Wednesday October 12, 2011

Examples of 3rd and 4th grade Keynote Presentations….click below to view the Keynote I made for an example.

Our Apple Trip:Keynote

1)Open Keynote (it looks like a brown podium (stand) with a silver base on the dock.
2)Choose the one called “White Corners”
3)Create new slides for your presentation
4) New, with a + sign by it will get you a new slide. (look in the upper left corner)
5)Maters, a blue box at the top of the screen, will allow you to pick different types of new slides (photos and stuff)
6)Press Play, upper left corner, to view your work and make adjustments.
7)Have FUN, and remember, “don’t worry, be……” you know the rest kids!
If you feel really good today, try saving it!

2nd Grade Computers:
You will make a 3 page slideshow in PIXIE about FALL.  Get creative, use stickers, drawing tools, photos, the Yellow Activity folder to find pages about the Seasons!  Then show off your work in a Slideshow. Click below and it will bring you there! Like Magic! Then click the bottom right corner of the screen where the arrows are to see all three pages.  Just enjoy, no need to try to save them.

Signs of Fall Example  Click here to watch:

MOV Fall Pixie Example

1st Grade computers will make a few pages in PIXIE, all about Fall.  But they will not save and they will not make a slideshow.  Show them the example from above to get them thinking!