Free Practice Typing Sites

Here is a list of free typing sites for students.  They have come recommended from districts around the state that use these programs.  At Beechnau we use a program called Tux Type.  It has many various levels of difficulty and students enjoy it for it’s game like aspects.

Mouse Skills Basic skills for using the mouse.

Free Typing Games A site that has multiple games of typing, from easy letters to words that fly down a road at you at high speeds.

Dance Mat Typing A beginning typing site that is colorful, and talks the student through exactly what to type when. Great for the little ones.

Sense Lang Typing Go test it out! Many to choose from.

Learning Games for Kids Over 22 typing games! Also Math activities from grades K-8 and Algebra. Many, Many educational games!

Typing Web This site shows words per minute, errors made and will challenge students by allowing them to see when they type correctly and when an error is made. It is free, but if a teacher or student chooses to make an account then the information can be saved.

A Whole Lotta Keyboarding Here: Lee Summit K-12 District Wow. Sometimes you just hit a home run with a google search! This is a tremendous site for educators and students and how this district has pulled their keyboarding program all together. Lots of documents, I’ll just say if this was a Master’s Class Paper project…. and I was the Professor…… I’d give it an A!

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