Effective Sparks to Ignite the Elementary Classroom PDF Version

 Transform Your Teaching Day with Photos and Video Tools

Transform Your Teaching Day with Photos and Video Tools PDF Version

Rhonna Designs App

Rhonna Designs App


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Fresh Strawberries equal Summer!

Fresh Strawberries equal Summer!

Boyne Tech Conference! Here we come….We are excited to be presenting at their first conference EVER! We like to share so here is our presentation! If we could bring you these strawberries we would have shared those too!


Here is the handout that we will use for our presentation 25 Sparks for the Elementary Classroom!

Hope to see you there!


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Mrs. Lynch is ready to tend to her garden and go golfing!

Mrs. Lynch is ready to tend to her garden and go golfing!

As we wrap up another school year the students will be making an avatar of themselves with a message to students for next year. One last project this year! Avatar Yourself with a message for students for next school year! Tell them how awesome an event was, tell them the best thing to order for school lunch, tell them your most AWESOME memory from this school year. Tell them what to watch out for, and the best of Beechnau! Good Luck and Have Fun!
Here are some cool sites to check out! The real Blue deal here. A little freaky so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Build your Wild Self This site is sponsored by the New York Zoo and Conservation Society.

Lego Avatar: The Mini-Mizer A mini me made of legos! Pretty funny stuff!

Voki  One of my all time favorites sites for avatars.

Web Tools for Kids: Avatars A TON of ways to Avatar yourself. Check it out!!

Web Tools for Kids: Animate Yourself

Bitstrips A comic site and avatar creation tool for students.

Ok, Let's get working students!



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I like to call this time of the year the roller coaster ride into Summer. There are so many activities that our students get to enjoy and take part in it is FAST and FURIOUS to the finish line. Then the busses pull away, it’s quiet and it’s done. Just like that. Ok… we have work to do. Here we go

Print, Color, Play!

Print, Color, Play!

coLAR  A cool site that allows you to print a page, color it then use the coLAR APP and it brings the  page to 3D life. Augmented Reality style. I think we’ll try this with our students and have the 4th graders download the app on their iPads.
Health Class: We will finish the Bullying Unit by creating our own Comics at Comix.

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Art Link: Pinterest

Spring Flower

Additional Resources for Guest Teacher.
BrainPopJr Click here to log into BrainPopJr.
Anger, Conflict and Violence Video

Bullying Video: Not Just a Guy Thing

Bullying Prevention: Students Share Do’s and Don’ts

Blendspace Bullying


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Daffodil Flipagram Movie
Watch a the movie above about all the cool Art we made this week.

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

How to Draw a Daffodil Our inspiration for the Daffodil Art was this video and my Spring Garden. Nice Job students!!

Here is this week’s computer lesson.
BrainpopJr Log into BrainpopJr and find the Movie of the Week. It is about Recycling. #1 Watch the Video. #2Play the Game. #3Do Draw About It. #4 Go to Conservation (it’s at the top of the page) and watch and do any activities about Natural Resources, or Extinct/Endangered Species.
Have fun, learn and enjoy. Help each other out and be nice to the Guest Teacher.
Here’s one more just for fun!
20 Things We Should Say More Often! Kid President

Art and General and Health Class and Technology14 Apr 2014 10:46 am

Welcome Back!
Lessons for this week:
Math: Review of basic Math with Moby Max.
Art: April Showers. A very cool Pinterest find…. no websites to reference… so we’ll have to make it up as we go!
Rain, Umbrella's, Puddles. Fun. Health/Technology: All grades will work on Pixie to create a slideshow from the last few weeks lessons on food, nutrition, and physical exercise. Like a an exam. Use those resources kids and show us what you know, learned and can add from Pixie! 4th grade will be doing a web quest on a famous author.

Easy, Cool, Fun!

Easy, Cool, Fun!

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