Elementary: K-4th Grades and Art

Websites for 1st, 2nd, Kindergarten students.

ABCYA A site for grades K-5.  Educational games in math and more.

Crayola A creative site for all ages.

PBS Kids A site based off of the programing of PBS, online games and coloring.

Fun Brain Educational games for elementary students.

Kindergarten Reading Games A source for parents and teachers to encourage reading.

Young Children A huge resource for parents and teachers of young children.

Interactive Websites: K-12 grades A huge resource of core curricular areas that are standard based.

Starfall A Great early reader interactive site.

BBC A site for young children with stories and fun games.

Animal Prints Real animal prints and how to identify them.

Story Line Online A reading site that has famous actors reading stories aloud.

Math That Sticks! A math site that includes pre-K to Algebra

Landform Sites:

KidsGeo This site is easy for students to use and has Earth, Rocks, erosion and 5 different chapters with many cool ideas.

Landforms Song by the Obies A Fun song for the students that reviews the major landforms.

National Geographic Landforms A very basic 4 photos and description of different landforms.

Landform App for the ipad I didn’t buy this but it sure looks like it would be worth .99 cents! I’ll look into it…….

Exploring Landforms WebQuest This site us well worth a visit and be sure to scroll down to Resources (Websites) where it lists many other sites, all you have to do is click them and it brings you right there!

3rd Grade Math Games

Great Math Site! I found this when I needed my own son to have some extra practice on Math skills. Kid approved. Enough said.

Country Report Site

Pioneer Life

Life in a Log Home 

Pioneer Site: Made by Students

Math Multiplication Tables online quiz

Cool Math for Kids Flash cards and FUN Math games for kids.

Times Tables Quizes Regular Quizzes that will make you smarter!

Math Zone Everything you ever needed to know in Elementary school about Math!

Spelling City A Great site for students to “Play” and Practice their words.

Mrs. Olrich’s Blog 4th Grade teacher for Beechnau Elementary.

Stop Bullying Now Webisodes, Facts, Information and Resources

Make Belief Comix A site to create your own comics: speech bubbles, characters that are printable.

The Mariners’ Museum

Trackmill A game site with BMX bikes that you control.

Game Star Mechanic Fun site for students to make their own games!! Lot of thinking going on!


UV Beads

Skin Safety The American Cancer Society

Water Safety

Mini-Videos and Water Safety

Discovery Channel Mike Rowe: Bathroom and Sneeze


Compliment Tag A great site with a game that teaching students how to give and receive a compliment. SUPER STUFF.

TONS of HEALTH STUFF Click here for MANY links on health topics. Everything from Air Quality to Vaccines.


Here are FABULOUS sites that showcase the best of art for the Elementary classroom. Use them with your students, in the Summer with your own children, at camps, and parks…..

Doodle Art Gallery A cool site that has FREE printable pages of doodles for children to color.  It also talks about why people doodle (and maybe you should too), and you can upload your doodles here. Pretty Cool. We loved the Ice Cream doodle coloring page under Seasonal sites.  Also it would be cool to have children color Letters in their name and frame them….. Hey just brainstorming here. Enjoy.

Deep Space Sparkle This site saved my year when I found out I was teaching 1st Grade Art this year! GULP!  It  Patty, the art teacher of this site has it “going on”. She’s Awesome and has great ideas. Search it by grade, lesson, subject, etc.  She is also VERY CONNECTED, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest. It’s just fun to check out her site whether you teach art or not! Super Resource.
Here is just one I tried this year…. “Up-Close Snowman”, worked great!

Snowman: Oil Pastels

The Teacher’s Guide This is a site that has lessons posted on it from Art Teachers, and there are a lot of ideas here. Plenty to inspire you and your students no matter what the age or lesson focus.

Henna Pattern Page Not a huge fan of Henna, (had to google it to make sure we were all good putting it on here!) BUT, this site has great line ideas that build on each other to offer students an idea of different types of lines, and how when you put them together they make a cool pattern. Now that…. I am a FAN of. Go check it out!

Art Ideas for Teachers A HUGE resource for art ideas. Many links to a variety of resources.

Incredible Art A very organized site that displays Art ideas by grade level, medium, subject, period, artist, and integration.  A lot of lessons here to sort through, but the organization makes it easy.

Oodles of Art Currently this Art teacher is on leave, but her blog has many cool art ideas, shows step by step photos of art and has won awards for her blog. Way to go!

Leaf Rubbing Cards Check out this cool site for Leaf Rubbings on a Thank You Card! Very easy and step by step color photos to guide you! Gotta love where Pintrest leads us! Thanks Technology!

Name Skeletons This is just AWESOME and I am so excited to use it this year! I hope to post our own photos!

Name Skeleton Art

Mrs. Knight’s Art Blog Fabulous Blog! as a Pinner said on Pintrest, “Best Art blog out there!”. There are some great ones and I don’t want to start and Elementary Teacher Fight about ART, but it is pretty awesome! Additionally, it does have an award as BEST ART Page! So, either way it’s got to be pretty darn good!

Patrick Hruby Hruby grew up in a log cabin within an Idaho forest. As a young boy he dreamt of running away to join the circus and become a trapeze artist. Eventually, however, he grew up to study math and physics before attending the renowned Art Center College of Design and pursuing a career as an illustrator. His interest in the geometry of nature is central to his work. Influenced by artists and designers such as Charley Harper, Paul Rand, and Mary Blair, Hruby has gone on to develop his own stunning and modern aesthetic.

Crayola.com Not just for crayons! This site I have come back to over and over again. Whether it was for an easier sub plan than what I was planning on teaching, you can count on this site to have something to supplement nearly any unit that children will enjoy. Don’t think they do not have cool challenging projects, they do. I just tend to use it as an easy “go to” plan when I need it! Enjoy.

Art Lessons for Kids Inspiration for parents, teachers and anyone who loves teaching art.  Stumbled on this when I was looking for a simple line project. This site is fabulous, great photos and has an easy design to find what you are looking for.

Imagination Idea: ArtMommie Blog A great activity that anyone at any age can do to practice their imagination.  I used it magazine pictures pre cut for the students.  In addition I showed a video from Brainpop about Imagination that fits super with the lesson.

Elementary Art Room Dr. Seuss inspired…..Elementary Art Room Blog Page Need Dr. Seuss inspiration? It only took one peek at this page to know exactly what I wanted to do for a recent art lesson! Combine BrainPopJr. with a movie and great handout about rhyming and the rest is history!

DickBlick Art Page A Huge resource for art.  Search by grade level, Lessons plans, 2d and 3d plans and much more.

Tori’s Teacher Tips A blog for a Snow Globe Art Project!! Very cool Technology photos with art.


What’s on Your Plate?

The Daily Plate

National Dairy Council and Nutrition

Choose My Plate

Blast Off Game A great site/game to teach children how to make smart choices with daily foods and exercise.

Nourish Interactive A Great nutrition site that is set up to easily navigate and has many pages to print for students.

Food Serving Sizes

Nourish Interactive for Kids

Milk Matters

Calorie King

Calorie Counters

Recipes and snack ideas for kids

Digital Photos of Food Enhanced photos of food and other media.

Caffeine Facts of amounts of Caffeine in foods and drinks.

Caffeine Facts

Recommended Daily Intake

The Teaching Files: Nutrition

USDA Team Nutrition


Get Sweaty

Online Bowling Games 

Online Bowling Games & Keeping Score

Teach Kids how to Bowl

PE Central

Brain Breaks

PE Universe


19 Winter Holiday Websites for Your Students

Interactive Thanksgiving

Interactive Thanksgiving:Direct Link 

Thanksgiving Scholastic Interactive

Animated Thanksgiving Puzzles

Everything Thanksgiving

How to Draw a Turkey

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Pumpkin Carving Online

Halloween Jokes

Free Online Halloween Activities for Kids

Everything Pumpkin Site

Digital Snowflake

Angry Birds

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