MACUL 2012, 2013, 2014

MACUL 2010 was the year that started it all! A co-worker said, “Hey, you should apply to MACUL.”
I didn’t even know what it was! So, I looked into it, applied, was accepted…(thank you MACUL) and have been sharing and learning so much at MACUL each year it is truly amazing. So Thank YOU J-RO, Big Jolly, Mr. Robertson who encouraged me to apply to MACUL!

MACUL 2013

MACUL 2013

Look for our presentation at MACUL this year:
TNT: Dynamite Tips and Tricks from Two Elementary Teachers in the Trenches!

It will be packed full of information from two teachers who utilize technology in every class no matter what subject or grade level they are teaching!

K-Created Santa in Pixie

2012 Pixie Student Examples View Over 42 student created assignments in Pixie here!

TNT: Dynamite Presentation This is a Pages file.

TNT:Dynamite Presentation This is a PDF file.


Tracy, Alicia, Mindy Working the BrainPOP

Tracy, Alicia, Mindy Working the BrainPOP

Welcome to MACUL 2013!
Here is our presentation:
Don’t Be Thunderstruck with Today’s Technology: Two teachers show how to electrify the Elementary Classroom!

MACUL Final Presentation 2013 copy




Mindy’s Notes from MACUL….I was pretty busy with the BrainPop booth and presenting, but I was able to go to one of Adam Bello’s presentations and it was GREAT.

Print What You Like  PrintWhatYouLike lets you print the good parts of any web page while skipping ads and other junk.

Ujam With UJAM, you can create music for all the things in your life, for free!

Desmos Graphing Calculator Graph functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and more- for free!

Remind101 A safe way for teachers to stay in touch with parents and students.

ifttt Put the internet to work for you. For example, if you change your profile photo on one digital social site, it will change them on all of the sites. Handy! Making an informational graphic with maps and graphics … social studies.

101 questions Site shows photos and videos and asks what comes to your mind first. You can skip the photo and it will give you a new one, it will also show you what else is on other people’s minds. Creative.

Dan Meyer Adam recommends him, and I recommend Adam…. So Check it out!

Symbaloo    EDU website. May be for you… Maybe not. Organize your social media self at this site. Netflix, Pintrest, stuff in general.

MACUL 2014

Ignite Student Learning: MACUL 2014
Paper Handout from MACUL 2014  and Boyne Tech Conference Click here for a PDF version of the handout at the presentation.

I was able to see Leslie Fisher on Wednesday before a very busy two days at MACUL! Here are my take aways from her presentation on the Camera an Video Class:

Leslie Fisher’s Website

I downloaded all the apps that she recommended before the session and that was very helpful. She has that handout linked on her website: Leslie Fisher
Camera Awesome: Great app for all things camera related and also easily uploads to SmugMug
Camera+: This has been my go to app for years. I love it.
VSCO Camera: ?? No Notes on this one… check it out.
Pro HDR: Many more options with HDR if you love that look to your photos.
PicLab Design Studio: Add text, filters, edit and more here.
Pixlr: ?? No notes
Photoshop Express: Adobe Photoshop App and Print right to Walgreens. Now that is nice!
Snapseed: Have had this one awhile and it’s a good solid photo editing tool.
Image Blender: Blend two different images to make a new one. Have’t played with this one yet but looks cool.
Color Splash:Love this one for making only one item color, and then the rest of the photo grey or black and white.
Mextures: ??
Camera 2: Many cool filters that I have not seen on other apps.

Video Apps:
Action Movie FX: Turn your short video clips in to professional looking action movies with giant hairy spiders, laser beams and more. Many weapons on this app.
iMotion HD: Use this to record Time Lapse photography. Many options.
Vyclone: Social Media Video sharing site.
Collabracam: Use up to 5 devices that “talk” to each other from the same location to take video from different vantage points. This could be really cool. Angles off a ski jump hill anyone? Students doing a science experiment with 4 different angels! Sweet!

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