Technology and the Classroom

Apple Store and Product Information

100 Ways to Use Your ipod to Learn and Study Better

Leslie Fisher A wonderful site from a great speaker! Many great resources!


Pics 4 Learning (Free Photos)

Stay Safe on the Internet Quiz

Safety Tips and Games online

Online Internet Safety Quiz

mp3juices A cool student taught me this site. As he called it, “it’s a site where you can request songs”. I didn’t really believe or understand him until I tried it for my self. Never doubt a smart student. He was right and it is cool. I use this in the classroom when kids are working to request songs and play them for them.

ipad Multimedia Tools for Creativity Art, Comic Books, Photos, Music, Digital Storytelling and more. A Must See for today’s classroom. Check it out!

Ribbet A Great, FREE photo editing site! Remember Pinic? This site is a lot like that and just about as cute! Thanks to Nicole, a great Tech student of mine for sharing this site. Upload a photo, add cool text, frames, stickers and more.

Picmonkey Ok, This Free site rocks. I played a little here and can not wait to find a great photo and turn it into a SUPER GREAT photo with this site. Cool fonts, textures, frames, mustaches and more.

Pixenate A free, easy software tool I (and the school secretary) use to resize gynormous photos to fit anywhere, but mostly on a blog or webpage. Enjoy!!

Free Play Music A great FREE site I have used for movies or clips that need some music.  Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet…..perfect. Student videos that need great tunes…. easy! Choose your music by instrument, theme, feeling or genre. Go get yourself some tunes! With Apple products it downloads right into iTunes. Nice, Easy, Fast. I like it.

50 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling A huge resource with links to many creative sites for digital storytelling. Ok, this is something I want to try to do in the future with a group of students! Maybe a tech club?

Printable Pages for Computer Lab Lessons A great resource for print pages to reinforce lessons or for guest teachers when the lab is not open.

QR Code Maker  A very EASY, FREE site to make ANYTHING into a QR Code. Seriously Cool!
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